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Hairstyles trends 2023 for curls: These haircuts set curly hair perfectly in scene!

Styling curly hair is not an easy task. The right haircut plays a crucial role if you want to set the scene for your mane. That’s why in today’s article we take the hairstyles trends 2023 for curls and explain which short and long cuts will be big this year. Dare to change your haircut and try a new hairstyle or hair length!

Hairstyles trends 2023 for curls: cool short haircuts

Curly bob haircut as a hairstyle trend for 2023

Women with curly hair do not have to give up a short haircut. The bob is one of the most popular short curly hairstyles. It looks casual and charming at the same time and works especially well with chin-length hair.

The question that is often asked is: with or without bangs. The micro-bangs are particularly trendy. Curly hairstyles, where a few strands fall into the face and are styled like curtain bangs, are also very trendy at the moment.

Wild curly hairstyle for short hair: French Bob

wild curls short haircut as hairstyle trend french

Wild curls that look very charming: this is how the latest hair trend from France can be described. The hairstyle has already charmed the fashion girls in France. In the back, the hair is left longer, to the front – shortened. A few highlights may fall into the face. Ready is the casual undone look!

The hair color should compliment the hairstyle. It is important that the curls look as natural as possible. Therefore, the hair color should also look as natural as possible. Subtle highlights that conjure up more depth and fullness are allowed, however.

Hairstyles trends 2023 for curls: Mullet

Short haircut trend for 2023 for curls Mullet

The next trend hairstyle has it all: The Mullet haircut convinces with its changeability. It can be adapted to any face shape. A micro-bangs in the front can additionally flatter the face.

Short haircuts for women with curls over 50

Stacked bob haircut as a hairstyle trend for 2023

The stacked bob is ideal for women over 50. Elegant and feminine, the haircut looks bold and interesting at the same time. The hairstyle can be styled in any way, but it looks especially good when the hair is combed back.

From 50, it is recommended that you style your waves or curls with organic cosmetics. In this way, the hair will retain its elasticity and vitality for longer.

Half-length curly hairstyles: These haircuts are in in 2023!

Bob hairstyle for curls with curtain bangs as hairstyle trend for 2023

A curly mane can easily tolerate a cut. This year we will wear medium length curly hairstyles like Bob with Curtain Bangs or Curly Shag.

curly shag hairstyle trends 2023 for short hair

The two hairstyles have one thing in common: they conjure up more volume. The hair length can vary, but it looks especially good when the hair is chin-length to shoulder-length.

Hairstyles Trends 2023: Long haircuts for curls

hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair with curls

Curls can also flatter and compliment long hair. For a long time it was considered that curly hair can not be stepped. This year, however, layered cuts are very trendy. Waves can also be styled in any way, for example in a casual “beach look”.

Hollywood curls a la Nicole Kidman as hairstyle trend for long hair

Most hairstyle trends have been inspired by the 80s and 90s. Inspired by the wild curls of stars like Nicole Kidman, the hair trend focuses on a natural look.

medium length hairstyles for curly hair layered trends 2023

Also very trendy are hairstyles that are stepped only at the bottom. In the style of the 80s, fashionistas in the USA wear their hair parted on the side.

At the beginning of the year we always show the most beautiful and cool hairstyle trends for the coming seasons. This year, haircuts from the 60s, 80s and 90s are making a comeback. However, they are often somewhat “modernized”, for example, spiced up by a micro-bangs or curtain bangs.

This year, the emphasis is on comfort. That is, hairstyles for curly hair should be as easy to care for. Also, as far as hair colors are concerned, choose as natural shades as possible. Subtle highlights are allowed, as long as they do not attract attention.

For women over 50, the focus is also on naturalness. The hair is styled as gently as possible, and the natural hair color is also emphasized by the curly hairstyle. Gray hair looks great with a short haircut.

Young ladies, on the other hand, go for either a chin-length bob or long hair. Medium length hairstyles are super practical, as they are styled as casually as possible and suitable for everyday use.