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No more dyeing your hair! Here are the most beautiful hairstyles for gray hair.

Many women shy away from their first gray hairs and try to cover them up with permanent hair colors. As long as the grays are not numerous and you are still young, this makes perfect sense. And as you get grayer, you can either consider going blonde or wearing your silver locks with pride and style. After seeing the following hairstyles for gray hair, you may completely change your mind about gray locks. When else in your life can you have this stunning silver hue that looks absolutely natural and flattering on you?

Don’t hide gray hair anymore

Bob Frisur für Damen mit natürlich grauen Haaren

More and more young girls are getting their hair dyed gray to mimic the great silver blonde look. So why damm cover up your naturally gray hair when you can accept it and be proud of it?

The global pandemic has opened the eyes of many women that gray hair is not as bad as they think. For a long time, hair salons remained closed and as a result, many were faced with the choice of either coloring their hair themselves or simply letting their gray roots grow. So, especially since most of us work from home and social contacts are kept to a minimum, the transition can be made relatively privately.

Whether you are at the beginning of the road to gray, or already wearing your gray hair, you can get inspiration for your next hairstyle from our ideas. There is something for every hair length and texture.

The best hairstyles for naturally gray hair

Frisuren für graue Haare lang Wellen

Depending on the hair structure and preferred length, hairstyles for gray hair can be really versatile. In general, gray hairstyles look dignified. They frame the face and draw attention to your facial features rather than any fancy styling tricks. Therefore, they do not need to be styled elaborately. Gray hairstyles can be worn with bangs as desired, either thin and well groomed or styled to one side. A thick, blunt fringe is rather to be avoided with gray hair.

Kurzhaarfrisur graues Haar mit schrägem Pony

These are the best variations for gray hair at a glance:

  • Short hairstyles like the Pixie Cut should be kept bold and edgy, adding lots of texture with different steps for a modern look. For hairstyles based on the classic short bob, you can either style the hair straight with a side parting or curly and fringed. The short haircut is likewise a great idea for transitioning between hair coloring and a completely gray look. You simply let the roots grow out a bit and then cut off the rest of the hair. While it sounds a little radical, this is the quickest option for completely gray hair.
  • Long hair is not as popular among ladies with gray hair as the shorter variants, as it requires more maintenance. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for the long gray mane if this is your preferred length.
  • Medium length gray hairstyles accentuate layers and texture. They are usually easy to style, look sophisticated and show off healthy hair well with an exceptional silver tone.

To help you choose the right hairstyle for your naturally gray hair, we have collected many beautiful looks in the image gallery. Let us inspire you!

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10 ideas for beautiful gray highlights, balayage and co.

Salt and Pepper Hair: This is how stylish gray hair looks in the salt and pepper look!

Short hairstyles for gray hair

Frisuren für graue Haare mit Seitenscheitel und Volumen

Short hairstyles were somehow only associated with getting older until a few years ago. And although many ladies over 40 or over 50 actually have their hair cut shorter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they look old. On the contrary – short hair always makes a woman look younger and perkier, especially if it’s nicely styled. If you remember the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, you probably know the iconic hairstyle of Meryl Streep, who plays the role of the editor-in-chief of a big fashion magazine. Although her hair is gray in the movie, the stylish short haircut with voluminous side parting and a big curl makes her look really young and elegant. Here are some more ideas for gray short haircuts and how to style them best.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been wearing the pixie cut for a long time – the classic short hairstyle

flotte Frisuren für graue Haare der klassische Pixie Cut

Judi Dench – a woman over 80 who still wears a sassy short hairstyle

flotte Frisuren für graue Haare Pixie Cut

Wearing the Pixie Cut with longer side parts to flatter the facial features

Frisuren für graue Haare mit Strähnchen Kurzhaarschnitt lange Seitenpartien

The short hairstyles for gray hair combine great with a thin angled bangs

Kurzhaarfrisur für glattes Haar mit schrägem Pony

Style short gray hair with a hair bob

stylische Kurzhaarfrisur mit Haartolle für graues Haar

The bob is also a classic hairstyle for gray hair

Bobfrisuren fürglatte graue Haare ohne Pony

A curly bob hairstyle looks very elegant with naturally gray hair

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang lockig mit Seitenscheitel

