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Micro bob is the hairstyle trend for summer 2022 that defies the heat! So cool is the timeless short haircut

Summer is here and as far as hairstyles are concerned, now is the best time for a cool short haircut. The short hair is considered the best weapon against the summer heat and is very trendy right now. If you want a timeless haircut, then the micro bob is the ideal summer hairstyle for you! Find out what makes the cut and how to style it in summer 2022 with us!

A cool short haircut against the summer heat

Hairstyles for thin hair micro bob graduated

Hair on the neck is a no-go for you in the summer? Then the hairstyle trend 2022 Micro Bob is exactly the haircut you should try now. Short hair is an ideal remedy for the hot summer days and is not without reason one of the biggest hair trends currently. But don’t be mistaken: a short haircut is not only practical, but it can look very stylish and modern. It’s a real hit!

What makes the micro bob stand out in the summer of 2022?

Chin length bob feathered cut perfect for summer

The bob is the most popular short haircut for ladies of all ages. It is modern and versatile and you can find a cut that suits every hair type and face shape. The micro bob is the shortest version of the classic cut, which can be worn with or without bangs. With this haircut, the length can vary only to a limited extent – the ends of the hair should end somewhere between the cheeks and the jaw.

This length perfectly accentuates the facial features, so the haircut can be described as particularly flattering. In combination with bangs, the face-framing effect becomes even more pronounced.

The Micro Bob is usually a blunt cut (the so-called Blunt Cut), whereby steps are not used at all or only to a limited extent. Nevertheless, the short hairstyle can also be combined with slight steps to create some extra volume, especially for fine hair.

So beautiful and versatile is the Micro Bob hairstyle

Chin length bob hairstyle for fine hair

This new variant of the bob entered the hairstyle scene still at the beginning of the year as a trend and will last. If you dare to try the short haircut this summer, we have collected several ideas on how to wear and style the hairstyle in the following image gallery. Let us inspire you!

Classic Micro Blunt Bob with center parting

Bob hairstyles summer 2022 chin length with center parting

If you want a modern yet low-maintenance hairstyle in summer, you simply can’t go wrong with this bob variation. The blunt cut bob and center parting are easy to maintain and style and are one of the most popular wash-and-go haircuts.

Short hairstyles summer 2022 Micro Bob without bangs

This hairstyle is still the perfect base for a beautiful new hair color. Which are the hottest colors in summer 2022, we report in this post .

Stylish variants for the short bob with bangs

Micro bob with angled bangs

For every bob there is a matching fringe and the micro variant is no exception! If you opt for a classic blunt cut, then the full bangs are an ideal choice. Whether styled forward or to the side is up to you.

Hairstyles trend 2022 summer micro bob with bangs stepped

A layered cut is best complemented by a layered fringe. Opt for a balayage to successfully showcase the different layers.

Micro bob asymmetrical with full bangs

The Micro Bob can also be cut in an A-line, the main thing is that the longest part does not extend further than the chin. A blunt fringe is ideal for this cut.

A cool bob hairstyle for ladies over 50

Micro bob for older women with gray hair

Older women also love bobs. Whether short or long, there is a suitable cut for every face shape that makes you look younger. For round faces, the micro bob is an excellent choice for all ladies over 50. Whether you dye your hair or prefer to wear it in its natural shade of gray, the short haircut will surely cheat away a few years.

Micro bob for women over 50 with graying hair

For a bolder look, you can go for a short layered cut. The steps add bounce to the hair and look great on thin hair over 50.

The trend hairstyle also suits ladies with curly hair

Curly Micro French Bob with Bangs Summer Haircut

Bobs are unsuitable for curly heads? No way! The curly bob is a cool short haircut for natural curls that enjoys great popularity, especially in summer. It’s light and flattering and also looks very pretty together with curly bangs!

Hairstyle trends summer 2022 bob with bangs short

Whether your hair is curly or just wavy, the chin-length micro bob will show off the natural texture of your locks well.

French Bob, is that you?

Short hairstyles for women summer 2022 micro bob wavy

If you are familiar with the popular French Bob, you can quickly see that it is considered a variation of the Micro Bob. This cut is ideal for summer, and creates a beautiful, feminine look.

French girl bob modern hairstyle with beret

Hair accessories like the beret add an extra French girl vibe. However, various hair clips with pearls or other embellishments can also spice up the modern short haircut in summer.

What hairstyle in summer against heat Micro Bob