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Peach Blonde hair color is the coolest summer trend for 2022 – here’s how to choose the right shade!

Peach Blonde hair color is the biggest trend for summer 2022, and a look at Instagram shows that every leading salon, colorist and influencer is shuttling between orange-pink shades with trendy names like Blorange, Millennial Pink and Pink Champagne. The reason for their popularity is probably that these shades suit almost all skin tones (and, we might add, are perfect for summer). However, basically they are all just slightly different versions of the classic pastel color – peach.

If you’ve decided to go for the Peach Blonde hair color, you probably don’t want a fiery orange or bubblegum pink, but a soft and subtle combination of both. To increase your chances of peachy success and ease your hair coloring worries, we’ve consulted some experts. Read on to learn how to achieve and maintain the perfect peach tone, and see lots of inspiring photos.

Hair color Peach Blond – What to consider

As much as we love peach, it can be difficult to find the right color and even more difficult to maintain it. After all, a perfect color blend is never guaranteed, predominantly not when it comes to pastel colors. The shade you are aiming for should be achievable based on your base color. If you have jet black hair, you will get a darker orange, while a light blonde can achieve a pastel rose gold, hairdressers explain.

  • Choose a tone: pay attention to your existing base color and the undertones of your skin. Your stylist can work with you to find a shade that matches your desired look and your grooming standard.
  • Level of Care: Hairstylists recommend scheduling an appointment every four weeks (or three, depending on hair growth and genetics). This look requires multiple sessions, so be patient.
  • Goes great with: bronze eye shadow and a red lip. This hair color really goes with any bold or minimal makeup look you want to try.
  • Similar shades: rose gold and rose quartz are two great alternatives.

Seductive ideas on how to wear Peach Blonde hair color.

Peach blonde hair color is the biggest trend for summer 2022

Peach can mean different things to different people. As with the dynamic hue above, you can incorporate different tones into the look.

Hair color Peach Blond on a brunette base

Just be mindful and realistic about your current color and what you expect to end up with. As you can see in this shot above, the woman started with a brunette base color, which means she didn’t lighten before coloring. Remember – if you have dark hair and your goal is a light peach blonde, you’ll need to schedule several hairdresser visits to achieve this result (otherwise, expect to seriously damage your hair if your hairdresser even wants to color it).

Warm peachy blonde shade with bangs

But how do you make the color dimensional and not monochromatic? The hairdresser mixes a variety of shades together. Combining two solid shades of pink and orange is just not enough for a dimensional look.

Medium length straight hair with soft peach highlights

If you’re still hesitant to get into the peach trend, don’t worry. This elegant look combines peachy highlights with a soft pink finish , but you don’t have to do it all at once.

We love how Peach Blonde hair color complements Kate Hudson's complexion

As the experts said, you should discuss the options with your stylist beforehand, not only to make sure your expectations are met, but also to ensure that the new color matches your undertone. We love how this peachy blonde color complements Kate Hudson’s complexion

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More trendy summer hairstyles 2022 in pastel shades

Indie singer Willa Milner definitely knows how to rock the Peach Blonde hair color

Singer Willa Milner definitely knows how to handle peachy hair. Her hairstylist first applied highlights and then the Peach-Blonde color. Also, stylists recommend using a conditioner to brighten up light colors and a heat protectant. People will be shocked to see how much color disappears when they use their hot hair tools, reveal hair stylists.

Peach looks especially good with shorter cuts

While peach looks great on all hair lengths, the hue is especially effective on shorter cuts. A blunt fringe will accentuate your features with the pastel hue.

The hair color Peach Blond looks fantastic on a super short cut hair

Peachy tones look fantastic on a super short cut hair. Pair it with a nude eye and lipstick to make your features the center of attention.

Here the dark peach base and warm blonde highlights look like they were kissed by the sun

Here, the dark peach base and warm blonde tips look peachy and sun-kissed. Ask your colorist for a peachy base and babylights to incorporate the lighter tones.