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Long Pixie Cut for women over 60: Sassy short haircuts for older ladies who want to look younger

Wearing your hair long in old age is not always possible. Even at 50, hair begins to thin and dry out, and a good-looking long mane quickly becomes a real challenge. This is also one of the main reasons why older ladies over 60 go for short haircuts. The short hairstyle also has its advantages: it is styled faster, doesn’t need as much maintenance and, if cut properly, it can make a woman look younger. Among the most beautiful short hairstyles for women over 60 is without a doubt the Long Pixie Cut. What exactly makes the cut and how to wear it to achieve a bold look, we reveal in the article!

What is the Long Pixie Cut and why older ladies love it

Blonde long pixie cut for ladies over 60 who want to look younger

The Pixie Cut is a sassy short haircut, where especially the sides and the nape of the neck are cut very short, while the length of the top hair may vary a bit. While the rasp-short variant enjoys great popularity among young women, women over 50 and 60 prefer to go for a Long Pixie Cut. It is characterized by a longer top hair, which is adapted to the shape of the face, and can flatter the face wonderfully.

The length of hair on the top of the head can be used to conceal wrinkles on the forehead or flatter facial features that are too severe. The Long Pixie Cut also pairs perfectly with different hair colors and can also show off gray hair well. The low maintenance that this short hairstyle requires is another reason why it is the preferred haircut for ladies in their 60s.

What variants of the hairstyle can be considered for women over 60?

Pixie haircut with long top hair styled to the side

The “Lixie”, as this haircut is sometimes called, is longer than a standard pixie and therefore offers more variants to style. The best long pixie hairstyles for women over 60 are cut with steps. For this you need a good hairdresser, who knows short haircuts well and can cut the hair so that it emphasizes the face in the best way.

Here we have collected several beautiful variants of the hairstyle, which you can use as inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser.

Wavy short haircut with steps

Wavy Long Pixie Cut graduated Salt and Pepper hair

For a rejuvenating haircut, you can try this variant of the Long Pixie Cut! This uses the length at the top of the head to conjure up more height and volume and flatter the shape of your face.

Stepped Long Pixie with highlights

Long Pixie with side bangs for women over 60 with style

A Pixie Cut with a layered top coat is the ideal short hairstyle for thin straight hair over 60. For a younger look, style the hair to the side and spice it up with some highlights.

Thin hair? The Pixie Bob saves the day

Long Pixie Bob a sassy short hairstyle for older ladies over 60

Not a bob, but not a pixie either, this cut is just what older women need for a younger look. The Pixie Bob is one of the trend hairstyles of the year and will also beautifully showcase a thin hair. The secret is in the steps, which can be successfully used to flatter the face.

Cheeky short hairstyle for women over 60: gray pixie with undercut

Sassy short hairstyles for women 60+ Undercut Pixie for gray hair

Hairstyles for older ladies also do not have to be boring and ordinary. A modern, sassy cut is also possible in old age! How about combining your long pixie cut with an undercut? This haircut for bold ladies instantly cheats a few years off the overall look and creates a stir. Even with gray hair, this pixie looks really great.

Tapered Pixie with gentle waves

Tapered Cut short hairstyle for women 60+ with gray hair

Have you heard the term tapered cut yet? Don’t worry, it was also something new for us until recently. In a tapered haircut, the hair length is gradually changed. It usually starts longer at the top of the head and gets shorter towards the natural hairline at the nape and sides of the head. However, the exact length can vary.

In this variation of the Lixie, the sides are styled longer and wavy, giving the impression of a bob hairstyle. The shorter steps at the back of the head give the hair extra volume and make the woman wearing the hairstyle look taller.

Wedge cut for natural curls from 60

Long Pixie Cut for curly hair graduated

Women with naturally curly hair can show off their curls well with a Long Pixie Cut. A wedge cut is best suited for this, where the hair is cut shorter at the nape and longer at the sides and top of the head.

Looking for a trendy hairstyle? Try the Mixie Cut

Sassy mixie cut for women over 60 with gray hair

A new, modern variation of the Long Pixie is the so-called Mixie Cut – a combination between Pixie and Mullet (Mullet). This cut is characterized by longer hair sections at the nape and sides, which are successfully mixed with shorter strands. This play with lengths makes the impression for more height and looks modern and bold.

You want to try the Long Pixie Cut? Here is what you should pay attention to

Side styled Long Pixie Cut for blonde hair over 60

Before you decide to go for the short haircut, here’s what you should consider:

  • If you currently have long or medium length hair and want a change, you should consult a hairdresser before you dare to try the short haircut. The specialist can best determine if short hair suits you and can also give advance tips on what kind of care a short hairstyle requires.
  • Be sure to go to a hairdresser who has experience cutting pixies. Short hair requires different training and techniques. Pro tip: Check out the hairstylist’s Instagram profile first (if available) to see pictures of their work. If you see mostly balayage or long manes, you should look for a different stylist.
  • A well-trained stylist can properly adjust and grade your hair. He knows exactly how to take the weight of the hair and can give any woman the dream short haircut.
  • A good hair stylist will cut 40% of your hair wet and 60% dry, so ask him about his cutting technique in advance.