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Modern short hairstyles 2022 from 60: These bold cuts for older ladies are on trend and make younger

When choosing a new hairstyle, older ladies often think about what cut will hide the wrinkles and make them look younger. While the right hairstyle can whisk away a few years, it doesn’t always require steps and fringe for a youthful look. A bold, trendy short haircut also does the trick. If you’re just looking for a modern haircut before your next visit to the hairdresser, check out these sassy short hairstyles 2022 for women 60+! We show how the hottest haircuts of the year suit older ladies and give tips for a modern, smart look.

Short hairstyles 2022: The Mullet for women over 60

Shaguhila Mullet trend hairstyle short hair from 60

You may already know this cult hairstyle from the 80s, when it was still known as mullet. At that time, it was seen everywhere and worn by famous singers and actors like Mel Gibson, Michael Bolton, Patrick Swayze and many others. In the 2020s, the sassy haircut returns and is currently more of a haircut for bold ladies.

Mullet for women over 60 trend hairstyle 2022

In this cut, the hair is cut quite short in the front and slightly longer in the back. This creates an unusual look that looks bold and stylish at the same time. This changeable hairstyle suits both young and older ladies and is one of the biggest trending haircuts of the year. Paired with a fringe, it can also successfully conceal the wrinkles on the forehead.

Mixie Cut short hairstyle for ladies over 60

The short version of the hairstyle is still known as mixie – a play on words between “mullet” and “pixie”. This year, such intermediate hairstyles are quite in vogue and if you want to be up to date, you should definitely choose one of them.

Sassy short hairstyles 2022 from 60: The Choppy Cut

Sassy short hairstyles for women 60+ Choppy Bob 2022 trendy

A choppy cut is nothing but a heavily layered haircut that combines several steps and fringes in a successful way. In addition to the cool Choppy Bob , which has a youthful appeal, the Choppy Pixie is also a smart short hairstyle for ladies over 60. For this cut, all you need is a good hairdresser who has experience with short haircuts and can adjust the length of each step to your face shape.

What short hairstyles from 60 are trendy in 2022 Choppy Pixie Cut

If you want to cheat yourself a few years younger, then you can’t go wrong with a Choppy Pixie. Plus, this hairstyle is also very low maintenance and can be kept in tip-top shape with very little effort.

The Choppy Bob is the slightly longer version, which can also conjure away several years. With a fringed fringe, the wrinkles on your forehead can be successfully concealed and a new, modern hair color will complete your look perfectly.

Modern shag for older women

Modern shag hairstyle for older ladies trend

For thin or fine hair in old age, Modern Shag is an excellent hairstyle. In this style, the hair is heavily layered, which creates volume and provides a natural look. The cut can be perfectly adapted to your face shape, so that certain facial features are concealed and others are highlighted. A fringed fringe also goes perfectly with this short hairstyle 2022 from 60.

Trendy short hairstyles 2022 from 60: The Nixie Cut

Nixie Cut with side bangs for women over 60

You can’t decide between a bob and a pixie cut? Then you can try the trend hairstyle Nixie. With this cut, the hair stands somewhere in the middle between both lengths and conjures up the perfect transitional look. Similar to the Pixie Bob, the Nixie Cut looks like an outgrown Pixie, which successfully creates volume in thin hair.

Trendy short hairstyles 2022 for older women 60+

The “Nearly Pixie” is the ideal way to approach a short haircut. Especially if you have never worn your hair short, we recommend that you try this cut first and only then think about a radical short haircut. The trendy hairstyle suits any face shape and looks great with any hair texture. With such a modern cut, you will surely attract attention.

Flattering trend hairstyle from 60: The chin-length bob

Chin length bob for ladies over 60 with thin hair

The bob is without a doubt one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles of the year. Right now, the classic is worn in chin length, which shows off the cheekbones particularly well. This modern hairstyle flatters ladies over 60 and conjures up a fresh, youthful look. Combined with a bold hair color or some lowlights, the hairstyle makes a very special statement even in old age.

Wedge haircut is on trend in 2022

Wedge Cut trend hairstyle ladies of any age

This summer, the wedge cut is also making a comeback. This hairstyle has a long history, with it still being a hairstyle trend in the 50s. This is a bob where the hair is cut very short and layered at the nape of the neck. The front section of hair remains cut a little longer, usually just below the jaw (but shorter is also possible). This creates an A-line bob that can be worn straight, wavy and even curly, depending on the hair texture.

Short hairstyles 2022 from 60 chin length Pixie Bob

The haircut can be especially flattering on round and angular faces and is also considered a rejuvenating hairstyle for older ladies.

Wavy Bob: A short hairstyle with anti-aging effect

Gray Wavy Bob one of the most beautiful short hairstyles 2022 from 60

A wavy or wavy bob is also one of the short hairstyles 2022 that look good on women over 60 and conjure up younger. Here, it is not so much about the cut, but rather about the styling. The hair is first cut into a blunt or slightly layered bob and then styled with gentle waves or curls. This creates plenty of volume for a fresh and younger look. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you’ll need a curling iron for this hairstyle, which will help you get the pretty waves in just a few seconds.

Wavy Bob for older ladies modern younger