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Modern hairstyles with hair clip: these are the trendy hairstyles with big and small hair accessories!

Hair clips are very trendy and that’s a good thing. These hair accessories can be incredibly chic and add a certain lightness to any outfit, but they are also practical. You can pin your hair up when you’re out and about and even keep pesky strands of hair out of your face. Even better, you can easily incorporate them into any hairstyle. After all, they come in a variety of designs, from regular ones to ones that look like butterflies or flowers. We’ve compiled a list of different ways you can style modern hairstyles with hair clips.

Modern hairstyles with hair clip – disheveled hairstyle

Modern hairstyles with hair clip - disheveled hairstyle

Nothing is as casual and chic as this disheveled hairstyle. Just brush all your hair, twist it and pin it at the crown. If you leave out a few strands in the front and back, the hairstyle will transform from an elegant updo to a casual look. This way, you’ll be ready for any last-minute meeting with your boss.

Trendy hairstyles with a small hair clip

Trendy hairstyles with small hair clip

Forgo extra hair ties and use a bobby pin instead. After perfecting your topknot (also known as the good old twisted and wrapped ponytail), you can pin the ends with a small bobby pin – and your chignon has received an upgrade.

Elegant hairstyles with a big hair clip – the modified French twist

Elegant hairstyles with large hair clip - the modified French twist

The modified French twist is one of the most popular, if not the most popular hairstyle with hair clips because it is so easy to do. Make sure you use a large bobby pin that will hold all of your hair. Smear a pomade over the hairline and the top layer of hair to make the look chic, polished and not messy.

Modern hairstyles with hair clip for long hair – fix messy chignon.

Modern hairstyles with hair clip for long hair - fixing messy chignon

Opt for a patterned accessory to enhance your chignon. Make a ponytail at the place where you want to anchor the chignon, twist the hair and spray a little hairspray over the twist. After that, wrap it into a chignon and use some smaller hair accessories to secure the chignon to your head.

Easy and quick hairstyles with hair clip for all hair lengths.

Simple and quick hairstyles with hair clip for all hair lengths

Remember this look (along with some fun butterfly clips)? Well, we found a grown-up version that brings nostalgia. Take a few front strands, twist them to the side and pin them in place. This look is suitable for all hair lengths.

Style half updo hairstyle

Half updo hairstyle styling

Whether you have long, short, fine or curly hair, this updo is suitable for everyone. Simply divide your hair into two sections, take the top half and pin it together. Leave out some front strands to enhance the look.

Loose braid for every day

Loose braid for every day

Yes, a braid looks fabulous on its own. But why not add a hair clip to make it even more interesting? Whether you’re doing a classic braid or a fancy herringbone braid, your hair will look more complete with the accessory. Plus, it keeps the braid super secure.

Low bangs with great hair accessory.

Modern hairstyles with hair clip - low bangs with big hair accessory

Couldn’t find your hair tie this morning? No need to worry. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can hold it together with a hair clip. Just make sure you use a larger version of the accessory to seamlessly grab and hold your strands.

Put your hair up with a trendy clip

Putting hair up with trendy clip

This is a popular style seen on Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. In this hairstyle, the ends of the ponytail are twisted upwards and tucked into the bobby pin. This is the intentional yet effortless look you’ve been waiting for.

Small bobby pins for a cool look

Modern hairstyles with hair clip - small hair clips

What’s better than one bobby pin? Two. Whether small or large, have fun attaching as many bobby pins as your heart desires.

Cheeky hairstyles - hairstyle trends 2023

Besides, this technique is very helpful for ladies with thick or long hair.

Modern hairstyles with clip – half loose updo knot.

Modern hairstyles with clip - half loose updo knot

You have done the normal updo hairstyle, now you can extend it to a half updo knot. Just wrap the top part into a chignon and secure it with a mini hair clip.

Creative hair styling

Creative hairstyles with small hair clips

Sometimes you have no idea how to style your hair – and that’s totally okay. For this hairstyle, simply add hair accessories to different places in your hair to create a look that is so sassy .

Sassy hair accessories for your hair

Modern hairstyles with hair clip - sassy hair accessories for your hair

There’s no limit to how many bobby pins you can put in your hair, so why not add a whole bunch of them? Add them to braids or ponytails to change up the style, and don’t be afraid to switch up the colors, styles, and sizes of your hair accessories.

Hair clip for curly hair

Hair clip for curly hair

For this look, wear your curls together in a loose chignon secured with a hair clip. Let a few strands of hair fall from the bobby pin and frame your face for an effortless and elegant look.