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Hairstyles that make you look older: Avoid these 6 mistakes for a younger and fresher look!

Are you planning to try out a new hairstyle, but you don’t really know what to choose? No wonder, because the choice of styles is actually immense and what is perfect for your type depends, among other things, on your face shape and age. To make your decision a little easier, we have once compiled some hairstyle mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want to conceal a year or two. These are hairstyles that make you look older – the exact opposite of what you actually want.

Straight, close-cropped hair

Achieve volume with side parting or styling products

As you know (and may have noticed), hair thins with age. Thus, clinging hair, such as you get when straightening, is rather counterproductive. But even if you have naturally straight and thin hair, you should try to provide more volume, especially at the hairline. It is also very helpful to do without the center parting and rely on the side parting. You can also get more volume by using the right styling products as well as by cutting your hair shorter.

Hairstyles that make you look older: Too long hair

Hairstyles that age - Long hair is sometimes not a good idea

Long hair often has the effect mentioned above – it looks thinner the longer it is and therefore belongs to those hairstyles that make you look older. Therefore, in old age, shorter haircuts are the better choice for some women. But do not worry, this does not mean that you should immediately perform a radical cut. With a lob, for example, you get the golden mean – neither too short, nor too long. The hair usually ends at the level of the collarbone. So, long bobs are the perfect hairstyles for older women that make younger.

Praise is the golden mean between short and long and makes you younger

The haircut has a wonderful feature to fit just any type. Thus, it conceals long faces just as well as wider ones. You can even say that the older you get, the more beautiful the lob becomes.

Lack of frame for the face

Hairstyles that age - Achieve a younger look with framing curtain bangs

Sure, hair of the same length is trendy and also looks chic without question. But at some point comes the age where a few steps and fringes are the better option. This also doesn’t mean that you have to step the entire hair (in fact, that would be a bad idea, because too many steps will make the hair thinner). It is quite enough if it is just a subtle cut that frames the face. The result is a haircut that lifts the face and emphasizes its beautiful sides.

The shortest parts here should be at the level of the cheekbones. How far you step down from there is up to you. Very flattering are also, for example, the so-called curtain bangs . If the idea of a pony scares you, as you find it rather disturbing: Curtain bangs are long ponies that you can keep wonderfully in check with a little hairspray.

The wrong pony has a counterproductive effect

Speaking of ponies, the wrong variety is one of the biggest hairstyle mistakes that can make you look older! Therefore, choose wisely. But maybe you’ve even been wearing bangs for years, but they’re not quite as flattering for your age by now? What to consider?

First of all, let’s say that a pony in itself is always a great choice. But! It is important that you choose a variant that suits you. And here we mean not only that you should take into account your hair structure and face shape. Also consider how much time you can invest in its care. After all, a fringe that has grown out may not look so beautiful in some cases. There are ponies that should be trimmed at regular intervals, while for others even a skipped appointment is not immediately noticeable. In terms of ease of care, you should also take into account the extent to which it needs to be styled with styling products.

Accessories for hairstyles that make older

Hairstyles that make older - Avoid these mistakes

Are you in the mood for a nice everyday hairstyle today and would love to use those girly slushies or butterfly hair clips? What looks cute will surely conjure you visually a few years younger? Far from it, because with some of these accessories you will get hairstyles that will make you older – exactly the opposite effect, that is. Better suited to conceal age are more elegant variants that are more simple and chic. A hair band, for example, is fine as long as you choose the right model. Regular hair ties and barrettes or those with pearls are also a good choice.

Wrong colors for your hair

Hairstyles that make older are those with black hair

To your new haircut you would also like to have a fresh color? Here, too, you can do so many things wrong. For example, very dark shades like black are a bad idea, because this intense, monochromatic look draws the eye directly to your wrinkles. Therefore, you should opt for lighter shades or at least have enough highlights . In principle, the more natural the color, the better.

Natural highlights look fresher and more youthful

But even here follows a “but”, because light is not always ideal. Highlights in ash blond often make the hair look dull and grayish. Highlights should make the hair shine, which you achieve better with warmer and more natural shades. Therefore, always have highlights incorporated by a professional. This knows what suits your skin tone best and also chooses the right parts and quantities for it.

Do not neglect the care for colored hair! The new look will not do you any good if you do not protect the colors with suitable care products or let a roots grow out.

Long hair vs. lob - How to look a few years younger