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Halle Berry’s undercut short hairstyle – This is how fancy and upbeat her new, trendy pixie is

Ladies over 50 with undercut short hairstyles are not seen every day, as long as the lady’s name is not Halle Berry. On March 13, 2022, the actress accepted the #SeeHer Critics’ Choice Award, which honors women who “push the boundaries of changing stereotypes” and support “the authentic representation of women in the entertainment landscape.”

Undercut short hairstyle for ladies over 50: Halle Berry has done it again

Undercut short hairstyle for ladies over 50 - Halle Berry did it again

At the awards ceremony, Berry showed off a brand new, bold short haircut that perfectly matched the award she was receiving. Halle Berry’s new haircut is bold and daring like herself. The hairstyle is a mixture of pixie and undercut. It is distinctly blonde in the upper layers and turns into a dark brown at the roots.

The asymmetrical short hairstyle suits Halle Berry well

The American hair professional Sarah Seward is responsible for changing the actress’ look. On Instagram, she praised her client for the sassy undercut short hairstyle, saying, “No one looks better than you.”

Halle Berry with sassy undercut short hairstyle and boyfriend Van Hunt.

At the Critics Awards Halle Berry was accompanied by her boyfriend Van Hunt. The couple, who officially announced their relationship on Instagram in September 2020, impressed with their black and white ensembles. While Hunt, 51, looked dapper in a double-breasted white tuxedo with black lapels and black shirt, pants and shoes, Berry, 55, was seen in a white corset top and a black velvet suit, of course, with her new asymmetrical Undercut short hairstyle.

Berry’s asymmetrical short hairstyle 2022 also matched her speech

Ladies over 50 with undercut short hairstyle look good

The actress, who also recently made her directorial debut with the film “Bruised,” said she was grateful to be creating at a time when women are telling their own stories. Her daring undercut short hairstyle also matched the message she was conveying:

“We will use our emotional intelligence and tell stories that don’t fit preconceived notions. No, we will tell stories that show us in all our diversity and contradiction because we are confident and afraid. Vulnerable and strong, that’s who we are. We are beautiful and we are abused. We are all of that, and all of that at the same time. Because when we deny our complexity, we deny our humanity.”

A mixture of undercut and pixie is the new trend

“We won’t always be beautiful and we’ll never be perfect, but what we will be is honest and real, no matter how uncomfortable that is. These are the stories we have to fight for, and these are the stories the world needs to see. To every little girl who feels invisible and unheard, this is how we want to say, “We love you and we see you. And you deserve everything good in this world.”

The story of Halle Berry with pixie cut

The story of Halle Berry with pixie cut

Of course, Berry is a girl with a long history with the pixie cut. In the 90s, the actress wore a different version of the short hairstyle for a long time. In 2002, Halle Berry received the golden Oscar statuette for her performance in the movie Monster’s Ball, becoming the first black woman to win the award for a leading role – she remains the only one to this day. She then showed up on the red carpet with her pixie haircut, which became her trademark.

As a Bond girl with pixie haircut Halle Berry looked great

And although Halle Berry looks stunning with any hair length, there is an inexplicable chemistry between her and the short haircut that is magical. As a Bond girl with a pixie cut, Berry looked sexier than ever. 20 years later, she doesn’t disappoint us by showing a great variation of her signature look.