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New hairstyle! Lena Meyer-Landrut now wears long bob and highlights

She became famous in 2010 with a deep side parting and naturally brunette hair. Since then, Lena Meyer-Landrut has dared the one or other hairstyle experiment, wore her mane sometimes waist-length, sometimes trimmed to chin length, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker colored. Now the singer seems to have paid her hairdresser another visit, on Instagram she posted a selfie with a new hairstyle.

No question, when it comes to her hair, Lena Meyer-Landrut is into variety. Probably also with the help of extensions, she is only too happy to change from short to long and back again – with every appearance a new look. At the end of June, for example, she showed up at the presentation of her fashion collection with a chest-length walemähne, just under a month later, the hairstyle is again passé. Her new hairstyle: a long bob with some highlights in the lengths and undone styled waves.

Lena is fully on trend with her new hairstyle

With the shoulder-length hair and the playful outer wave, Lena is in good and prominent company. The so-called "Flippy Lob" is currently advancing to the favorite look of the stars. Ariana Grande recently showed off a very similar hairstyle, and Jodie Foster recently presented her Flippy Lob at the Cannes Film Festival. No wonder, after all, the hairstyle not only looks stylish, it also has a number of advantages: it is certainly easier to tie than the XXL mane that Lena wore until recently, but at the same time it is still just long enough to tie back in a braid. What’s more, it always looks well-groomed and adds volume to the hair. Lena’s bright strands additionally support the effect….

How to style the flippy lob à la Lena?

Who wants to upgrade his hair now to a "Flippy Lob" à la Lena, needs only shoulder-length hair, Rundbürste, curlers and neat hairspray. The twisted tips are styled into shape with curlers and round brushes, lightly curled out and then neatly fixed so that they show all day long in the hair. Who likes it undone, tousles again well through – ready.