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Pixie Cut for women over 50 and 60: These short hairstyles make younger and look great even with gray hair!

Alter soll kein Nachteil sein! Dass man so alt ist, wie man sich fühlt, stimmen wir vollkommen zu. Doch mit einigen Styling-Tipps und Tricks können Sie um Jahre jünger zaubern. Und dabei spielt die richtige Frisur eine entscheidende Rolle. Muss man aber unbedingt eine lange Mähne haben, um jung auszusehen? Wir sagen nein! Denn auch Kurzhaarfrisuren können das Gesicht schmeicheln und für einen frischen, modernen Look sorgen. Heute nehmen wir den beliebten Pixie Cut for women over 50 und 60 unter die Lupe und zeigen Ihnen tolle Ideen für einen Kurzhaarschnitt, der jünger macht.

Looking younger with a short haircut? This is what you should pay attention to!

Best hairstyles over 50 Pixie with angled bangs.

The Pixie Cut can flatter women as they age if it is cut and styled correctly. However, to look much younger than your age, you need to tailor your choice of a new cut to your face shape. Complement an undefined jawline and full cheeks with a sloping, asymmetrical haircut. Volume at the top of the head elongates a round face. To soften an angular face, consider round cuts with shaggy hairstyles. Also, think about your color. Update your natural gray pixie with silver blonde highlights or dark gray lowlights. Balayage, light tones and two-tone coloring are also in. Learn the basics of styling: defined layers, spiky or swept-back tips always work.

Pixie Cut for women over 50

Blonde Pixie Cut from 50 with deep bangs to look younger.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 can look current and flattering, contrary to popular belief. You just need to find your perfect short haircut and keep it stylish with a suitable product. Despite the short hair length, the Pixie Cut is an incredibly versatile hairstyle. Thus, it can be adapted to any face shape and is suitable for any hair type. The only disadvantage of the short haircut is that the hair grows back quickly. But even without a regular cut, you can look beautiful and modern. Because the full-blown Pixie Cut is the perfect transitional hairstyle to a stylish bob.

Shaggy short haircut for women over 50 with fine hair

Below you will find exciting pixie trends for older women that will make you look years younger. Choose the cut that suits you best!

Long Pixie Cut with highlights

Short haircut with highlights that makes you look younger

Here is a classic and long Pixie Cut that women in their 50s can wear. Adding a little texture to golden blonde hair, the result is simply stunning.

The short haircut is perfect for thick hair

Short hairstyle for older women with thick hair

The pixie is the perfect short haircut for thick hair! For women with thick hair, a few gentle layers can take the bulkiness out of the look. Adding bangs to embellish the cut and conceal the brow area makes the entire look more feminine and relaxed.

An asymmetrical Pixie for gray hair over 50

Pixie Cut for women over 50 Salt and Pepper asymmetrisch

At 50, gray hair can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Show off your natural colors with one of the most refreshing short haircuts for women over 50. On top of that, it’s minimalist and easy to maintain! Stay stylish and full of grace with different variations of a Pixie Cut in a salt and pepper look.

Style Pixie Bob with curls: a cool transitional hairstyle.

Short haircut pixie and bob curly styled gray hair

Ringlet curls look super cute and make you look younger! It’s a blessing to have beautiful, naturally curly hair, but whether your texture is straight or curly, this hairstyle can be created with the right product and a curling iron.

Pixie Cut for women over 60

Pixie Cut for women over 60 with glasses gray hair

While women in their 50s can still conceal the wrinkles with makeup and other tricks, things look a bit different after 60. The signs of aging become more visible with each passing year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel young and pretty. Again, the right hairstyle can help and the Pixie Cut is an excellent choice. With a few tricks, you can style your short hairstyle to look at least 10 years younger. We reveal how to do it.

Short gray pixie haircut with undercut

Pixie cut with transition from 60 gray hair.

With a short haircut, the most important thing is the right layering and shape. Women with round faces may need a little more height in the crown area, which can be easily achieved with an undercut and a few steps on top.

Tiered gray pixie with sideburns

Pixie Cut with bangs for women over 60

Long sideburns and a tapered nape are popular features of short haircuts for women over 60. A pixie cut for straight hair looks elegant and sophisticated when parted in the middle and complemented with bangs that frame the face. Lots of choppy, tousled layers on the top of the head make it feel extra sporty.

Raspy short hair from 60 – a bold short haircut.

Style short gray hair over 60 with hair wax

Women over 60 often struggle with gray hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t even have to dye your hair to make it look great. At this age, hair starts to fall faster, but it can become healthier if you choose a short pixie that looks amazing every day with almost no effort.

Cool short hairstyle for women over 60 in salt and pepper look.

Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut with side parting for women 60+.

For many women over 60, a tapered gray pixie in a salt and pepper look is a comfortable and easy accessory. The deep side parting and triangular sideburns are neat and trim, and the tapered hair at the back of the head elongates the nape of the neck and adds to the elegant flair of the look. Let a few longer curls flow down one side of your face for a nice feminine touch.