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Perm as a hairstyle returns in 2022 and is better than before: find out what the difference is here!

Would you like to have a perm as a hairstyle in 2022? If you want to satiate your haircut or add vibrancy to your existing locks, consider a perm (modern perm) this year. We all know how popular the perm was as a hairstyle in the past, and now that retro is in, it’s trending again.

What is a perm as a hairstyle and how long does it last?

A light perm is also possible nowadays

A perm is obtained as follows: straight hair is transformed into spirals and curls. For this purpose, chemicals are used to break the hair bonds and make them into waves. The hair is wrapped around rods to create the desired shapes, then a perm lotion is applied to fix the curls. The solution is then rinsed out and a neutralizer is applied to complete the perming process.

Perm for women - how does Modern Perm work

Modern perm is a wonderful way to give yourself a new look and style. The procedure takes between one and a half and two hours, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. And if you don’t want to commit to a haircut for too long, modern perm technology can ensure that the hairstyle is only semi-permanent, meaning it lasts between 2 and 10 months (depending on how you maintain it). Also, as a hairstyle, modern perming is much gentler on your hair than it used to be.

What types of hair are suitable for Modern Perm?

Modern perm is a way to give yourself a new look

Did you know that even people with natural curls can undergo a permanent treatment? Yes! If you want to have firmer and stronger curls, you can have a perm as a hairstyle. This is not only for people with straight hair. However, if you color or lighten your hair frequently, you need to be careful. Bleached hair and perms do not get along well.

Can the hairstyle trend damage your hair?

For whom is Modern Perm suitable

As long as you have had a consultation with an experienced hairdresser beforehand, everything is fine. Hair that is in a healthy condition before perming will not be damaged by a good hairdresser. During a consultation, you and your hairdresser can determine what is best for the health of your hair and plan how you want the perm to look in the end. Hair that was damaged before the perm will curl and end up more damaged than before. The solution can be simple: deep conditioning before perming.

Perm before/after: how modern technology differs from the previous one.

The perm for long hair is back in fashion

Are you too young to remember perming? Let us help you. For example, think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s voluminous and vibrant hair, which enchanted women around the world in the 1990s. After that, for a long time there was almost a dictatorship of straight hair, trying to squeeze everyone into one pattern.

What types of hair are suitable for perms

However, as stylists continued to praise different hair textures, a return of perm as a hairstyle is expected in 2022. The inspirations for this are many, from aspiring actresses like Zendaya to music and film icons like Jennifer Lopez.

The perm-Аrts can be very diverse

There is a big qualitative difference between modern perms and the one of the previous generation. Today, modern procedures and the latest technologies are used for perm solutions. Instead of wrapping the hair around tiny, hard plastic rods, stylists today use larger, flexible foam rods that come in all kinds of sizes.

The perm as a hairstyle returns again in 2022

The result is curls and waves that are less uniform (not all the same size and going in different directions) and instead look much more natural. No two curls or waves turn out the same.

The perm as a hairstyle is again an issue

Modern lotion for permanent curls is much softer for the hair, and the products do not contain ammonia. However, without ammonia, a perm product can’t penetrate the hair as deeply, so perms don’t last as long as they used to. It is more of a semi-permanent perm, which is ideal for people who want to change their hairstyle more often.

The perm looks good on short hair

Things to know: if you cut your hair after a perm, the curl may be weakened. Also, if you want to have your hair cut before the treatment, you should inform your hairdresser of your plans, as this may change the type of cut.

What you should do after your appointment

Modern perm - how long does it last

After perming, your hair needs time to set. You should leave it alone and not tie it up, wash it or style it in any other way. You should give the chemicals 24-48 hours to lock in the curls. Washing could deactivate the chemicals, and tying it up could ruin the shape. Your stylist should explain all the rules to make your curls last as long as possible.

Perm as a hairstyle for men – is it possible?

Can men get a perm as a hairstyle

Yes. However, if you approach it with the mindset that it’s as easy as getting a haircut, you might run into trouble. A permanent haircut for men is not just about cutting and curling your hair. It also involves destroying the natural curl structure of the strands so that they can better maintain their new shape, which is no easy task.

If someone has curly or frizzy hair, he needs quite long and strong curls before having this procedure done in a salon by an experienced stylist who specializes in all men’s hairstyles, including curls and waves.