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Long Bob 2022: This is the trend hairstyle for the fall / winter, which flatters younger and older women!

Long bob hairstyle, also known as lob cut , is one of the hottest haircuts and styles of the year. This modern hairstyle for medium length hair has quickly become a cool look for women. The long bob is a simple but stylish haircut for all hair textures and face shapes. If you’re looking for a new look, the Long Bob 2022 could be just the hairstyle for you.

What is a lob haircut?

Elegant, modern long bob hairstyle - for younger and older ladies

The lob is a long bob where the hair is cut to about shoulder length, giving women a trendy, versatile and modern look. The lob hairstyle starts with a straight cut around the head and often has bangs.

Lob with bangs - hairstyle trends 2022

The long bob can be combined with all hair types including thick, fine, straight, wavy and curly hair to create a pretty look.

Lob hairstyle as a trend in autumn-winter 2022

The difference between the lob and the bob is that the bob must be cut short to medium length, about to the chin ,. The long bob can reach just above or below the shoulder.

Why is the shoulder length long bob so popular in 2022?

Classy haircuts for women over 50 or 60 - Long Bob

One of the best aspects of the long bob haircut is that it looks fantastic and thoughtful whether it is straight, wavy or messy. Plus, you can always start with a short bob and let it grow to keep this adorable hairstyle for months.

Cool long bob with bangs - smart hairstyles 2022

This look flatters everyone, no matter what hair color, texture or face shape you have, and no matter if you are 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old . Below are some of the best lob hairstyles to help you find the perfect inspiration.

Long Bob - popular also by many celebrities

Leni Klum also has a new look – she wears the latest long bob! She was seen in Berlin at the end of September 2022 with this modern haircut.

Follow the pro tips

Long bob haircut - follow the professional tips

  • Hair length: pay attention to the length. If it’s too long, the hair will start to twist.
  • Neck line: if you have a shorter neck, it’s harder to get a lob to just behind the shoulders. If you have a longer neck, you will need to leave your hair a little longer in the back.

New hairstyle trends 2022 - long bob is hip

  • Hair texture: this bob is suitable for all hair textures.

Long Bob 2022 - this trend hairstyle flatters women of all ages

  • Steps: If you want to wear some steps, you should know that the further away from the nape of your neck you go, the less hold your hair will have. This will make the hair thinner at the bottom.

Modern lob haircuts - cool pictures and ideas

  • Cut angle: most lobs have a certain angle. It is best if it follows your jaw line. If you leave it completely straight, it may appear that your hair hangs longer in the back. Your hairstylist should start the angle right around your ear.

Long Bob 2022 as a trend hairstyle

Textured lob for blonde or darker hair.

Structured lob for blonde or darker hair

A textured long bob uses layers and volume to create an elevated and dimensional hairstyle that always looks impressive. To achieve this textured hairstyle, your hairstylist should cut the strands at different angles to create a messy texture with natural movement.

Shoulder length messy lob

Shoulder length messy lob

A messy parting is ideal for carefree women who love a playful, unconventional style. Although this haircut also works with straight hair, it is better suited for lightly textured, natural waves. This messy hairstyle is easy to style and you can wear it in a loose braid for the ultimate casual look, or you can put it in a low chignon with the loose strands framing your face.

Shaggy long bob with bangs for fine or thick hair.

Shaggy long bob with bangs for fine or thick hair

A shaggy lob is characterized by its choppy ends and unstructured finish. Similar to the original version from the 70s, this shaggy haircut is unstructured, attractive and always looks effortlessly chic. This cute hairstyle works best on textures with natural bounce and volume, but can also be maintained on thin, fine and straight hair with more intense layering and volumizing products.

Choppy Long Bob with Steps

Choppy lob for women over 50

A choppy long bob is characterized by its jagged tips and coarse layers. The result is a textured and versatile look that works well with both straight and wavy hair.

Choppy long bob with steps

Since this haircut requires little styling to look good, it’s an excellent choice for low-maintenance hairstyles and women who don’t have time.

Long A-line bob for straight hair

Long A-line bob for straight hair

Let’s take a look at a more classic version. This sleek long bob has a center parting and sharp angles that create an elegant, ladylike look. If you want your A-line lob to look as formal as this one, remember that you only need one hair shade.

Casual lob with curtain bangs

Casual lob with curtain bangs

It’s safe to say that lighter hair colors make you look younger. They also draw attention to your hair and make your haircut stand out. A bob looks extremely attractive on blonde hair and curtain bangs make this haircut look even more stunning.