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Mullet is back! 10 ideas on how women can style the hairstyle in a modern way.

Bold and rebellious, the mullet is back in and has become one of the biggest hair trends of the year. Definitely non-conformist, yet practical, the haircut can now be seen everywhere from the schoolyard to the red carpet. After celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus picked up on the trend, it was clear that the mullet hairstyle will be hot among women in 2021. If you too dare to get a mullet cut, here are the styling tips you definitely need.

The history of the mullet haircut.

Rockstar David Bowie mit roten Haaren und Vokuhila Haarschnitt

The mullet haircut dates back to prehistoric times, when people realized how convenient it was to cut off the bangs to keep the hair out of the face while keeping the length at the back to keep the neck warm and protected from rain. It wasn’t until the 70s that the haircut really became popular, with rock star David Bowie leading the way with the amazing orange mullet we all remember.

Vokuhila Haarschnitt früher 80er Jahre DDR

The 80s were the golden age of the mullet. The haircut was an absolute trend in the GDR and was loved by men and women alike, who thought it was cool and fashionable. In the 90s, the trend began to fizzle out. People who once proudly wore their mullets started cutting their hair and soon the haircut was considered embarrassing.

Vokuhila Frisur modern 2021 in Blond

In the years that followed, the mullet haircut kept popping up in variations and has finally adapted to the 21st century. This time, more women are wearing the haircut, which makes it super stylish and gives it a sophistication it never had before. So, the mullet is back and can be styled in a modern way too!

How to style a modern mullet

Vokuhila Frisur modern á la Miley Cyrus

Today, we’re going to give you some great mullet ideas as well as tips for easy and chic styling. You only need a few styling products for this!

Mullet á la Miley Cyrus.

Vokuhila Frisur á la Miley Cyrus

In January 2020, Miley introduced her new hairstyle to her fans on Instagram and caused a sensation. Today, she still proves that a modern mullet can be styled in a chic and elegant way. To achieve this look, apply some leave-in conditioner and heat protectant to damp hair. Comb the hair into place and blow dry it into shape with your fingertips. Use hair wax to smooth the hair and finish the mullet look.

“The Pullet” – a mix of pixie & mullet

Kombination aus Pixie & Vokuhila

This style, so flattering to Úrsula Corberó, is all about the haircut. The top hair is cut like a pixie, but the hair at the back of the head is kept longer, which makes this mullet super cool. To achieve this look, simply apply a leave-in conditioner and comb through the hair. Blow dry the hair with your hands to create texture, then add hair wax for definition and hold.

Pullet Frisur im Trend - Mix aus Pixie und Vokuhila

Pullet Haartrend - Mix aus Pixie und Vokuhila

Punk mullet

Punk Frisur vorne kurz hinten lang

Check out how Úrsula took her mullet hairstyle to the next level and amped it up to this fabulous look for the red carpet. To create this look, apply a setting lotion to add fullness and hold to the hair. Blow dry the hair with a round brush to create volume. Use a straightener to create a wavy texture and style it forward with some hair wax. Take a comb, apply some hair gel on the teeth and gel the sides of the mullet backwards. Dry the gelled sides with your blow dryer on medium heat and speed to set them.

Punk Vokuhila Frisur modern und schick

Mohawk Frisur vorne kurz hinten lang

Mullet in beach look

neue vokuhila frisur für moderne frauen

Sophie Thatcher looks great with this blonde mullet hairstyle, and you too can recreate the look. Apply a light combing spray to damp hair and comb through your hair. Use a salt spray to add texture and hold to the hair. Create waves in multiple directions with a straightening iron. Apply texturizing spray and separate the waves with your fingers to finish the look.

vokuhila wieder modern

Vokuhila modern im Beach Look für blonde Haare

Vokuhila modern mit Pony zerzauste Haare

Mullet in wet look

Vokuhila im Wet-Look Promi Kesha

Kesha’s wet mullet look is another hairstyle that looks totally modern and chic. After washing your hair and drying it with a towel, apply a decent amount of gel to the top part and distribute the rest to the ends. Style the hair and use a diffuser to dry it. You can add shine spray to further enhance the wet look.

Mullet for thin, straight hair

Vokuhila für dünne, glatte Haare

Apply some smoothing balm to damp hair. Blow dry your hair with your favorite brush. Use your straightening iron to straighten and style your hair. To complete the look, massage some hair serum into your palm and apply it to prevent flyaway hair after straightening.

Vokuhila Haarschnitt für dünne Haare

Mullet without bangs or with micro bangs

Vokuhila ohne Pony modern

If you have a round face, you can benefit from a mullet with micro bangs. This way, the face will appear visually narrower and will be stretched in length.

For this look, apply a light combing spray and comb it into the hair. Then use a volumizing spray to add fullness to the entire hair. Blow dry the hair and then tousle all the hair with your hands. Add some hairspray and you’re done!

Vokuhila Frisur für Frau mit Micro-Pony

Style mullet with curls

moderne Vokuhila für Frau mit welligen Haaren

You can achieve this look with two different techniques depending on your hair type. If you have straight hair, use a hair mousse and blow dry your hair to shape it. Then use a thin curling iron to get a hairstyle with small curls or an afro look. Take 2 cm sections and wrap the hair around the wand. To finish the look, massage some hair oil into the palms of your hands and scrunch the hair to separate the curls.

Vokuhila mit Locken und Balayage

If you have naturally curly hair, apply your favorite curly hair styling product first. Comb through your hair with a hairbrush, twisting the brush slightly outward to create the perfect curls. Dry your hair with a diffuser, using low or medium heat to avoid frizz. Then, massage hair oil into your palms and scrunch your hair to define the curls.

Shoulder length and fringed

Vokuhila Haarschnitt und schulterlange Haare

Want to make your fine hair look a lot thicker and fuller? Apply a heat protectant, then use volumizing spray for more texture and hold, and blow dry your hair by tousling it with your hands. Use a texture spray to add fullness to the hair. Finish the look with a hair wax to shape the sideburns.

Vokuhila Haarschnitt 2021 für dünnes feines Haar perfekt

Mullet haircut and long hair

Vokuhila Haarschnitt und lange Haare

This mullet look with long hair is similar to the modern shag haircut, but without the curtain bangs. It conjures up a lot of volume on the top of the head, while the hair still has enough length. To achieve this look, put salt spray in your hair and blow dry it. Take any parts of your hair and wave them with a straightening iron to create an undone beachy look. Then separate the waves with your fingers.

lange Haare und moderner Vokuhila Haarschnitt