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Modern bob hairstyles 2021 for women over 60 that instantly make you look younger!

The bob is a classic, low-maintenance haircut that gives 60-year-olds a youthful look. Chic bob hairstyles 2021 for women over 60 have different lengths and variations in this regard. The hair can be cut from chin length to shoulder length.

Bob hairstyles 2021 for women over 60 – Here’s what you should look out for.

bob hairstyle for women over 60

As we age, hormonal changes can cause our hair to thin. For women over 60, this simple haircut makes hair appear much thicker than it is! Discuss with your stylist your styling routine, your natural hair texture, and your face shape. Depending on these factors, determine the length of your bob hairstyle.

short bob graduated with bangs for woman with glasses over 60

Steps can either enhance or ruin your haircut. If you opt for subtle steps, texture and movement will be added seamlessly. On the other hand, too many steps can destroy the shape of a bob.

Styling bob hairstyles is quick and easy. With the help of a straightening iron or curling iron, the styling options for this short haircut can be further expanded. When it comes to hair care, you should expect to have your hair trimmed every 1-2 months. Before your next haircut visit, check out these pictures of trendy bob hairstyles for women over 60!

Short, asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asymmetrical short pixie bob

Of course, you can still wear an attractive short, sassy bob hairstyle at 60! This flattering asymmetrical bob with bangs allows you to create an eye-catching look. Shorter steps add volume, while the long side bangs add a youthful accent. To add another unique dimension to the hairstyle, go for blonde highlights and dark lowlights that blend seamlessly.

This hairstyle looks stunning in copper and caramel as well

short bob in copper brown with caramel strands

Shaggy bob hairstyles on trend in 2021

Shaggy bob short for women over 60

If you want to make a fashion statement with your hairstyle, a low-maintenance shaggy bob in copper would be perfect for you. Soft, wavy hair becomes more vibrant when combined with a layered haircut. Bangs are a big plus for women over 60 when it comes to seamlessly hiding wrinkles. A thick, short, textured fringe adds volume and a certain effervescence to this haircut.

Edgy and chic

bob hairstyle short for older women

Extravagant women over 60 can make the shaggy look even more interesting by making the hairstyle look edgier! The front strands go all the way to the jawline and are cut so accurately that they form appealing, geometric shapes with the hair at the nape of the neck. This hairstyle looks especially good on oval faces.

Stepped Long Bob

Long bob half-length with highlights

A long bob with long-cut steps is a good option for women over 60 who want to look 10 years younger. For a bit of wildness in your hair, try the messy look.

Chin length bob with thinned bangs

Chin-length bob with thinned bangs over 60

A chin-length bob with streaky bangs is sure to make older ladies look younger. The best thing about this cut is that it suits gray hair. The length is also good for thinning hair! You can style the ends inward with a blow dryer to enhance the result.

Slightly layered hair at the nape of the neck

bob hairstyles for women over 60 - Short in the back, long in the front.

A short bob is perfect for fine hair and makes it look and feel thicker. Graduated haircuts are cut at a 45-degree angle that stacks the hair in the back to create maximum volume at the back of the head. This makes fine hair look very voluminous and attractive.

Stacked bob – hair at the nape of the neck even shorter.

bob hairstyle short from 60 years

To give the hair at the nape of the neck even more oomph, you can opt for the so-called stacked bob. This edgy haircut will remove even more bulk from the back of the head. The front is left slightly longer and cut in a way that enhances the forward movement of the hair towards the face.

With this cut you conjure up volume at the top of the head even without tousling

Bob hairstyle with gray hair short from 60

Stacked bob with bangs

bob hairstyles from 60 with glasses

Stacked bob looks even more beautiful on 60-year-olds in combination with a fringe. The subtly placed highlights bring more movement to this modern, chin-length haircut.

Combine curly hair with straight bangs

bob hairstyles half length from 60 - Wavy hair with straight bangs

A curly bob is also very flattering for women over 60. Blow dry the bangs with a round brush to create an interesting contrast between hair textures. Add dark blonde highlights to liven up the hair.

French Bob hairstyles also trendy in 2021

French bob hairstyle for 60 years old

Women over 70 can consider a French bob with angled bangs if you are looking for a youthful haircut with a touch of pizzazz. The hair ends at about mouth level, which visually stretches the face. A warm honey blonde hair color can cover up grays and make your skin tone look warmer.

Bob for long, narrow face

Bob for elongated face

The silhouette of this hairstyle balances a long face by giving it a rounded look. When blow drying, lift the side sections of hair with a large round brush. This creates volume on the sides of the head. Blow dry the rest of the head as high as possible. The haircut is best suited for hair of medium thickness.

Bob hairstyles 2021 in caramel shades.

Caramel bob from 60 makes younger

Beauty is timeless, and even if your hair is thinning, you need to wear it with class! Combine your modern bob hairstyle with a caramel shade of blonde. Or why not with a fiery copper shade. A curly styled bob looks especially playful and makes your hair look fuller.

Bob with Curtain Bangs

bob hairstyle with curtain bangs from 60 that makes younger.

Steps, fringed tips and curtain bangs are typical for shaggy hairstyles. They give the hair more lightness and really dynamic. A platinum blonde hair color makes blue eyes shine!

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles 2021 for gray hair

gray asymmetrical bob with side parting over 60

A gray asymmetrical bob for fine hair from 60 follows a rather classic style, but also looks very chic and modern. It usually lacks bangs, but the facial features are highlighted by face-framing highlights. A salt-and-pepper look gives this bob hairstyle an even cooler touch.