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Jane Fonda hairstyles: 30 of the most beautiful looks of the style icon over the years!

Legendary actress with many awards, fitness guru, self-confessed feminist and political activist – few women have led such a full and dynamic life as Jane Fonda! The actress is undoubtedly a true icon of style and good taste and is one of the greatest Hollywood beauties of all time. At the age of 83, she is clear proof that age is no more than a number and no matter how old we are, we can still look incredibly beautiful. From glamorous wild curls in her 30s to a sassy pixie cut, the actress has mesmerized us with a whole range of remarkable hair moments over the years. Having already shown you Helen Mirren’s most beautiful looks, in this article we have compiled for you the most legendary Jane Fonda hairstyles!

Jane Fonda Hairstyles: The Retro Bob

Jane Fonda Frisuren 1960 Long Bob stylen

The long bob and pixie cut have undoubtedly become a trademark of Fonda and the actress had already rocked the short hairstyle in her 20s. The slightly wavy bob from the 1960s is a throwback to the then-classic Suzy housewife hairstyle.

In 1965, Fonda opted for a long mane

Jane Fonda Frisuren 1960 lange Haare mit seitlichem Pony

A few years later, the young actress surprised her fans by showing herself with a long mane in the movie “Walk on the Wild Side”. The honey blonde hair and the short side bangs were a classic look for the 60s and make Jane Fonda look like a radiant sunshine!

The shag cut is one of the most iconic Jane Fonda hairstyles

Jane Fonda Frisuren 1971 Shag Cut mit Pony

In 1971, the actress won her very first Oscar for her role in the movie “Clute” and decided to go for a new and pretty bold look for the occasion. Beautifully bold, wild and yet super chic – the shag cut was an absolute hit among celebrities in the 70s and is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable Jane Fonda hairstyles we know.

Jane Fonda hairstyle in 1979

Jane Fonda Frisuren 1975 70er Jahre Frisurentrends

Long hair, voluminous curls and a full fringe – at the premiere of “The China Syndrome” Jane Fonda looked simply flawless. The Hollywood legend has always been a real trendsetter and her hairstyles have inspired women all over the world.

Chic and super elegant: updo with bangs

Jane Fonda Frisuren 1980 Hochsteckfrisuren mit Pony für kurze Haare

Never underestimate the power of an elegant updo hairstyle! Like any other woman, Jane Fonda loves to put your hair up every now and then. The sparkling pearls and cherry red lipstick complete your look perfectly and simply made her shine at the American Movie Awards in Beverly Hills!

Emmy Awards 1984

Shag Cut mit Pony Jane Fonda Frisuren 1985

It seems like the shag cut was made especially for Jane Fonda! The Hollywood legend proudly shows off her Emmy Award, which she won for her role in the movie “The Dollmaker”. And we just can’t get over the gorgeous perm and red lipstick!

Jane Fonda hairstyles in the 90s

Long Bob mit Pony 90er Jahre Frisurentrends

In 1990, Jane Fonda divorced her second husband and really looked happier than ever. The vibrant blonde locks and her signature bangs made her face glow and were the perfect complement to her bejeweled dress.

The choppy bob was THE trendy hairstyle in 2000.

Jane Fonda Frisuren 2000 Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen ab 50

Two decades after the success of the hit movie “9 to 5,” Fonda wears a choppy bob with sweeping bangs at the 20th anniversary screening, sparking a new hair trend.

The shaggy bob is among the most beautiful Jane Fonda hairstyles

Jane Fonda Frisuren Langer Pixie Cut stylen

After a 16-year hiatus from the big screen, the actress returns in Monster in Law, co-starring with Jennifer Lopez. We think there is no haircut that the Hollywood icon can’t wear – especially when it comes to short hairstyles. The side bangs and feathered hair add volume and beautifully accentuate her facial features.

The premiere of “How do you know” in 2010.

Jane Fonda Frisuren 2010 Pixie Cut mit Pony stylen

Now that’s what we call a bold look! Aging gracefully is simply in the actress’ blood and even at the age of over 70, Jane Fonda hairstyles still look stunning. From the cheetah jacket to the cool necklace to the edgy haircut, what’s not to love?

Back to Blonde!

Jane Fonda Frisuren 2011 Promis mit kurtzen Haaren Bilder

For the 64th Cannes International Film Festival, the actress kept the choppy bob but changed her hair color. Although she also looks great as a brunette, blonde hair provides a unique freshness and vibrancy.

Elegant banana hairstyle

Jane Fonda Frisuren Bilder Hochsteckfrisuren mit Pony

No matter if it’s short, long or pinned up – Jane Fonda’s hairstyles are a dream and the actress always looks flawless! Easy to style, super elegant and totally trendy – even 10 years ago, the actress appreciated the beauty of a banana hairstyle!

The curly bob

Jane Fonda Frisuren 2019 lockiger Bob stylen

Jane Fonda likes to experiment with her hairstyles and always shows us how versatile a classic bob can actually be. The retro curls perfectly set off her facial features and, in combination with the red dress and makeup, create a very harmonious overall look.

Jane Fonda hairstyle 2019

Haaraccessoires für kurze Haare Jane Fonda Frisuren Bilder

Here the style icon shows us how to spice up any hairstyle very quickly and without much effort. Hair accessories are a great way to add a modern and playful touch to any look.

Emmy Awards 2017

Jane Fonda Frisuren lange Haare Hochsteckfrisuren mit Pony

Jane Fonda hairstyles bring plenty of inspiration even for those of you who love long hair! Not only does the Hollywood legend show us that there is no age limit to wearing extensions, but she also looks very fresh and chic with a simple, straight fringe.

Oscars Awards 2020

Graue Haare rauswachsen lassen Jane Fonda Pixie Cut 2020

When we talk about the most beautiful Jane Fonda hairstyles, of course we can’t forget about your gorgeous pixie cut from last year! The actress embraced her natural beauty by growing out her gray hair and we have to admit that she looks like an absolute queen with silver hair.

Jane Fonda hairstyles: the most beautiful looks of the actress at a glance.

70er Jahre Frisurentrends Jane Fonda Frisuren Bilder

Hochsteckfrisur für kurze Haare mit Pony Jane Fonda Frisuren

Hochsteckfrisuren für kurze Haare Jane Fonda Frisuren

Jane Fonda Bob Frisur Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen ab 60

Jane Fonda Frisuren 2016 Long Pixie Cut mit seitlichem Pony

Jane Fonda Frisuren Promis mit kurzen Haaren Bilder

Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen ab 60 Long Bob mit Pony

Long Bob mit seitlichem Pony Jane Fonda Frisuren für Frauen ab 50

Promis mit kurzen Haaren Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen ab 50

Promis mit kurzen Haaren Bilder Jane Fonda Frisuren 2013

Shag Cut mit Pony Promis mit kurzen Haaren Jane Fonda Frisuren

Jane Fonda Pixie Cut 2020 Promis mit grauen Haaren