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High ponytail – the best styling tips for the high ponytail.

The 60s celebrate another hairstyle comeback! The high ponytail is back – and with it all the benefits we had somehow suppressed for some unknown reason. Tikbow explains how to style the hairstyle now.

High ponytail – what is it actually?

High Ponytail means "high ponytail." The braid sits extremely high, almost on the middle of the top of the head. Many women hide the braid with their own hair – this gives the braid even more elegance. In fact, the high-tied braid belonged in the 60s as today to the most popular hairstyles. And that both in everyday life and on the red carpet. No wonder, the extremely high ponytail immediately makes the face look slimmer, is easy to style and at the same time elegant and glamorous.

How does the high ponytail work?

The high ponytail is a quick and easy hairstyle. All you need to do is tie all the hair tightly at the top of the head and smooth out any bumps with a comb. Then cut off a strand and wrap it around the braid. Slide the end under the elastic or pin it under the braid with a mini clip – done! But there are a few more styling variations.

Classically elegant

Sofia Carson with high ponytail
Sofia Carson proves how chic the elegant version of the high ponytail is.Photo: Getty Images

The classic variant is a very strict braid of very straight hair – those who do not have straight hair, reach for the straightening iron here. For even more elegance, you can put the tips of the straightened hair in a single wave.


If you don’t care for strictness and flawlessness, you can make it simple: tie the no matter how structured hair at the top of the head and put a strand loosely around it. To keep the hair where it should stay, a spiral hair elastic can be used.

With hair accessories.

A typical look from the 60s is the high ponytail with a wide headband. For this, the braid is tied up and then the bandana is placed around the hairline. Alternatively, you can combine the high ponytail with the trend accessory scrunchie.

How to take care of the high ponytail?

To keep the straight hair smooth, shiny and not matted during the day, comb it with a coarse-toothed comb or brush every now and then. In the evening, be sure to remove the hair tie and brush or comb the hair again. If you use a straightening iron, you should of course use heat protection.