Sassy hairstyles for gray hair: undercut for the brave ladies

freche Frisuren für mutife Damen mit grauen Haaren der Undercut

Regardless of how old you are, you are always allowed to experiment with your look if you want. So who says that the undercut only looks good on teens? Undercut hairstyles are perfect for all ladies who are stylish and confident. Would you dare to do it too?

Long hairstyles for the gray mane

Frisuren graue Haare lang mit Strähnchen

There used to be a notion that women of a certain age should definitely wear their hair short. Fortunately, this opinion has long been outdated. What does it matter that the hair color is gray, if the long hairstyle looks neat and beautiful? The decisive factor should not be the opinion of others, but the question of whether such a hairstyle suits you in principle or not. If your hair is full and healthy and you like to wear a long mane, then do it! However, if your hair is fine and thin, then you are better off with a medium length bob or a short hairstyle.

lange graue Haare wie tragen

Now we’ll show you a few ways to style the long gray hair in the best way. Whether it’s for everyday life, for the office or for a special occasion, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for this look in the image gallery.

Just like long hair in any other color, gray mane also looks great with beach waves

langes graues Haar mit Beach Waves stylen

Long gray hair can be spiced up with a few highlights

Frisuren graue Haare lang lockere Wellen

Style the long hair in a low chignon…

Frisur graues Haar mit Strähnchen niedriger Haarknoten

… or opt for a high chignon with loosely falling highlights

Langhaarfrisuren für graue lockige Haare Bun

Hairstyles for gray hair medium length

Frisuren für graue Haare mittellang mit Seitenscheitel

If you like your hair neither short, nor very long, then the medium length offers itself as the obvious option. It is the best of both, so to speak – the hair can be styled beautifully, but does not require as much care as the long mane. The medium length hairstyles for gray hair can be really versatile – a long bob or lob, curly or straight, with or without bangs. Natural curls with gray highlights look equally great in a medium length.

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang locker gestylt

With gray hair, you can also play a bit with the colors. Especially during the transition between colored hair and all-gray, the highlights method is considered the softer alternative to cutting off the hair. So how does it work exactly? You just have some highlights colored in the previous coloration, with the set highlights becoming less and less with each visit to the hairdresser. It takes some time, yes, but in the meantime you can enjoy their ever-changing highlights.

Gray highlights in your curly hair are nothing to worry about

Frisuren für graue Haare mit Naturlocken Seitenscheitel

Style gray hair medium length with voluminous curls

Naturlocken Frisur für graue Haare mit Strähnchen

Style straight medium length hair with a waft fringe

Frisur für graues Haat mit Pony Waft Fringe

Bangs for gray hair should be thin and fall easily into the face

graues Haar mittellang mit Pony

Elegant hairstyles for gray hair: hair up always goes!

schicke Frisuren für graue Haare hochgesteckt toll mit Brille

For a special occasion, gray hair can also be pinned up for elegant hairstyles. Dutts and braided updos look stunning in this natural silver shade. Paired with the right makeup, the stylish look is perfectly rounded off. In the following pictures you can see some suggestions on what elegant hairstyles are best for gray hair.

Updos for gray hair should be styled loosely

elegante Frisuren für graue Haare lockere Hochsteckfrisur

The loose updo hairstyle with strands hanging freely around the face.

lässige Hochsteckfrisur für graues Haar lockige Strähnchen

Or you can put the hair up completely and create some volume in the hairline

elegante Frisur für graues Haar hochgesteckt mit Volumen im Ansatz

For a special occasion like the child’s wedding, gray updos combine well with elegant hair jewelry

elegante Hochsteckfrisuren für graue Haare mit Haarschmuck