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Princess hairstyle kids: simple instructions and the most beautiful hairstyle ideas for little girls!

If you have a daughter, then you certainly know that a pretty and playful hairstyle for her usually plays a very important role. Hairstyles for little girls look incredibly cute and offer a lot of room for your creativity and imagination. In addition, the same applies to little princesses as to adult women – anything that pleases is allowed! Beautiful, elegant dresses and gorgeous, long mane – every girl has ever dreamed of being a princess. How about fulfilling her dream at least for one day? In this article we have collected for you the most beautiful and simple ideas for princess hairstyle kids! Get inspired and have fun doing it!

Flechtfrisuren für Mädchen Frisuren Prinzessin Anleitung

From a very young age, girls show great interest in the clothes and makeup products from their mothers. From elegant updos to beautiful and romantic curls to interesting and eye-catching braids, the most beautiful thing about most princess hairstyles is that they are perfect for both your daughter and yourself.

Princess hairstyle kids – transform your daughter into Belle from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”!

Frisur Prinzessin Bella Disney Frisuren für kleine Mädchen Anleitung

There is probably hardly a woman who has not wished to be a princess. If your little girl is a huge fan of the Disney movies, then our first princess hairstyle tutorial is for you! From the dress to the hair, Princess Belle looks wonderfully pretty and everything in her look will create excitement.

For this you will need the following:

  • Hair clips
  • 1 hair tie
  • A yellow hair ribbon or a piece of yellow gift ribbon

And here’s how easy the Princess Belle hairstyle is:

  • First, tie the hair at the top of the head into a high ponytail with the hair tie and slightly backcomb the base of the ponytail.
  • Form a small loop by pulling the ponytail through the hair tie again.
  • Place the resulting loop above the hair elastic and pin it with a couple of bobby pins.
  • Curl the remaining hair with a curling iron.
  • Finally, just wrap the yellow hair ribbon around the chignon and your princess hairstyle is ready!

Or how about a Rapunzel inspired casual hairstyle for your daughter?

Rapunzel Zopf Anleitung Prinzessin Frisur Kinder

Extra-long hair and beautiful, delicate flowers tucked into the braid – Rapunzel’s hairstyle gives you that unique “magical” feeling and can be recreated in less than 15 minutes!

Hairstyle Princess Rapunzel Instructions:

  • First, comb your hair well and then braid it into a classic French or Dutch braid.
  • Gently pull the braided strands with your thumb and index finger. In order for the braid to hold well, we recommend that you work on the hair from the bottom up.
  • Once the princess hairstyle is ready, you can still decorate it with hair clips in the shape of flowers or simply attach some plastic flowers to it with the help of hair clips.
  • The look is easier if you first tie the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and start the braid from there.

Simple ideas for princess hairstyle kids

Jasmine Prinzessin Frisur Anleitung einfache frisurenideen für Mädchen

The next princess hairstyle for kids is inspired by Disney princess Jasmine and is a more elegant version of the classic ponytail. The look is great, for those days when you and the little one are a little late for kindergarten or school or even still for a great carnival princess costume for girls!

Materials needed:

  • Hairbrush
  • Black or colorful hair ties
  • Hair bow
  • Hairspray to fix

Princess Jasmine hairstyle do it yourself instructions:

  • Brush the hair well and tie it into a high ponytail.
  • To create some volume, you can first slightly backcomb the hair at the roots.
  • Depending on how long the hair is, tie the ponytail with a few more hair ties at a distance of 2-5 centimeters.
  • Gently pull the hair with your thumb and index finger.
  • A blue hair bow will complete the princess hairstyle.
  • Finally, fix it with hairspray and you’re done!

Instructions for half-open princess hairstyle for children

einfache Frisuren für Mädchen Disney Prinzessinnen Frisurenideen

With this simple yet enchanting princess hairstyle kids, you will turn your little girl into Sleeping Beauty in no time! For this romantic look you need nothing more than a few hair ties and hair clip!

