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Pigtails are back! How we wear the trend hairstyle now

Pigtails were one of the trending hairstyles of the 90s and early 00s. Now, the playful hairstyle is back – but in a slightly more modern form. Tikbow knows how to wear the two high-tied braids now.

Whether it’s platform sandals, hüf pants or pastel colors: Everything that was hip 15 to 25 years ago, is just hyped again – and reinterpreted. And so are hairstyles and make-up looks, with pigtails at the forefront! The small, high-tied zöpfe are just back absolutely in the trend. How to style them, who is currently wearing them and who started the hype about them? Tikbow has compiled the most important facts about the cheeky hairstyle.

Pigtails – the favorite hairstyle of celebrities

Pop singer Christina Aguilera and teen idol Britney Spears introduced the trendy pigtail hairstyle in the early 2000s. They wore them on the stage and on the red carpet. Then the cheeky pigtails disappeared from the scene for many years, along with block strands, banana and other hairstyles of the nineties. But now many stars have rediscovered the retro hairstyle of yesteryear and flaunt their pigtails on Instagram, TikTok and at events – including, for example, models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber or singers Madison Beer, Ariane Grande and Jennifer Lopez.

How are pigtails styled now?

Classic pigtails are two rather high-tied, open pigtails. The only requirement für the braid hairstyle is at least shoulder-length hair. The styling is super fast and is suitable for any hair structure: Simply brush the hair, pull a middle parting and tie two twists on the side of the top of the head. Baby hair at the nape of the neck can be fixed with hairspray or tucked away with hair clips. But be careful: for the modern version of the 90s hairstyle, tie the tresses relatively far back on the top of the head. Everything in front of the ear looks too childish.

Extra tip: If you don’t quite dare to go for the complete look yet, first part off only two darker strands on the top of your head and tie them into pigtails. The rest of the hair is worn open. Another nice variation is to wear the small strands in combination with money pieces – i.e. with block strands that frame the face.

Dos and don’ts for this look

Even if there is little to consider with the playful hairstyle, there are a few rules to follow to avoid looking like something out of an old teen movie. When it comes to the outfit, avoid plaid skirts, white flowers and accessories that are reminiscent of the school girl look à la "Hit Me Baby One More Time ". Pigtails look more modern and cool with looks that contrast their sassy, girly attitude: for example, with an oversized blazer, pantsuit, men’s shirt or a very minimalist slip dress.