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Italian Bob is THE most classy trend hairstyle in fall 2022, which we will see everywhere! This is how chic the short hairstyle looks!

Girls, we don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s already mid-August and summer is unfortunately about to end. And true to the motto “new season, new hairstyle” we are ready for a little update. To say that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to cool hairstyle trends would be an understatement. Whether it’s a choppy bob, fringy pixie cut, bixie or playful hair colors – we’ve seen absolutely everything in the last few months. Trendy hairstyles to and fro – there are some timeless classics that will stay with us forever and are reinvented again and again. There is a new bob variation in town that we will soon see everywhere. Classy, feminine and super elegant – Italian Bob is THE trend hairstyle in fall 2022 and the new favorite of all fashion girls. Okay, what exactly makes the short hairstyle so special and who does the short haircut suit? All this and the most beautiful looks for your next visit to the hairdresser can be found in our article right now!

What is an Italian Bob?

Blunt Bob Trend Hairstyles Fall 2022 Italian Bob Trend

Whether a Pixie Bob for women over 60 or a cheeky shag – fringy hairstyles are hot this year, but not for everyone. The Italian Bob as a trend hairstyle, on the other hand, convinces us with its elegance and is perfect for those who want a more refined and subtle haircut. Italian women have always been admired for their impeccable taste and fashion style.

Hailey Bieber hairstyles short hair Italian Bob trend hairstyle fall 2022

So it’s not a big surprise that we take inspiration from them for our hair as well. The Italian Bob was worn by style icons like Raffaella Carra, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci back in the 60s and is making a big comeback for the upcoming season – but with a modern upgrade.

Italian Bob hairstyle trend fall 2022 Bob hairstyles with bangs

Long enough to tie your hair into a ponytail, but short enough to attract all eyes – that’s the best way to describe the Italian Bob. In the trendy hairstyle, the hair usually reaches the neck and the ends are cut straight and clean. Although the haircut is blunt, it does not look as severe and edgy as the classic Blunt Bob .

what is an Italian Bob trend hairstyles fall 2022

To give the Italian Bob a glamorous and soft touch, the hair ends are cut with slightly rounded contours and subtle steps. The chunky ends provide a delightfully light feel and make our mane look fuller and more voluminous – a real all-rounder, in other words.

what haircuts for more volume Italian Bob trend hairstyle fall 2022

The Italian Bob has been brought back to life by hairstylists Nick Latham and Sean Paul Nother. In an interview, the two explained that a certain quote served as inspiration for the haircut. “Italian glamour is not sophisticated or artificial, it works like the idea of dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing. It’s an approachable beauty – simple and natural.” And the Italian Bob feels just as effortless and sophisticated as a 2022 hairstyle trend.

Here’s how to style the trendy hairstyle

Short hairstyles trends fall 2022 what is an Italian Bob trend hairstyle

Why we love the Italian Bob so much? The short hairstyle is super versatile and looks perfect on absolutely all face and hair types. It’s an effortless, elegant style that suits women of all ages and always adds a glamorous touch.

Bob hairstyles trends fall 2022 what is an Italian Bob

Like any good haircut, the Italian Bob can be styled almost by itself. To achieve a sophisticated look à la Sophia Loren and give your hair an extra dose of volume, blow-dry the ends of your hair inwards with a round brush.

Beyonce hairstyles short hair Italian Bob hairstyle trend 2022

You prefer a more casual look? Then do it like the pop diva Beyoncé and combine the Italian Bob with tousled beach waves. The small waves give the otherwise noble haircut a casual and playful touch and also make us look a few years younger.

Hairstyle trends fall 2022 what is an Italian Bob trend hairstyle

And if you’re in a particular hurry in the morning, you can also simply air-dry your hair and easily shape it with hair gel. But whether you air-dry or blow-dry your hair, to do justice to the cult hairstyle, you need to care for your hair sufficiently.

Short hairstyles for thin hair Italian Bob trend hairstyles fall 2022

For a nice shiny finish, apply some hair oil to the ends of your hair. Although the Italian Bob looks especially beautiful with a center parting, you can also pull a side parting every now and then, depending on your preference and for more variety.

Italian Bob with Bangs Trend Hairstyles Fall 2022