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New look after separation! Gigi Hadid makes ‘a cut

It’s the cliché par excellence: When a relationship ends, a new hairstyle is needed. Whether this also applies to Gigi Hadid, who just a few weeks ago made headlines with her breakup from long-term boyfriend Zayn Malik? Not to be ruled out. In any case, on Instagram the supermodel surprised his fans now with a new hairstyle.

After a tangible family quarrel, the separation of supermodel Gigi Hadid and Sänger Zayn Malik was announced at the end of October. The accusation: Malik allegedly insulted Hadid’s mother and pushed. This was followed by a charge and a probation sentence for the 28-year-old, with whom Hadid has a one-year-old daughter. Gigi’s Instagram account was spared from her private drama, instead the model now posted a series of photos for an advertising campaign by H&M. To be seen on it: Gigi Hadid in white pleated pants with matching vest – and a full fringe that reaches to the eyelashes.

The more than 71 million followers like the new Gigi fringe: "Breathtaking" and "Beautiful!" are just some of the more than 13,000 comments under the photo with the red shimmering mane and the forehead fringes. But has Gigi Hadid really cut off her hair now or maybe just cheated with a clip-in hairpiece? What speaks for the latter: In the pictures, you can see very little of her parting…

Gigi Hadid proves: bangs are trendy!

But no matter whether real or fake, one thing is certain: The forehead fringe is extremely trendy! Gigi’s fringe is a so-called "Blunt Fringe" – a particularly long and dense variant with slightly longer strands on the side, which looks especially beautiful in combination with long Rapunzel hair and suits women with high foreheads best. This fall, however, other fringe variations are also in: Lady Gaga just showed up with an edgy micro fringe, and less strict bangs like the casual fringed French fringe continue to be stubbornly on the list of trend hairstyles for the cold season. And it’s no wonder, after all, there’s no easier way to change your type than with a fringe. So simply order a clip-in hairpiece and try out the trendy look yourself, or go straight to the hairdresser and go all out.