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Human Hair Extensions: Why is it worth investing in a quality hair extension?

Long, full and thick hair is probably the dream of every woman! But unfortunately, some factors, such as fine hair, hair loss or hair breakage, ensure that the dream hairstyle for many of us remains just a dream. Or sometimes we just do not want to wait so long until our mane has grown enough. Well fortunately, human hair extensions can help in this case. Do you also long for a long head of hair and would prefer to fulfill your wish immediately? Okay, but what should you choose? What is the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions? Is it worth investing in a high-quality hair extension and what costs should you expect? We reveal the answers to these and many other questions below!

What is the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions?

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You have already decided to get hair extensions? Great! But now the only question that remains is whether you should use synthetic hair or human hair extensions for it? The two variants differ significantly from each other, so it’s important to find out about the pros and cons before you buy. While synthetic hair is usually much cheaper, human hair extensions look much more natural. Also, consider which hair extension method would be suitable for you and whether you would like to use them only occasionally or permanently in your own hair.

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If you would like to have longer hair only for a specific occasion, then you are welcome to use artificial hair extensions. However, artificial hair cannot be dyed or tinted and should therefore definitely be purchased in the desired color. It is also a bit more difficult to style because it could melt if you use a straightener or curling iron. One of the biggest advantages of human hair extensions is that they look very natural and visually hardly noticeable, provided of course you match your own hair color. Moreover, you can treat them like your own hair and style them in a wide variety of ways. Whether straight, curly or in an elegant updo – absolutely anything is possible with human hair extensions!

Why are human hair extensions so expensive and what are the costs?

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Good human hair extensions are expensive, but quality simply has its price. European hair is of the highest quality and cannot be distinguished from your own hair due to the identical hair structure. However, since this is very rare, Indian hair is often used for the production of human hair extensions. It is very similar in structure to European hair and is also mostly untreated. Like many other industries, the hair extension industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and you can find less and less good raw hair on the market. This has led to prices increasing over the last year, but in return you get a particularly high quality product where the hair is nice and strong and the cuticle is intact.

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The cost of human hair extensions depends mainly on the amount of hair used and the length of the hair. The hair quality, the method used and the amount of extensions also play a crucial role. For example, tape-in and clip-in extensions are a lot cheaper and can be applied more quickly than bonding extensions. Good human hair can be recognized above all by the price. In general it can be said that you should plan between 500 and 1000 euros for a hair extension with human hair extensions. This is guaranteed not cheap, but the extensions shine like your own mane and thus provide a natural result. Since you can already see the quality of your extensions after the first hair washes, it is definitely worth investing a few euros more in a high-quality hair extension.

Proper care of human hair extensions

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For our hair to look beautiful, good and daily care is essential. It is no different with a hair extension. In order for your extensions to last long, they also need to be taken care of accordingly. However, fake hair is not connected to the scalp and is not provided with nutrients and moisture. And after spending so much money on high-quality human hair extensions, you probably don’t want to throw them away after 2 weeks, do you? To avoid this, you need special products like shampoo, hair treatments as well as anti-split treatment.

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