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Hairstyles medium length: tiered fringed haircuts for women 50 plus that make 10 years younger

Who said that for women over 50 only short hair is an option? You can also wear your mane shoulder-length and it is guaranteed to look more voluminous with a tiered-fringed haircut. A successful haircut can also conceal wrinkles and flatter the face. We list 18 peppy hairstyles medium length as proof. From a long bob with curtain bangs to a mullet with bangs – these are the trend hairstyles for 2022!

Hairstyles medium length for women over 50: The fringed bob with curtain bangs

layered fringed medium length and short hair make the younger 1

The fringed bob is clearly the trend hairstyle of 2022. It creates more volume, frames the face and in combination with curtain bangs can conceal one or two forehead wrinkles. Moreover, the chin to shoulder length bob is the perfect transitional hairstyle.

Hairstyles for women with gray hair: This is how you set your mane perfectly in scene

shoulder length fringed hairstyle for women over 50 with bangs

Shoulder-length hair, thinned out a bit at the bottom, provides a fresh youthful look. The subtle steps are great to combine with bangs. Perhaps the biggest advantage – this hairstyle can be adapted to the shape of the face.

Mullet 2022: The fringed haircut with waves will instantly make you look 10 years younger

fringed hairstyles medium length wavy for women over 50 gray hair

Thin, lifeless hair also makes the face look older. Gentle waves can bring out the facial features and at the same time look very playful. To achieve this effect, choose a layered cut with curtain bangs.

Mullet with bangs for women over 50: The haircut flatters the face.

medium length hairstyles for women over 50 making younger gray hair

The legendary mullet haircut – short in the front, long in the back, is reinterpreted this year. The bangs are fringed, the short hair in the front is fringed. The back part is at least shoulder length. The mullet thus combines the advantages of short hairstyles (easy to maintain and peppy) with those of long hair. So also updos are feasible .

Hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses: The Wolf Cut

layered fringed shoulder length haircuts for women over 50 with bangs

The Wolf Cut is at first glance confusingly similar to the mullet cut. However, it is, at least as far as styling is concerned, much less complicated. You don’t even need to fix the hair with texture spray, because it should look as casual as possible. A short fringe is perfect for this, it conceals the wrinkles on the forehead perfectly and at the same time makes the eyes look bigger.

Hairstyles medium length 2022: The shaggy bob is ideal for women with thin hair

shaggy bob hairstyles for women over 50 with gray hair

From 50, the hair becomes thinner. This is where the shaggy bob comes to the rescue. A fringed fringe and short steps throughout the main hair conjure up fullness.

fringy bob hairstyles for gray hair from 50 styling

It also gives structure to the hair and frames the face. This hairstyle is therefore particularly suitable for women with a round face.

easy care medium length layered fringed haircuts with curtain bangs

However, you can also combine Curtain Bangs with the Shaggy Long Bob. These are perfect for women with a round face, because they visually stretch it and emphasize the cheekbones.

medium length hair steps fringed for more volume

If you want to add additional texture to the hair, then you can achieve this by using the right hair color. Highlights bring variety and can subtly emphasize the steps.

Stepped fringed hairstyles for women 50 plus: Stacked Bob makes you 10 years younger

medium length bob fringed blonde hair do from 50 young

Long in the front, short in the back, with subtle steps throughout the main hair: the stacked bob is a modern interpretation of the classic bob hairstyle that looks great on women with oval and round faces. The steps make the facial features look soft and so the face looks much more relaxed.

Bob hairstyles from 50: Stepped haircuts against thin flat hair.

layered fringed haircuts with bangs medium length

Say goodbye to flat hair! If there is a lack of volume at the hairline, then the hairstyle looks lifeless and the face – tired. Fringed haircuts look peppy as well as fresh. In the front, curtain bangs hug the chin and gently embrace the face. The stepped hair is much lighter, looks airier and also conjures up more volume at the top of the hairline.

Hairstyles medium length with bangs that make younger

medium length layered fringed hair with bangs for women over 50

Medium-length hairstyles with bangs look attractive and elegant at any age. Especially haircuts that are defined by fringed tips make the face look young and fresh. Best still with a matching hair color.

layered fringed hairstyles with gradient make young

The highlights around the face are dyed blonde, and the hair is then dyed light brown to dark brown with gentle transitions from bottom to top. This makes the hairstyle look light, airy and interesting.

Hairstyles 2022 for women over 50: Shoulder-length hair

hairstyles medium length tiered fringed from 50 gray hair

Shoulder-length hair looks especially good on women over 50. They can be styled into updos, look feminine and also create volume with the right step length.

fringed layered haircuts for women over 50 with bangs

Above all, it is important that the haircut is adapted to the shape of the face. Women with thin hair can then style the hairstyle in everyday life with a curling iron or hairdryer.

fringed steps with bangs that make younger