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How often should you cut your hair? Useful tips depending on hair length and type + table

People tend to fall into two categories: those who get their hair cut every few weeks, and those who visit your barber once or twice a year. However, if your hair goes uncut for a long time, it can end up doing more harm than good. Here’s everything you need to know about the right time to get your hair cut.

When is it time for a haircut?

How often to cut hair according to different factors

You’ve probably grown up thinking that split ends are the only sign to look out for when planning a conditioning haircut. But split ends are actually a sign that you’ve waited too long. Even before it appears, the ends of your hair can feel dry and brittle, and it’s often difficult to brush or comb your hair all the way through. Styling may also prove more time-consuming, and your hair may seem more lifeless overall than usual. By then, at the latest, it’s time to book an appointment with your hairdresser.

Overview: This is how often you should get your hair cut

Wondering how often you should get your hair cut to keep it looking beautiful and healthy? The following table gives you an overview of how often you should visit your hairdresser, depending on your hair type. Short or long, straight or curly, with or without bangs – the frequency of cuts will depend on your hair type, hair length and hairstyle.

Table How often to cut hair

Please note: For example, if your hair is short and curly, then length is critical when thinking about your next haircut.

Healthy hair: how much and how often should you cut?

For those who have medium to long hair, “every 6 to 8 weeks” is probably firmly in your mind. But hairdressers have a different opinion. Practice shows that the average interval between cuts is “every 3 to 4 months.”

How often to cut hair if you want to grow it?

If you want to grow your hair, you should cut it half to half an inch every 12 weeks. If you do this more often, your hair will not grow faster, as hair grows an average of 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

If you have hair breakage that has moved further up from the tips, you may also need to trim more often until your hair is healthy again. It’s best to find a stylist you trust and allow them to cut off as much as is necessary.

How often to cut hair

How often should you get your hair cut if you wear bangs?

If you have found the perfect fringe look and want to maintain it, then you need to get it cut every 2 weeks. However, most people tend to get an appointment every 3 to 4 weeks to avoid the hair-in-the-eye look. This is usually the point where the bangs feel overgrown.

How often to cut hair by hair length

Short hair

Whether you have a short haircut, a bob, or a modern short hairstyle, you probably need to maintain it every month or so. (Some people may stretch it to 6 weeks).

Short haircuts look overgrown faster than shoulder-length hair because they frame the face. In other words, they lose their distinctiveness pretty quickly. Regular recutting ensures a well-groomed look.

Medium length hair

Those who wear long bob hairstyles (also known as lobs), tousled shag cuts or layered shoulder length hairstyles fall into the medium length category. Shoulder length hair tends to grow back better, so you can wait a little longer to trim it.

If you want to maintain your hair length, you should have it cut every 6 to 8 weeks. However, if you want to let the hair grow a little longer, cut it every 8 to 12 weeks.

Long hair

Long hair can last much longer, especially if you don’t dye it or treat it with heat. Between 3 and 6 months between haircuts is usually recommended, depending on the shape of the hairstyle and hair texture.

However, it should be noted that long hair can appear thinner and break more easily. So pay attention to your hair to know when it’s the right time for a cut.

Layered hair

Layers that frame the face between the cheekbones and jawline probably need to be cut every 6 to 8 weeks to keep them from looking overgrown. However, for people with a lot of choppy tiers, it may be necessary to shorten this period to 6 weeks if they don’t want everything to look lopsided.

How often to the hairdresser according to hair length

How often to cut hair according to hair structure

Thick hair

Those with thick hair can often go a few months without a haircut. On the one hand, you might not need a touch-up as often. On the other hand, people with thick hair know all too well how will strands can become without regular care.

Thin hair

With thin hair, you may find that your hairstyle looks dull after a few months. There is also a risk that it will break. With this hair texture, a haircut is recommended every 2 months.

Coarse hair

Just like thick hair types, people with coarse hair can usually delay their haircut for a few months. Again, it’s all about recognizing when your hairstyle needs a quick touch-up.

Fine hair

Ultra-fine hair tends to break more easily than coarse hair, so it usually needs to be trimmed more frequently. This can be as little as every 6 weeks and is often nothing more than a quick trim to maintain length.

Woman sitting at hairdresser for new haircut

How often to trim hair by hair type

Straight or wavy hair

For straight and wavy hair, you can usually stick to the average wait time, which is about every 10 to 12 weeks. However, if you have particularly fine strands, you may want to schedule the cut a few weeks earlier.

Curly hair

Curly hair can wait longer because even when it grows, it doesn’t seem to look much different. Some people, especially those who want to grow their hair out, can limit the cut to twice a year, while others can limit themselves to a quarterly cut.

Frizzy hair

If you take care of your curls, the hair can wait for about 12 weeks before it needs to be cut. However, this type of hair is more prone to dryness than others. So, if you belong to this sensitive category, you probably need to get a haircut more often. Just remember not to cut off too much – you know how much it bounces afterwards.

How often curly hair needs a haircut

How often to cut styled or colored hair

Heat styling

Hair that is exposed to constant heat, whether it is straightening, blow-drying or curling, needs to be cut more often. This is because heat damages hair, and the easiest way to eliminate this damage is to cut it off. This doesn’t mean you have to cut off several inches at a time, but if you get your hair trimmed every few weeks, it will become healthier over time.

Chemical treatments

The same goes for chemically treated or dyed hair. Color makes hair more brittle at the ends, which means more frequent cutting or trimming is in order.

Colored hair how often haircut

What if your hair falls into more than one category?

It’s almost certain that your hair meets more than one of the above categories. Whether you have thick, short and curly hair or fine, colored and layered hair, it’s best to seek professional advice. Otherwise, try to get your hair cut every few months to keep it as healthy as possible.


Healthy and well-groomed hair grows faster and looks more radiant. Knowing what your hair needs and sticking to it is the best way to keep your style looking fresh. And don’t forget to invest in the right hair care products. A conditioner and heat protectant spray can reduce damage and dryness, so you can extend the time between haircuts (a little).