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Pixie Cut with curls: These low-maintenance variants are suitable for natural curls, waves and perm.

When you think of the pixie haircut, you probably imagine the classic short haircut with straight strands like Halle Berry’s or Jamie Lee Curtis’. But quite apart from the fact that numerous other stars have dared to take the step of drastically shortening their long manes, this classic variant is far from being the only option. The short hairstyle offers a wider range of variations than you might think. And one of them is also the pixie cut with curls. We present you a few variants of this peppy hairstyle!

What to consider if you want a pixie hairstyle with curly hair?

Pixie cut with curls - try these styling variations

On a curly head it goes wild and this, of course, changes the styling rules. So, in most cases, a pixie cut with curls should be kept shorter on the sides to tame the hair a bit, but also so that the haircut can be shown off and recognized as a pixie despite the wild curls. Nevertheless, this should not be considered a rule, because so that the cut is really right and fits, other characteristics play an important role, such as the shape of the face, the curl texture and your own taste of course. On the whole, the Pixie cut suits any face shape, but fits especially well to the round face.

Pixie Cut with waves and sidecut for an upbeat look

Curly, however, is mainly the top hair. With a curly Pixie, it is important not to take too much length from the hair, after all, the curls still jump up. By the way, the curls bring you another bonus all by themselves: you get a trendy mini-bangs with the stepped cut, which simply fits perfectly with the short haircut.

Pixie Cut with Natural Curls, Waves or Perm

Pixie cut with chunky styled waves on the top of the head

Without question, the Pixie Cut gets a special pizzazz with curls and here it doesn’t matter whether you have natural curls, have a perm conjured up or spontaneously reach for the curling iron and curlers for everyday life or the party in the evening. And this proves that a short hairstyle can be styled quite versatile and is not at all as restrictive as some people think. Nevertheless, the hair then also needs a certain length.

Style Shaggy Pixies

Shaggy Pixie Cut with natural curls as a short hairstyle

The Shaggy Pixie Cut with curls looks a bit rockier, because with this hairstyle the hair strands may be cut a bit wilder. Accurate cuts are not only unnecessary, but even undesirable, and this, of course, makes styling and care especially easy. Want to add a feminine touch to this Pixie variation? Use a simple hair band or scarf tied around your head for a romantic boho look.

Which Pixie Cut suits me: Side Cut Pixie with Curls

The Pixie Cut with curls and Side Cut is also suitable for older women

The shaggy variant is still not wild and rocky enough for you? Then side cuts are the keyword! And it seems like the Pixie Cut with Curls benefits especially well from the rasp-short side hair sections. The curls on the top of the head are shown off to their best advantage and you can also vary the length for this purpose. The longer the curls, the more they stand out, of course.

Pixie Cut with curls and undercut for brave ladies

By the way, you can also add an undercut or leave the shaved sides a little longer if you prefer this look. In the end, this is and remains your head of hair and you can do with it what you want. And this also applies to older ladies !

The Ultra Short variant for natural curls

Extra short Pixie Cut with curls for a low-maintenance hairstyle

Yes, we know we said the curly strands should be kept a little longer in a pixie cut. But as is so often the case, exceptions prove the rule. Because not everyone necessarily wants to flaunt their curly glory. Some people have simply had enough of the care that curly hair requires (especially with long hair) and finally want to give themselves a break. In this case, the ultra-short pixie cut with natural curls is exactly the right choice. The curly strands are still clearly visible despite the few millimeters of length, but tamed. A tip from us: with a micro-bangs you set a cool and trendy accent.

Pixie Cut with curls: Instructions for styling

This Pixie Cut with curls combines machine cut and longer upper hair section

Whether long or short, the same rules usually apply to curly hair when it comes to care and styling. This is also the case with the Pixie Cut with curls:

  • Dry curls best without heat for short hair, but also for long. Knead the damp hair just a little with the towel to absorb excess moisture. Then let the desire do the rest.
  • While still damp is the right time to detangle the strands. When you detangle the strands, don’t pull them too much and definitely don’t use a brush (even more so when the hair is dry). Brushing through ruins the beautiful curls and makes the hair bushy. Use only your fingers or a coarse-bristled comb (a brush may also be used for waves).

Spice up the short haircut with beautiful accessories - hair scarf for boho look

  • If you have to be quick and the blow dryer is unavoidable, use the diffuser attachment and knead the hair dry with it instead of blowing it through.
  • You can prevent frizzy hair due to dryness (which is typical for curly hair) by using the right care products. You can avoid frizz with suitable balm or special mousse, because they moisturize and define the natural curl shape. A curl spray can also be helpful, as well as hair treatments for dry hair.

Style waves with the straightener for a fancy look in everyday life

Wild variant with longer top hair

Pixie variation with long sections of hair on the head

Show off natural curls to their best advantage

Short hairstyles for ladies at any age for naturally curly hair

Style Pixie Cut with waves

Wavy cut with bangs for a round face

Asymmetrical, curly pixie cut

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with curls and sidecut