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Long Shag is the coolest trend hairstyle 2022 for long hair: Here’s how to style the layered cut!

If we take a look at the current hairstyle trends of the year, one thing is clear – short hair is totally back in style. But what if a short haircut just doesn’t suit you or you just don’t want to say goodbye to your long mane? Then the long shag is exactly the hairstyle you should try this year!

Long Shag: The shaggy hairstyle for long hair that is everywhere in 2022.

Long Shag with Wispy Bangs Hairstyles Trend 2022

In recent years, a haircut from the 70s has come back into the spotlight. The shag is just enjoying increasing popularity and even belongs to one of the most popular hairstyles of the stars. But what exactly distinguishes the shag? For this cut, several fringy steps, a messy look and, in many cases, bangs are typical.

Before and after Long Shag hairstyle for long hair

Shaggy hairstyles were already a real hit in 2021 and the trend continues this year. But the biggest difference is in the hair length. The classic shag is now combined with long hair, which not only gives the hair fullness and texture, but also makes for a really cool look.

What distinguishes the Long Shag?

What haircut long hair Long Shag

Unlike the classic shag from the 1970s and 1980s, which was worn at a chin to shoulder length, its modern update goes with more length. It is a layered cut with steps that are allowed to look very fringy and even feathery. Around the top of the head, the steps are shorter to give the hairstyle more fullness and volume. However, the thinned out lengths and sides reach at least to the chest and create a cool, textured look. Don’t forget the bangs, which are cut equally fringed and fall casually into the face.

Hairstyle trend 2022 Long Shag: a casual hairstyle with retro flair.

Cool hairstyles for long hair Shaggy step cut with bangs

Retro haircuts like the shag are all the rage right now. It’s easy to see why the long shag is unique. It stands out for its versatility and is perfect for a variety of hair types and textures. And what’s even better – the classic Short Shag can be easily transformed into its longer version over time.

Long Shag hairstyle for fine long hair

Another reason why the shag is so popular right now is the fact that this hairstyle simply suits every face shape. Square faces can be flattered by this haircut and round faces can appear narrower as a result. With the right step cut, unloved face parts can be concealed and the most beautiful facial features can be brought out.

Variations of the trend hairstyle

Haircut with steps Long Shag is 2022 trend.

This trend hairstyle has a decisive advantage over the shorter version. Thanks to the extra length, several steps can be added to the hair, guaranteeing a varied look.

Octopus Cut

Long shag style Octopus haircut trend 2022

The Octopus Cut is a new trend that is currently taking over the beauty world. Similar to the Wolf Cut, this haircut is characterized by many steps that frame the face. Despite the strange name, the hairstyle is not as extravagant as it sounds. The Octopus haircut is no different than a Long Shag, which is styled with a lot of volume in the top hair and multiple layers and texture.

Shaggy hairstyles for long hair styling Octopus Cut Trend 2022

However, this variant of the trend hairstyle is not suitable for every hair type. For the many steps and layers, the hair has to be thinned out a lot, so a medium or thick hair is a prerequisite for the cut.

Octopus Haircut Trend Hairstyle 2022 Long Hair

The Octopus Cut can be used to take the heaviness out of heavy hair, making it feel lighter and more casual. The multiple layers are best styled with a round brush, but if you don’t have the time, you can simply let the hair air dry and reveal its natural shape.

Butterfly Haircut

What hairstyle 2022 for long hair Long Shag Butterfly cut

The trendy Butterfly haircut can also be described as a variation of the Long Shag. In this layered cut, the hair is short and layered at the top and front, while maintaining the length. The structured hairstyle offers numerous styling possibilities and can also be combined wonderfully with a fringe.

Styling ideas for the long shag hairstyle.

Trend hairstyle 2022 long hair long shag with bangs

In spring and summer, most women prefer effortless and natural looking hairstyles. A long shaggy hairstyle is the best choice for you if you want to look stylish and wear your long locks loose. The shag looks equally good on both thick and fine hair. With a fringed step cut, you can add volume as well as take out excess heaviness.

What does the Long Shag hairstyle look like?

Long hair before and after the Long Shag haircut.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for long hair styling steps

Wildly falling steps create a cool rebellious look

Rebel Shag the coolest hairstyle even for long hair

A fringed fringe goes perfectly with the Long Shag

Style long shag with fringed bangs

The hairstyle also looks great with medium length hair

medium long hair shag hairstyle with curtain bangs