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Little Bob – who the hairstyle suits, how to wear it

The bob is a classic among short hairstyles and there are countless variations – whether down to the shoulders, with steps or bangs. If you’re brave, you can now venture into the mini variant and get a Little Bob cut. Tikbow explains who the hairstyle suits and how the cut is best styled.

What is a little bob?

The word "Little" means "small", and that already reveals quite a lot üabout the length of the new trend hairstyle: It is indeed quite short. The tips should reach no further than the chin, but can also be shorter. Unlike the classic, layered bob, the hair in the Little Bob is cut bluntly and horizontally on one line. The Little Bob is also known as Petit Bob or Baby Bob.

Who does the Little Bob suit?

This trendy hairstyle looks particularly good on oval, long and narrow faces: the straight cut and the absence of steps visually shorten the long face shape, make it softer and give even fine hair more body and volume. But even with a heart-shaped face, the petit bob looks stylish. However, women with angular facial features should stay away from the trend hairstyle, because the bluntly cut hair emphasizes the angular chin area. The petit bob also does no favors to women with a round face. Since the hairstyle ends at chin height, the look makes for an even rounder face.

What is the best way to style the bob hairstyle?

Due to the even length, the petit bob always looks neat and needs little styling in itself. But if that’s too boring for you, you have plenty of styling options despite the short hair.

Petit Bob with straight hair

Ähnlich like the Sleek Bob, the Petit Bob can also be worn. Straight hair, sharp edges and an accurate parting make up the look. For this, spray the hair with heat protection and go over the lengths with a straightening iron until the hair has the typical sleek look. Fix with shine spray.

Little bob with bangs

With bangs, the petit bob looks particularly edgy and self-confident, and the accurate trend hairstyle is shown off to its best advantage. The style doesn’t matter, whether it’s micro-bangs, slanted or fringed, you’re free to choose. And you can also let off steam when it comes to styling. Whether straight or with waves, open or undone, the Little Bob can be styled in many different ways.

Little Bob with light waves

For waves, it is recommended to work mousse into damp hair to give the hairstyle more volume and strength. Waves can be achieved with a curling iron as well as with a straightening iron. For a defined look, work out isolated waves with a little wax. Salt spray provides additional volume and grip in the hair.