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New hairstyle! Penélope Cruz now wears Sleek Bob

Penélope Cruz is definitely one of those actresses who have made the leap to the international stage – the Spaniard starred in countless major productions, with her voluminous mane being one of her trademarks. All the more amazing the type change that she presented on her Instagram channel.

For years Penélope Cruz has been a testimonial for the beauty brand Lancocirc me, and in this context she had a new hairstyle done for a shoot: an elegant bob just above the shoulder with colored highlights in the top hair.

A cut that looks extremely good on her. This is the so-called Sleek Bob – a bob variant, which is usually styled extremely smooth and with a sharp edge. Especially in the 90s, business women relied on the accurate cut, because while the Flippy Lob looks very girlish and the Swirl Bob looks more like a day at the beach, this look exudes coolness and seriousness.

Sleek bob goes with parting and bangs

The great advantage of the sleek bob: the hairstyle suits practically everyone, it can be worn on an oval face with a strict center parting and on round or heart-shaped faces with a more playful side parting. Only women with angular facial features should think twice about the super-smooth look, as the sharp cut emphasizes the facial features. Also with the length of the trend hairstyle can be played, the only condition: The bob should not rest on the shoulders.

Penélope Cruz
Penélope with classy updo on the red carpet in San SebastiánPhoto: Getty Images

Penélope Cruz with changing hairstyles.

Wild mane, with bangs, without bangs, nobly pinned up, night-black or lightened-brown –Penélope Cruz has proven again and again in the past how changeable she is. Since 2010, the actress, who has starred in numerous Almodóvar films, has been married to fellow actor Javier Bardem, and the couple have two children together.