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Pixie bob hairstyle is the latest trend 2022: check out the latest ideas for this haircut

Trendy Pixie Bob 2022 is ideal for everyday wear, denn er ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihr Haar im Handumdrehen zu bändigen und einen raffinierten Stil zu kreieren, der für das Büro, die Party und den Alltag geeignet ist. Die andere große Sache ist, dass die Pixie Bob Frisur das Leben für Frauen leichter macht, die in heißen und feuchten Klimas leben. Außerdem kann die Pixie Bob Frisur sowohl zum Image eines rebellischen Mädchens als auch zu einem eleganten Damenoutfit passen.

Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Shailene Woodley – many famous women have tried different hairstyles with a Pixie Bob. Now it’s your turn! Take a look at the latest Pixie Bob ideas we have collected for you in this gallery and try them out.

What is a Pixie Bob Hairstyle?

Champagne blonde ombre blending into a dark hairline

A Pixie Bob is a hairstyle between Pixie and Bob for women who want to combine elements of both. Typically, the length of these attractive haircuts is between ear and neck length (like a Pixie), and the shape is more like a bob. They are combined with choppy layers and long and angled side bangs.

Multi-layer Pixie Bob Cut for more volume

Often, Pixie Bob Haircuts have longer hair at the top and extremely short, tapered sides that create a contrast. Another great and popular idea for a trendy, stylish Pixie Bob Haircut is a bright hair color that you have never tried before, or even a combination of several bold colors. Check out all these styling options below.

Layered Pixie Bob Cut

Pixie bob parted on the side with bangs

If you are looking for more volume, the layered bob will give it to you. Flip your bangs to the side, layer your hair, add a neat cut underneath and you’ll get the creamy texture you want for your thin hair. Light blue highlights enhance the effect of this great hairstyle for thin hair.

A wispy bob

The wispy bob is a great version of a pixie hairstyle for older women

The tousled bob is a great, refreshing version of a Pixie hairstyle for older women. To style this layered pixie hairstyle, all you need is a round brush and a blow dryer.

Curly Pixie Bob hairstyle for thin hair

Pixie bob 2022 is elegant and rebellious at the same time

Here is another variation of a spiky Pixie Bob for thin hair. Most of the top hair is pulled forward to form a fringe framing the face.

Curly short haircut for thin hair

To get this smooth hair texture, you need to rub some hair wax between your palms and ruffle the hair with your fingers.

Pixie bob hairstyle for thick hair

The asymmetrical Pixie Bob offers many layers

Thicker hair looks especially elegant in a Pixie Bob when the texture is sophisticated. A centrally placed fringe makes the hairstyle more dynamic and definitely much more memorable.

Braids for Pixie Bob Haircut

Braids are always a good idea to freshen up short hair

Girls often want to change something about their look, and braids are always a good idea to vary the Pixie Bob you wear every day.

Wear braids with your Pixie Bob hairstyle

Even if it is short hair, braids can be braided on the top of the head and sometimes on the sides.

Asymmetrical short hairstyle with bangs

Pixie bob makes women's life easier

Asymmetrical Pixie Bobs always feature many layers and side parted bangs. This hairstyle looks airy, playful and flirty.

Inverted Pixie Bob

A great idea for Pixie Bob 2022 is to try new hair color

The reverse Pixie Bob for long straight hair is not made to look boring and trivial. On the contrary, it can look very cool if you experiment a bit with the hair color. A champagne blonde ombre that fades into an extremely dark hairline and a tiny hint of pink are definitely not something you’d expect.

A wavy Pixie Bob

Short hairstyles don't mean you have to give up your wavy hair texture

Short hairstyles don’t mean that you have to give up your natural wavy hair texture. In fact, the cut pixie hairstyle is perfect for showing off the wavy texture. The deep side parting allows you to create extra volume.

Pixie cut is perfect to show off the wavy texture

Pixie Bob Haircut for Black Women

Pixie bob is perfect for dark women

It is not a problem to give your Pixie Bob a soft bob if your hair type is naturally curly. Afro hair has a dozen benefits, and the ability to maintain shape and volume almost effortlessly is one of them. Forget about your hair breaking during your busy day – with curly hair in a spiky Pixie Bob, you get a long-lasting, casual yet elegant look that suits all occasions and outfits.

It is not a problem to give your Pixie Bob swing

Side parted short hairstyle

Trendy Pixie Bob 2022 is ideal for everyday wear

This is a very simple and elegant version of the Pixie Bob that can be done by any woman with any hair type. One half of the hair is tucked behind the ears, while the other is casually tousled on the opposite side. Complete this pixie hairstyle with chunky earrings.

This short hairstyle looks airy and playful