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How does a braid look more voluminous? – With these tips and tricks your ponytail will look much thicker!

Whether to conceal a bad hair day, for sports or for an official occasion – if there is one hairstyle that always works and for every occasion, then this is guaranteed the ponytail. Just quickly tie up the hair and ready is our casual yet feminine look. However, all women with thin and fine hair surely know the problem – no matter how much effort we put in, the braid somehow hangs limply on the head. We all dream of a thick and gorgeous mane, but only very few of us are blessed with it. But this is no reason to despair, because with a few simple and quick tricks you can make the braid look more voluminous. Have we piqued your interest? Then read on and try the best ponytail tricks today that will instantly conjure up a full ponytail!

Double ponytail makes the braid look more voluminous

double ponytail tutorial how to make a braid look more voluminous

How does a braid look more voluminous? We’ve all asked ourselves this question at one time or another. Yet the answer is super simple. The trick to create the illusion of visually more fullness is to tie two ponytails. With this trick, the rule is “more is more” and in less than 2 minutes your braid will look much fuller and more vibrant. However, the hack works only for women with long or medium length hair . To do this, divide your hair into two sections and tie the top half into a ponytail. Then also tie the lower half into a second braid and let the whole thing fall loosely over each other. And voila – beautifully you can fool everyone with a voluminous braid.

Thicker ponytail with the hair tie trick

make thin hair look thicker how to make braid more voluminous trick

Have you only used a hair tie for your braid until now? Then we have to disappoint you, but you have probably been doing it wrong all your life. Using multiple hair ties is actually one of the simplest and at the same time most effective tricks to make your braid look more voluminous. This will make the ponytail stand out a little more from the back of your head, giving it a much fuller look. So, instead of tying the braid with one hair tie next time, secure it with several hair ties that you put all one after the other.

With hair clips

hairpin trick voluminous braid ponytail make look thicker

And here’s another super simple and quick trick that will make your braid look more voluminous. A few small hair clips – that’s all you need for this! To do this, tie your hair into a normal ponytail as usual and push two hair clips into your hair coming from the top in an X-shape under the hair tie. In this way, you ensure that the braid does not hang limply down and create the illusion of more fullness and volume . The updo becomes even cooler if you wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail and hide the hair clip underneath.

The TikTok trick for a voluminous ponytail.

@chrisappletonhair Try this hair hack for any one that wants to make there hair look thicker and upgrade there pony game ????♀️@kittybluuu ♬ Toxic x Pony – ALTÉGO

Whether it’s for fashion, cool nail designs, fancy recipes or hair tricks, TikTok is without a doubt THE ultimate source of inspiration for all the latest trends. And when we saw this hack, we knew we should share it with you right away. 10 seconds – that’s all you need to give your braid more oomph. Divide your hair into two sections and tie the top section of hair into a ponytail, just like you would for a half-up hairstyle. Next, divide the bottom section of hair into 2 sections and wrap them up and around the ponytail. Secure the hair at the top into a second braid and let it fall loosely.

Gentle Beach Waves

quick updos medium length hair how does a braid more voluminous

Romantic and playful beach waves are not only fully in trend, but also a real secret weapon for thin and fine hair. So, if you want to make your flat braid look more voluminous, style curls into your hair and tie them into a loose ponytail. While curls look rather severe with a curling iron, beach waves feel much lighter and livelier with a straightener. To make the hairstyle last as long as possible, don’t forget the hairspray.

Toupee hair and make the braid look more voluminous.

updos for fine hair how to toupee ponytail more volume

To make fine hair look thicker, we can toupee it at the hairline – we already know this trick from our grandmas. So it makes sense that we can also use it to conjure up more volume in the braid. To do this, grab a close-toothed comb or a toupee brush and toupee the hairline first. Then, tie the hair into a ponytail and divide it into three sections. Then, tousle them near the hair elastic and voila – your braid will look more voluminous!

Make braid look more voluminous with the pony puffin

Pony Puffin how to use how does a braid more voluminous tricks

Does the term “pony puffin” mean anything to you? These are small cups made of plastic or silicone that are placed around under the hair to create the illusion of more volume. The little helpers are super practical and now available in most drugstores for little money. To use the Pony Puffin to make your braid look more voluminous, take your hair into a ponytail as usual, hide the Pony Puffin in it and secure everything with a hair tie.

TikTok hack for thicker ponytail with twist

@americanthreads Best hack for a full ponytail! #hair#hairstyle#hairtutorials#hairtutorial#howto#hack#tipsandtricks♬ Mariposa – Peach Tree Rascals

And finally, here’s a simple but super effective TikTok hack to make your braid look more voluminous. To do this, divide your hair into two sections and tie the top section of hair into a ponytail. Loosen the hair tie two to three inches down to create a small hole. Then pull the hair through the hole once and tighten the hair tie again. Tie the lower section of hair into a braid and pull it through the upper ponytail and you’re done – your mane will look much fuller!