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Modern hairstyles for women over 50 – ideas for every hair length.

Frisuren für Frauen ab 50 gestuft-schräg-geschnittener-pony-dünnem-haar

You have reached 50 and feel like a change? Before you spontaneously get a Pixie Cut, you should analyze again, which hairstyle fits best to your type. The right haircut depends not only on the shape of your face, but also on the structure and fullness of your hair. Since the hair structure changes with age, you should adapt your new hairstyle to it. We have compiled for you some prominent examples that could help you with this task. There are a variety of hairstyles for women over 50, which look very chic and also make younger.

Hairstyles for women over 50 – Long hair, why not?

Frisuren für Frauen ab 50 braun-langes-haar-eckigem-gesicht

Although it is common for women to wear their hair shorter after a certain age, a short haircut is not a must. Women over 50 or older still look fantastic with long hair, as long as the hair is healthy and well-groomed. Hair length is a matter of type, not age.

A long haircut is perfect for thick hair. However, as the years go by, the body’s keratin production decreases and the hair becomes finer and thinner. For this reason, you should strengthen your hair with products containing keratin.


Ladies over 50 also like to wear straight, long hair in a sleek look. Often this cut is very straight – that is, cut without steps. However, it is recommended to create gentle steps around the face. With layered haircuts, the rule is that the shorter the hair, the smaller the difference between the layers should be. So, for long hair, the step may end at the level of the collarbone. To give the hair visual depth and make the look a little softer, warm shades or blonde highlights are used. With the help of a large round brush, you can conjure up loose waves at the ends of the hair when blow-drying.

Even though stars like Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker swear by the center parting, it is rather not recommended for women over 50. A center parting frames the forehead and draws unwanted attention to forehead wrinkles. On the other hand, if you have a roundish or heart-shaped face, the straight hairstyle with a center parting can look particularly classy and classic.

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To spice up a long haircut a bit, you can get bangs cut. It will provide some variety and you won’t have to cut your hair radically. Besides, a fringe will cover your forehead wrinkles and make your eyes look more vivid. A softly falling, fringed fringe that reaches your eyebrows is ideal for women over 50.

Hairstyles for women over 50 – Shoulder length


Shoulder-length hair is still one of the trendy hairstyles in 2017. A medium length is very versatile and allows for a variety of different styling options. With or without bangs, medium length hair suits all face shapes and hair texture.


With age, hair loses its shape and volume. To make the hair look more lively, a layered cut is recommended. Here, the shortest steps should end in the area of the cheekbones or approximately to the jaw line. Especially women with a heart-shaped face wear their hair best shoulder-length with a slanted fringe.

Bob hairstyles for women over 50


The bob has been an absolute hairdresser’s favorite since the 1920s and continues to enjoy great popularity today. The classic bob is cut straight and ends approximately to the chin. In a longer version, it grazes the shoulders. The asymmetrical bob, on the other hand, has different lengths in the front and looks especially good on oval, round and heart-shaped faces.


The Long Bob, still called Clavi Cut, is significantly longer than ear and chin length. It goes down to the shoulders and flatters the face. Whether with a deep parting, straightened or with a lot of volume at the base – the lob always looks great. The more angular the face, the softer the contours of the hairstyle should be.


While the classic bob looks particularly classy and elegant with straight hair, a curly bob looks particularly feminine and girlish. Celebrity ladies like to style their bob with uneven curls and side parting. Curls give the hair new verve and make the hairstyle look especially casual. Bring the hair into shape with a large curling iron or a round brush.


If you have a round face shape, the shoulder-length bob hairstyle with side bangs is ideal. The straight fringe is an absolute no-go for round faces. Be aware that a short, chin-length bob could unflatteringly accentuate a round face shape. The long bob, on the other hand, is perfect because it makes the face look narrower and visually slimmer. A chin-length bob is especially flattering on an angular face.

For round faces, the parting also plays an essential role. The more sideways the parting is drawn, the wider the face looks. A fringe hairstyle looks particularly advantageous if the fringe is worn slightly to the side, for example on the tip of the eyebrow.

short hairstyles for women over 50

Frisuren für Frauen ab 50 kurzhaarfrisuren-pixie-längliches-schmales-gesicht

Short haircuts are very popular among women over 50. No wonder, because short hair is a real anti-aging remedy and always ensures a youthful appearance. One of the absolute favorites is the pixie cut. It makes the face look finer and is also perfect for thin hair that is difficult to wear long.


No other haircut is as versatile as the Pixie Cut. It is often combined with a diagonally cut fringe. In terms of hairstyling, the Pixie also offers a lot of scope. It can be combed back, waved or elegantly styled to the side.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses


As a rule, most hairstyles can be worn with glasses. Here, the shape of the face and the model of glasses are crucial, not the length of the hair. Spectacle wearers can’t go wrong with a lob and a diagonally cut fringe. Hair is best styled out of the face.

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Hair color and skin tone


Besides the right haircut, the right hair color can also highlight your look. Different strands of hair in lighter and darker shades can be used to fake more volume. Skin tone matters. If you have very fair skin, too dark a hair color will quickly age you visually.

Bringing out gray hair


Shades of gray in all shades are trendy! A medium length haircut looks great even with gray hair. However, hardly any woman turns gray evenly. To make the result look nice and natural, fine highlights in ash or slate tones are set. Try out the cool trend yourself!