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Pixie Cut for glasses wearers: how to style the short hairstyle at 50 and 60 for a fresh look!

Without question, there is something special about the pixie haircut. Cute elegance with a touch of pizzazz – a combination that suits women of all ages perfectly. Moreover, the hairstyle suits every type and face shape, provided you choose the right length, because it can conveniently vary. So far so good, so they have a clear path. But then it occurs to you: And what about glasses? Is the Pixie Cut also suitable for glasses wearers or does the situation change here? Don’t worry, this attractive accessory won’t interfere with your dream of an upbeat short haircut, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

The short haircut is made for glasses!

The lengths can vary with Pixies as haircut

Of course, not every haircut harmonizes with every pair of glasses. The shape of the glasses, the frame of the glasses, the shape of the face and also the age are components that influence whether a stylish overall look is created. However, with the pixie hairstyle, it seems to be extremely simple and it seems to flatter everyone. Only the right length should be considered here and this depends on the frame .

What should be considered depending on the frame?

This haircut should be made more voluminous for these eye-catching glasses

The more eye-catching the frame, the more voluminous the cut should be, according to hairstylist Wayne French. On the other hand, if the frame is more delicate, the Pixie Cut can also be short. A particular advantage of the pixie is that it has a rejuvenating effect. Some glasses, on the other hand, can quickly make women appear older, but this is counteracted by the peppy short haircut.

Short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses – These cuts are optimal!

Pixie Cut for glasses wearers - Smooth, asymmetrical cut

There is a misconception that short haircuts are low-maintenance, but this is not true. Because in order for the cut to maintain its well-groomed appearance, it must be regularly recut. In the case of the pixie cut, this means every four to eight weeks. At most, it is easy to maintain in terms of daily styling, but this also depends on the length and structure of the hair. Otherwise, however, the following short hairstyles with glasses are optimal:

The Shaggy Pixie Cut for eyeglass wearers.

Shaggy Pixie Cut with stepped cut for larger glasses

Its messy look is ideal for wider frames, as they are hidden by the volume conjured by the many steps. The hairstyle gets texture that covers the side temples.

Style side parting

Side parting covers part of the glasses and makes the look softer

You probably already know that the Pixie Cut is great for older ladies and thin hair. If you wear glasses on top of that, you can also opt for a version with a side parting. This not only looks very dashing, but the long fringe runs over the frame and conceals it in this way.

Feathered variant with volume

Pixie Cut for glasses wearers - Feathered hairstyling for volume for large glasses frame

Similar to the Shag style, the Feathered cut also creates a certain volume through “feathery” looking steps in the hair, which makes this Pixie Cut optimal for glasses wearers with wide frames. Both light blonde tones and natural gray look beautiful on Pixies. Especially gray tones create an interesting contrast to the otherwise youthful looking haircut.

Stepped cut for more fullness on the top of the head to the cat eye glasses

Sleek Pixie with asymmetry

Sleek styling for a modern look with asymmetrical cut

The sleek elegance of the sleek look makes it ideal for a pixie cut in combination with glasses. Add length to the top of the head and keep it short on one side, for example, to get an asymmetrical styling.

Choppy for big glasses for ladies

Pixie Cut for glasses wearers - Choppy with short strands for large glasses

This fringed hairstyle is suitable even for large glasses, if the frame is a little more discreet. It can also have a bright color. Play with the lengths of the Choppy Pixie Cut. For example, you can leave the strands around the ears a little longer or the nape of the neck. You can also combine a fringe with the short hair.

Straight bangs for Pixie Cut for glasses wearers with straight layers

The choppy look can also be achieved with straight cuts – a straight fringe and straight cut layers flatter glasses and can be easily shaped with some hair wax. This variation can also be combined with an undercut, which we present below.

Undercut Pixie Cut for glasses wearers

Undercut suitable for thick and thin hair

This bolder version of the pixie cut is beneficial for thick hair, as well as for thin and fine. The lower part of the hair head is shaved off (length may vary), taking the fullness out of voluminous hair, while thin hair is visually lifted by the lusher crown on the top of the head, making it appear thicker.

Pixie Cut for wavy hair or curls

Pixie Cut for spectacle wearers - Curly styled with discreet glasses

The curly look is particularly easy to maintain, because even if the hair has become a little longer, the difference from the original Long Pixie (a half-length Pixie Cut is also possible) is not immediately noticeable. You can bundle and define the curls with a suitable styling product and a diffuser. This styling is also perfect for waves. Both variants look great on all face shapes and can be complemented with bangs.

Pixie Cut for spectacle wearers - Wavy and half-length for any face shape and glasses