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Long hair re-cut yourself – what to consider?

Some people do it regularly, others would never do it themselves – we are talking about cutting hair. For a completely new cut, you should definitely let the professional do it, but if it’s a matter of recutting bangs or tips, you can definitely touch up at home. Tikbow explains how to get a DIY haircut.

A few basic rules in advance: From tinkering scissors, kitchen scissors, nail scissors & Co. you should absolutely leave the fingers, für a good result is a designated hair cutting scissors from the drugstore or barber supply store indispensable. High quality scissors are available from about 20 euros. Furthermore, the hair should be cut in dry condition, to cut wet hair yourself requires more Übung and experience than most laymen bring. And: do not cut too much, rather leave it at a few centimeters. You can always readjust – but what’s gone is gone!

Cutting the tips of hair at the same length

Variant 1: Brush your hair straight, if necessary use a straightening iron and part your hair where you normally wear it. Then divide the hair on each side into two equal halves and lay them on the left and right over the shoulder. Then take individual strands between the middle and index fingers and curl them underneath the fingers. After each strand, put the scissors away briefly to check that both sides are symmetrical. So you work step by step until it has caught all the tips "erwischt". In the same way you can übrigens also bring your frayed fringe back into a straight shape.

Variation 2: If you don’t have enough patience for variation 1, you can alternatively tie two deep ponytails on both sides of your head. These are then fixed with three hair ties at the top, in the middle and about one centimeter above the end of the braid, so that nothing slips. Anything that sticks out at the ends of the braid can then be snipped off. However, this method is only suitable for those for whom perfection is not so important – 100 percent accurate is’s so nämlich guaranteed not!

Get rid of split ends

Splitting hair ends – the so-called split ends – make the hair look unhealthy and frayed. The longer you wait to cut your hair, the more the split ends attack the hair. Professionals therefore advise women with long hair to address their split ends every four to six weeks. In fact, however, a woman can also do it herself.

Here’s how: section the hair into individual strands, each with a circumference of about one centimeter, and twist them in completely. As soon as you hold the twisted strand against the light, you can immediately spot the protruding, damaged tips, which now only need to be clipped lengthwise. It can take a while to get through everything, but the reward is beautiful, shiny and, above all, healthier-looking hair.

Cut steps yourself

If you are particularly brave, cut your own steps. To do this, the first step is to comb the hair well and tie it into a tight braid at the highest point on the head. Then fix the end of the braid again with an elastic and, depending on the length of the hair, hold the ponytail up very straight or toss it over the head to cut off the end section dead straight. Since each hair is different in length, they fall all by themselves loose tiered around the face after Öffnen. The following applies: The more length you remove, the larger the steps will be – and the higher the risk that the whole thing will go wrong. So it is better to cut only minimally, otherwise only the professional can help.