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How often should you wash your hair, and is frequent shampoo use harmful to any hair type?

How often you should wash your hair is by no means a matter of personal preference. Its healthy and natural growth, as well as the reduction of damage caused by repeated treatment with chemicals, depends on the frequency of washing. Daily washing can dry out or damage hair, and too infrequent can cause dandruff, clogged pores and even hair loss. When it comes to how often you should ideally wash your hair, it all depends on your hair type.

How often should you wash your hair depending on hair type

Is washing the hair every day harmful

When deciding how often we should wash our hair, there are three main things to consider: the condition of our scalp, how active we are in our daily lives, and our hair’s ability to retain moisture. For example, with fine and grease-prone hair, we cannot follow the same care rules as with curly hair.

Thick hair: 1 to 2 times a week.

How often should you wash thick hair


Thick hair does not need to be washed as often, because their follicles are firmer and provide the hair with natural oils better than those of thin hair. A good option for people with this type of hair is to use a tea tree shampoo. It cleanses the pores and prevents inflammation.

Curly hair: up to 2 times a week.

How many times a week should you wash curly hair

One of the unpleasant experiences with this hair type is greasy roots and dry ends. Unlike straight hair, curly hair does not allow the oils from the scalp to cover the entire length. That’s why stylists recommend conditioning curly hair with a conditioner and washing it with a sulfate-free shampoo every 3 days, especially if the scalp is prone to greasiness.

Oily hair: wash your hair every other day.

How often should you wash oily hair

The more we try to fight the oily hairline, the more oil the scalp produces. This is because when we remove the natural oils, it makes up for what it has lost. Tempting as it may be, don’t wash your hair more than 4 times a week. In this case, dry shampoo can become your best friend – it not only conceals greasy roots, but also adds volume.

Normal hair: Every 3 to 4 days

Hair type is crucial for the right hair care routine

There is actually no "normal" hair, but if your hair is neither thin nor thick, neither curly nor greasy, then it can be called "normal". That is, you can use shampoo whenever you need it. However, we advise you to use moisturizing and sulfate-free hair products.

Damaged hair: Every three days

Is frequent shampoo application harmful to every hair type.

Dyeing, styling and other hair treatments cause hair to become rough, dry out and lose its shine. Therefore, it is essential to use nourishing products and masks that contain as few chemicals as possible.

Brittle hair: wash your hair every other day.

How often should you wash brittle hair

This type of hair should not be weighed down with stronger shampoos, because it actually needs dehydration to keep its formula and not electrify it. If you use a sulfate-free shampoo every day and add a moisturizing product, your hair will look fresh and healthy.

What external factors affect the condition of the hair

Movement affects the condition of individual hair types

It would not be wrong to say that people with problems such as dandruff, dermatitis or these who actively play sports tend to wash their hair almost every day.

External factors also influence how often you should wash your hair

Experts say that the pollution level of the environment in which we live also affects how often we need to wash our hair. They stress that exposure to toxins and pollutants can affect the condition of the hair, and if we do not take the right measures to protect it, this will only lead to further damage.

Rainy environment affects every hair type

For example, if we live in an area with high air pollution or in humid and rainy environment, special hair care may be required. On the other hand, hard water can also have a negative effect on hair because it removes moisture from it.

What products are suitable for washing hair?

How often to use shampoo according to the type of hair

Some people wash their hair every day because they want it to look a certain way. They manage to do that, but unfortunately they use strong shampoos and conditioners that can damage the scalp. One of the main reasons for this is that most hair products contain a large amount of chemicals that can have a negative effect on the hair structure. Washing hair is something very important, but if you want it to stay healthy, strong and shiny, it is important to choose the right hair care.

What products to combine when washing hair

It makes a big difference whether you wash your hair with commercial products or natural products that contain many chemicals. Commercial brands do contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut oil, but they also contain many preservatives to extend shelf life and artificially enhance color and fragrance. However, in reality, these ingredients do not improve the condition of your hair, but serve to make the product more attractive on the market and bring more sales to the manufacturer.

However, you don’t have to go to the extreme of eliminating the use of shampoo from your daily routine. However, we recommend that you do not wash your hair more frequently than recommended above and use shampoos with more natural ingredients.