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Medium length hairstyles from 50: These fringed haircuts with bangs for older women will make you look younger instantly!

Choppy bob, long pixie, mixie, shag cut, etc. – this fall there is definitely no shortage of cool and exciting hairstyle trends. But with the huge selection, sometimes we find it quite difficult to find the right hairstyle that suits our style and flatters our facial features. Moreover, it comes that with time we think even more about what haircuts suit us. As we age, many women opt for a short hairstyle, but we don’t necessarily have to follow this idea. Without a doubt, short hair is super practical and carries tons of benefits. However, medium length hairstyles look just as good after 50 and provide a fresher look. So are you ready for a change? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find the most beautiful tiered haircuts for older women that will make you look younger!

Flattering medium length hairstyles from 50

medium length hairstyles from 50 with glasses fringed haircuts older women

No matter if we are 30 or 50 years old – our hairstyle always plays a big role in our appearance. But after a certain age, it’s no longer about staying on trend, but above all being stylish and beautiful. Many women refer to the age of 50 as their second youth and the time when they can finally enjoy life to the fullest. And just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to settle for a boring “granny look.” For example, shaggy hairstyles from 5o feel wonderfully modern and make our hair look much more vibrant. While blunt haircuts additionally emphasize fine wrinkles, fringy medium-length hairstyles from 50 are ideal for cheating away a few years. Whether it’s the shag cut, the wolf cut or timeless bob hairstyles – the choice is really huge and we have compiled the best inspirations and looks for the new you.

Fringy Bob Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy bob trend hairstyle autumn 2022 tiered medium length hairstyles from 50

The fact that our hair structure changes over time and the hair loses some of its shape and volume is actually no secret. Fringed, medium length hairstyles for women over 50 are the best way to bring our mane back to life. Adding tiers of varying lengths will add extra fullness and volume for a more youthful and fresh look. If you want to go a little shorter but not too short, consider the tiered bob as your next favorite hairstyle. Especially in combination with curtain bangs, the haircut is a real eye-catcher and can conceal a wrinkle or two on your forehead. In addition, the medium length bob is super easy to maintain and looks really chic in a slightly tousled undone look.

Medium-length hairstyles from 50 for gray hair

Bob hairstyles tiered medium length from 50 shaggy lob with bangs trend hairstyle autumn

Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – hairstyles for medium length hair from 50 are the perfect transitional hairstyle and thus the best choice for all women who can’t decide between a long and short haircut. Tired of re-dyeing your hair? So why not embrace your natural beauty and flaunt your gray mane. Numerous stars, including Jane Fonda, Andi MacDowell and Jodie Foster, show us how beautiful and elegant gray hair actually is.

medium length hairstyles from 50 gray hair fringed haircuts older women

The right haircut can actually act like a rejuvenating cure after a certain age and usually it’s the small changes that have the biggest effect. A few steps and a chic fringe and you look 5 years younger. Sounds just perfect, doesn’t it? Tiered, mid-length hairstyles from 50 onwards will accentuate your gray hair especially beautifully and create an eye-catching, fashionable look that immediately catches the eye.

Mullet hairstyle for older women

medium hairstyles from 50 with curls fringed haircuts older women

Thin and lifeless hair – this is probably every woman’s biggest nightmare, isn’t it? Rebellious, brave and bold – the mullet hairstyle is back and has now become one of the most beautiful mid-length hairstyles from 50. Short in front and long in the back – that’s what the haircut from the 80s stands for. Here, the hair on the top of the head is usually cut very short and features longer fringes at the back of the head. The multiple steps wonderfully frame the face and provide a playful and at the same time chic look.

Shag cut hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

Shag cut with bangs trend hairstyles medium length hairstyles from 50

As we age , we go in search of the perfect haircut that flatters our facial features and makes us look a few years younger. And tiered, mid-length hairstyles from 50 with bangs are just made for it! The shag cut is currently making a big comeback and looks extremely bold and attractive. The absolute trademark of the cult hairstyle are the fringed steps, which are cut unevenly.

Shag cut for older women hairstyles medium length tiered fringed from 50

And if you also want to conceal the small wrinkles on your forehead, you can combine the medium-length hairstyle with a fringe. Whether a classic fringe, styled on the side or with casual curtain bangs – you are spoiled for choice and there is guaranteed to be something for every style and taste. To enhance this “rejuvenating” effect, complement the shag cut with a matching hair color. The bronde hair color is back in trend this fall and gives our hair a vibrant and fresh touch.

Medium length bob hairstyles with bangs from 50 onwards

hairstyles women over 50 medium length fine hair fringed haircuts with bangs

From the age of 50, our hair becomes thinner and finer and this is where medium length, layered bob hairstyles come to our rescue. Easy to maintain, casual and still super chic – the bob in all its facets is a timeless classic that will stay with us forever. The classy hairstyle is ideal for those who just want to give their current hairstyle a subtle update.

Hairstyles medium length with bangs from 50 tiered haircuts that make you younger

The bob with bangs looks especially flattering for older women, and the haircut makes our mane look much more voluminous and lively. The medium-length hairstyle can also be wonderfully combined with a long, side fringe and visually stretches the face. As for styling, the sky is the limit. Sometimes straight, sometimes with gentle beach waves or pinned up – the tiered bob from 50 can be styled in the most diverse ways and is always a real eye-catcher.

Stepped hairstyles with bangs from 50 onwards

Bob hairstyles tiered medium length from 50 fringed haircuts older women

Have you heard the saying “bangs before Botox?” Whether you opt for a bob, lob or shag cut, medium-length hairstyles with bangs for women over 50 make small wrinkles in the forehead disappear in an instant and cheat a few years away. Numerous celebrities, including Monica Bellucci and Halle Berry, do it before and combine your bob hairstyles with a fringe. And we can understand why – the brow fringe automatically draws the eye to the eye area and also perfectly flatters our facial features.

Tiered, medium-length hairstyles from 50: the most beautiful haircuts that make you younger

Hairstyles from 50 medium length with bangs fringed bob trend hairstyle autumn 2022

Shaggy hairstyles from 50 with bangs provide a bold and modern look.

medium length hairstyles from 50 with bangs shag cut for older women

The multiple steps make our hair look much more voluminous

medium length hairstyles women over 50 tiered haircuts older women

Stepped hairstyles for medium length hair are extremely easy to maintain

hairstyles women over 50 medium length layered haircuts older ladies

Bob hairstyles from 50 in combination with colored highlights provide a really cool look

Bob hairstyles medium length from 50 tiered haircuts older women

Mid-length hairstyles from 50 for gray hair are back in vogue

Hairstyles medium length from 50 fringed bob with bangs older women

The curly shag cut is the perfect hairstyle for women with glasses

Hairstyles medium length hair from 50 fringed haircuts with glasses

An overlong fringe looks classy and hides fine wrinkles on the forehead

medium length hairstyles from 50 with bangs haircuts that make you younger