And this is how quickly you can achieve this princess hairstyle:

  • First, draw a middle or slight side parting and separate a few strands on each side.
  • Now braid the strands into a normal loose braid until the end and fix it with small hair ties.
  • And for this step, a little dexterity is needed: take one braid and carefully pull it through a loop of the other.
  • Fix the two braids in the middle with bobby pins and release the hair ties from them.
  • Depending on your desire, you could use the curling iron to conjure up gentle curls in the hair.
  • Discreet flowers round off the hairstyle excellently.

Or how about a delightful braided hairstyle like this one of Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz”?

Prinzessin Frisur Kinder Flechtfrisuren Mädchen Anleitung

Who doesn’t love the “Wizard of Oz”? With her plaid blue dress, adorable red shoes and long braids, little Dorothy is the true epitome of cuteness.

For this you will need:

  • Small hair ties
  • Red ribbon
  • hairspray

Hairstyle Princess Instructions:

  • Make a middle parting and divide the hair into two parts.
  • Now take two small strands from the two sides and then simply twist them, adding some more hair with each twist.
  • Fix the right strand with hair clips at the back of the head slightly under the left ear.
  • Now divide the leftover hair into 3 equal parts and braid into a classic French braid.
  • Finally, just tie the red ribbon at the end of the braid and the Dorothy hairstyle is ready!

Ideas for fairy tale princess hairstyle kids from the movie “Frozen”.

Frozen Prinzessin Frisur Kinder Hochsteckfrisuren kleine Mädchen

Your little girl is obsessed with the movie “The Ice Queen”? Whether as Princess Elsa or your sister Anna – the braided and updo hairstyles from the hit movie will make young and old gush and look simply magical and enchanting!

Princess hairstyle for children with flower wreath

Blumenkranz FHochsteckfrisuren für Mädchen prinzessinnen frisur für Kinder

If your little girl likes flowers, then she will definitely love this princess hairstyle! Regarding the styling of the hair in this look, there are no limits to your imagination – whatever you like is allowed! For even more fun, you can try making the flower wreath together yourself and then decorate it as you like.

More wonderful ideas and inspiration for princess hairstyle kids.

Prinzessinnen frisur für Kinder elegante Hochsteckfrisuren mädchen

And what must a princess always wear? A beautiful crown or tiara decorated with small stones, of course! Especially noble and wonderfully accentuates the piece of jewelry in combination with an elegant updo hairstyle.

Put your hair up, put on a blue hair band and the matching dress and you’ve turned your little girl into Cinderella!

Aschenputtel Hochseckfrisur Anleitung Karneval Kostüm für Mädchen Princess hairstyles don’t always have to be totally complicated and elaborate – a fine braid and a pretty bow are sometimes more than enough.

Flechtfrisuren für Mädchen Anleitung Prinzessinnen Frisur Kinder

Be a princess for at least one day – with the right hair accessories it always works!

Frisur Prinzessin für Mädchen Haaraccessoires Hochsteckfrisuren

A small tiara enhances any updo and makes your little one look like a real princess.

Frisur Prinzessin kleine Mädchen Hochsteckfrisuren Haaraccessoires Haarband

Or how about the hairstyle Princess Leia? Just shape the hair into two snails, fix it and the “Star Wars” look is ready!

Frisur Prinzessin Leia Star Wars Kostüme für Mädchen

Sparkling tiaras and tiaras look beautiful and magical.

Hochsteckfrisuren für kleine Mädchen Prinzessin Frisur Kinder mit Krone

Planning a birthday party for your daughter? A slightly playful hair band with stars or flowers is perfect for the special occasion.

Hochsteckfrisuren für Mädchen Prinzessin Frisur Kinder mit Krone

Playful braids as princess hairstyle for kids for a romantic, fairy tale look.

Prinzessin Frisur Kinder Flechtfrisuren für kleine Mädchen Anleitung