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Make blow-dried hairstyle durable: Tricks and tips to keep your hair looking like you just came from the hairdresser for days on end

Blow-drying looks best when it’s just done, but with a few tricks and tips you can make your blow-dry hairstyle durable for the next few days.

Few things are as nice as having your hair washed, massaged, combed and blow dried by an experienced hairdresser. But the best part is when you leave the salon with hair worthy of those of a movie star. The worst, however, is when you find that your blow-dry hairstyle doesn’t hold and by the third day it’s shapeless and flat. How to make your blow dry hairstyle last, with a few simple tips and tricks, you will learn in this article.

Make blow-dry hairstyle durable: First, prepare your hair

The secret of a lasting blowout begins with the preparation of the hair

The secret to a long-lasting blowout starts before you even pick up the blow dryer. It’s all about the products your hair needs. If the problem is thin hair that won’t hold its shape, prepare it with a volumizing product, such as a light mousse that seals the hair. If your hair is thick and dense and prone to split ends, you should manage it with a styling cream.

Dry your hair completely while blow drying

Freshen up dry hair with a blow dryer to maintain your style

According to stylists, the biggest mistake you make when blow drying your hair is not drying it completely. Take the time to divide your hair into small, fine sections, and move the brush and blow dryer from scalp to ends as often as necessary to fully dry each section.

The bigger and rounder the hairbrush, the better

Blow dry your hair with a round brush

Blow drying your hair with a round brush with ceramic or fur bristles will give you the biggest advantage. The longer your hair is, the bigger the brush should be. Also, a larger brush will result in smoother hair, while a smaller brush will in turn result in a firmer perm. When blow drying, point each section in the opposite direction to lift the hair more at the roots. Do not touch it until it has cooled completely.

Aim the hair dryer nozzle directly at your roots

For a long-lasting blow-dry hairstyle, aim the nozzle directly at the roots

Hanging hair roots are the bane of every hairdryer lover’s existence. To get maximum volume at the roots, spray damp hair with a strengthening spray, then turn your head around and point the blow dryer nozzle directly at your roots.

For a long-lasting blow dry hairstyle, get to know your hair spray

For durable hairstyle get to know your hairspray

Hairspray can be your hairstylist’s best friend if you know what kind to use and how to use it. According to stylists, working spray is meant to be applied to wet hair to style and set it. Spray each section of hair with working spray before blow drying it.

Aerosol spray fixes the style after blow-drying and should be kept 12-14 inches away from the head. When used properly, aerosols can make your blow-dry hairstyle last for a long time.

Trivia: What’s the difference between working and aerosol spray?

Working sprays are a lightweight hairspray used for styling when a flexible hold is needed. The hair is still manageable and can be combed without sticking.

Aerosols usually deliver a finer layer of hairspray, which may be more suitable for certain hair types, namely fine or soft with a lot of volume.

Make blow dry hairstyle last – Here’s how to make it last longer after styling.

Put your hair up when you sleep

Leave your hair up to make your blow dry hairstyle last overnight

 Putting your hair up or tying it in a topknot before bed is the best way to make your blow dry hairstyle last overnight. Look for a hair tie that doesn’t create creases, bobby pins work well too. You can also wrap your hair in a silk turban to make the hairstyle last longer.

A great blow dry hairstyle trick for long hair is to blow dry your hair before bed and then tie it into a loose chignon on top of your head. A chignon gives your hair a slightly casual look and a natural movement that lasts all day.

Use a shower cap to keep your blow dry hairstyle durable

Use shower cap to keep blow dry hairstyle durable

If your hair is thin, it will be flattened by humidity, and if it is thick, it will be frizzed by humidity. So protect your hair in the shower with a tight-fitting shower cap to prevent the steam from doing any damage.

Practice "safe" sweating to preserve your blow dry hairstyle

Protect your hair from sweat to preserve your blow dry hairstyle

You don’t have to give up fitness, but it’s advisable to protect your hair from sweat, because blowdryers won’t hold up to too much sweat and humidity. Put an absorbent towel on your head before exercising to prevent delicate baby hairs from forming at your hairline.

Refresh your hair roots with dry shampoo

Refresh hair roots with dry shampoo to keep blow dry hairstyle looking good longer

Your sebaceous glands may not have caught on that you want to delay your blowout as long as possible. This means that your scalp might get greasy before you’re ready to wash your hair. That’s why dry shampoo is the blowout’s best friend. It absorbs the oil on your scalp, refreshes the ends, and even adds body to your hair.

Refresh your hairstyle with a hair dryer

Tricks and tips on how to make her blow-dry hairstyle durable

Here’s another trick you can use to make your blow-dry hairstyle last or just refresh it quickly. When you wake up on the third or fourth day and your hair has lost its shape, take your round brush and blow dryer and go through your dry hair again, part by part. The heat from the blow dryer will bring your hair back into shape and remove any bumps or wrinkles that may have formed.

Use curlers to keep blow dry hairstyle durable

Use curling spray to make your hairstyle last even longer

When your hair is flattened, you can immediately strengthen it with warm curlers. Before using the curlers, you should treat your hair with a heat protection hairspray to make the hairstyle last even longer.