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Modern hairstyles from 50 with glasses: these are the chic haircuts that are trendy in winter 2023!

The majority of women over 50 need vision care and these ladies show that glasses can complement the look and make it even more stylish! With the right glasses, your hairstyle can better frame your face and accentuate all your facial features and eye color. There are so many attractive haircuts you can try to find the best styling that suits your personality. The modern 50+ hairstyles with glasses for winter 2022/2023 that we have compiled here are unique and stylish and will make you look younger. Glasses complement the look and make it even more attractive.

Trendy hairstyles from 50 with glasses: short and curly, thick hair

Trendy hairstyles from 50 with glasses - Short and curly thick hair

The salt and pepper hair color of this short curly hairstyle looks beautiful with a black glasses frame or with a tortoise shell glasses frame. A short haircut like this is perfect for women over 50 with thick, curly hair.

Haircuts for older ladies who wear glasses frames - short curly hair

Also, the shortness makes the hair lighter, so this haircut can be styled beautifully.

Hairstyles for thin hair over 50 with glasses – shag cut with bangs.

Hairstyles for thin hair from 50 with glasses - Shag Cut with bangs

Women over 50 with thin hair and glasses should avoid any hairstyle that makes the hair look even thinner. This medium-length, straight haircut features a step that adds fullness to the mane and a bold fringe that grazes the eyebrows.

Trend hairstyles winter 2023: Medium-length hairstyle with elegant bangs

Trend hairstyles winter 2023 - medium length hairstyle with elegant bangs

This wavy hairstyle is impressive for a woman over 50. The haircut and the glasses are paired to give a gorgeous look. The curved bangs on the sides are natural and make the hairstyle a desirable modern haircut.

Modern short hairstyles for people who wear glasses over 50: Feather Cut makes you look younger.

Modern short hairstyles from 50 with glasses - Feathered Cut makes you look younger

Are you trying to hide gray hair? Don’t be afraid to wear a colored haircut if you are over 50. The light brown hue gives a Feathered short haircut a youthful look and goes perfectly with dark or light colored glasses.

Sassy 50+ hairstyles with glasses in winter 2023: Shoulder-length curly hair

Sassy hairstyles from 50 with glasses in winter 2023 - Shoulder length curly hair

Whether you’re over 50 and still using a curling iron to get those spiral curls, or your hair is naturally that curly, it’s always a beautiful idea to wear your hair down to show it off. Gently sweep the hair out of your face with your fingers so that your eye-catching black glasses can take center stage.

Tiered bob cut for 50-year-old ladies

Tiered bob cut for 50 year old ladies

A tiered bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for 50- to 60-year-old women with glasses. Wearing this hairstyle with discreet glasses in the shape of a cat’s eye will create a sophisticated look. Blonde and walnut brown hair colors go very well with this hairstyle.

Longer Pixie Bob Cut – Bixie as a hairstyle trend for the cold months.

Longer Pixie Cut - Bixie as a hairstyle trend for the cold months

The easiest way to create a seductive and playful look is to wear cool glasses. A hairstyle that takes this look to the next level is a longer Pixie Bob Cut, also called Bixie.

Bixie Cut for ladies over 50 with glasses - hairstyle trend 2023

If you let your hair grow wild and dye it in a current color , you will instantly look younger.

Snappy short hairstyles from 50 for those who wear glasses: salt and pepper streaks.

Snappy short hairstyles from 50 for glasses wearers - Salt and Pepper Tresses

There’s nothing wrong with letting your natural hair color shine through, and we love this look that boldly takes the salt and pepper color of aging hair and makes it look fabulous with glasses. The natural texture of the hair looks and feels like a liberation, because at 50 or 60 you know more about the world and what matters most. Feeling confident and happy with the way you look: That’s beautiful and priceless.

Trendy hairstyles from 50 with glasses: Pixie Cut with bangs.

Trendy hairstyles from 50 with glasses - Pixie Cut with bangs

Wearing stylish glasses is a statement and what better way to enhance this look than with a Pixie Cut?

Pixie Cut for women with round face and glasses - hairstyle trends 2023

Pixie haircuts with fringe are more fashionable than ever for women between 50 and 60. But of course, this is not surprising, because this haircut makes them look unique.

Haircut for older ladies with glasses and long hair.

Haircut for older ladies with glasses and long hair

This is a perfect wavy hairstyle for women with long hair. For women in their 50s, this haircut naturally shows off the large mass of hair. The hair is slightly wavy at the edges, which makes it shiny and bouncy. This hairstyle is great for accentuating facial features and making you look extra attractive.

Short bob cut for women over 50 with round face and glasses.

Short Bob Cut for Women over 50 with Round Face and Glasses

Bob cuts are always attractive for older women. The short haircut is cute and with fantastic shine. This hairstyle is smoothed and kept in a curve at the edges. It fits well with the facial features and shows off your beautiful chin. This chic haircut is a must have for older women who are looking for a change.