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Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 – the most popular styles at a glance

Männerfrisuren mit Bart 2016 drei-tage-bart-undercut-haarschnitt-seitenscheitel-chris-pine

In recent years, beards are always in trend and serve as the perfect complement to any men’s hairstyle. However, you can’t just let your beard hair grow and get a perfect look by itself. A beautiful beard requires proper and regular care, as well as a hairstyle suitable for it. In the article you will find the most popular men’s hairstyles with beard in 2016 and some styling tips and inspirations about it.

Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 – the trendy 3-day beard.

Männerfrisuren mit Bart 2016 drei-tage-bart-tolle-mittellange-haare-chris-hemsworth

Easy to maintain and totally trendy is the 3-day beard, which is worn by the majority of Germans. It represents the beard in its original form, which grows by itself and does not require further styling. That is why it enjoys a great popularity among men. The length of the beard hair is backed up to about 1.2 millimeters and simply shortened with the help of the trimmer.

Men’s hairstyles with beard for a business look

Männerfrisuren mit Bart 2016 drei-tage-bart-seitenscheitel-tolle-dunkle-haare-brille-eleganter-look

The 3-day beard is perfect for a business look, as it gives the man an elegant appearance. This necessarily includes a styled men’s hairstyle that may not be too long. Short hairstyles with side parting or undercut are also in trend and are recommended in combination with a 3-day beard.

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Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 – the most popular styles at a glance

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The 3-day beard and who it suits

Männerfrisuren mit Bart 2016 drei-tage-bart-pompadour-undercut-trendige-frisur-herren

Men’s hairstyles with beard should be adapted to the hair and face type of the man. The popular three-day beard looks best on heart-shaped or elongated faces. Evenly growing beard hair is required for the right look.

Styling tips for an accurate full beard

Männerfrisuren mit Bart 2016 gepflegter-vollbart-lockerer-look-kurzhaarfrisur-jake-gyllenhaal

The accurate or short full beard represents a middle ground between the three day beard and a buzz cut beard. This beard shape can also serve as a transition between the two. To keep it looking neat, it should be trimmed every day with a trimmer, not exceeding 6 millimeters in length and remaining the same all over the face.

Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 for long hair.


The short full beard is suitable for both short and longer men’s hairstyles with beard. A popular combination lately represents the man bun on the back of the head for long hair with a neat full beard. The look can be completed with a matching outfit in street style.

Short hairstyles with a well-groomed full beard


For men with triangular or heart-shaped face shape, the accurate full beard is perfect. For elongated, slender faces, it adds more fullness to it and looks good. In everyday life or at a party, you can wear the beard with a short hairstyle in a tousled look. Longshirts and cool pants go well with it, but also a more elegant outfit can be combined nicely with it.

Curly hairstyles for men with beard 2016


For curly hair, medium length men’s hairstyles with beard are recommended, which is not perfectly styled. This gives a casual look that is at the same time an expression of masculinity. With a longer full beard, the transition between hair and beard can be perfectly matched. Beards that serve as a part of the hairstyle are among the most beautiful men’s hairstyles in 2016.

Full beard and the out-of-bed look


The popular out-of-bed look looks even more attractive and masculine with a full beard. However, in this case, the beard should not look perfectly groomed, but like the hair – unkempt and a bit disheveled.

Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 – the ruffled beard and urban fashion.


The well-groomed Rauschebart, lately also called hipster beard, is characterized by a perfect shape and a hairstyle suitable for it. Outfits with check shirts, denim jackets and leather boots go perfectly with it, as well as chic sunglasses. However, if you want to keep the perfect look with a buzz cut beard longer regular care is required.

Men’s hairstyles with a well-groomed buzz cut beard


Short hairstyles for men and Rauschebart are a good combination, only if the beard is well shaped and groomed. The matching hairstyle should have some volume to be in harmony with the long beard. Men who want to put a distinctive accent on their Rauschebart, combine it even with a bald head.

Rauschebart and pompadour


A good idea for medium-length or short men’s hairstyles with a beard is represented by the pompadour. It combines especially nicely with a ruffled beard and the man looks visually taller with it. This type of beard fits almost any face shape, but a dense and even beard growth is required.

Undercut men’s hairstyles with beard


Undercuts are a frequently chosen variant for both shorter and longer full beards. They offer many different styling options and are totally in at the moment. Men who like to experiment can spice up this hairstyle with some highlights or a colored line in their hair.

Good combination to different men’s hairstyles – the chin beard.


Chin beard, goatee or goatee represents a type of beard that makes the face look longer. For this reason, such beard types are recommended for men who have an oval face shape. Both short and long chin beard combines nicely with short and medium length men’s hairstyles. Different variants of it are worn by gentlemen from the celebrity world like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Hunnam.

Men hairstyles with beard Henriquatre


The henriquatre or round-the-mouth beard gives a masculine look and combines best with short hairstyles. For occasions with an elegant dress code, you can wear your hair with a side parting and comb it to the side. Such a hairstyle and the henriquatre look perfect with a suit and the whole look many ladies find attractive.

The musketeer beard from celebrity Johnny Depp


The world’s favorite actor Johnny Depp wears his musketeer beard together with a medium-length hairstyle with a middle parting, which is often covered with a hat. Musketeer beard represents a combination of mustache and chin beard and is perfect for men with uneven beard growth.

Choose between henriquatre and musketeer beard


The differences between a henriquatre and musketeer beard are small and you can easily change both beard hairstyles from time to time. Short hairstyles with more volume or a quiff are a suitable complement to these beard types.

Hairstyle styling tip with a top lip beard


A mustache can completely change the face of the wearer and is especially suitable for men with elongated face shape. A classic look to it is represented by the hair combed back with slightly longer sideburns.

Trendy men’s hairstyles with moustache


A slightly twirled mustache is gaining popularity again lately and is worn in combination with a full beard. Popular men’s hairstyles with beard and moustache are undercuts with a little more volume on the top of the head or with a pompadour.

Men’s hairstyles with beard 2016 for short hair.


Proper styling of the mustache requires a daily shave, otherwise it will quickly become messy. Care with special care oil is also recommended. Full beards with a more pronounced upper lip beard are a good complement to the short hairstyle with side parting for men.