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Hairstyles from 50: Which haircuts make younger and which – older? These hair sins should be avoided at all costs in old age!

Admittedly, the right skin care and styling can work wonders at any age. However, if you want to look younger, you should also choose the right hairstyle. A fresh haircut can immediately cheat a few years off your face. But especially when it comes to hairstyles from 50, you should choose carefully. Because there are also haircuts that make us look older. We explain which hair sins are to be avoided at all costs.

These bob hairstyles make us look younger from 50 and these – older!

Bob hairstyles from 50 make younger

Look older: The Glam Bob (left)

From 50, the hair loses its elasticity, becomes thin and brittle. The glam bob, where the hair falls smoothly around the face, does women over 50 no favors. The hairstyle makes tired and can not conceal the problem areas. Even more so – often the glam bob is worn without bangs, which also makes you look older.

Look younger: Stepped soft wave bob

Stepped cuts, if done right, can really do wonders for thin hair. Of course, hair over 50 is styled more gently, without heat. In trend right now: the soft wave bob. The hairstyle ends above the chin and is combined with long curtain bangs. Subtle steps of varying lengths quickly conjure up volume.

Haircuts for women with glasses over 50: no-gos vs. real styling wonders

Hairstyles from 50 for women with glasses that make look younger and older

Looking older: Shoulder-length haircuts with side parting

For now: half-length haircuts can look great as you age. However, not every shoulder-length hairstyle can flatter the face. Especially if you wear glasses with it. A side parting often gets in the way and even makes facial contours look harder.

Look younger: Half-length hairstyles with curtain bangs.

Unlike a long fringe that hides almost half of the face when combined with glasses, bangs look super flattering. Curtain bangs gently hug the face and at the same time make it look better.

Hairstyle mistakes for round face

Curly or straight hair from 50

Look older: Long curls

Especially with a round face, the hairstyle should conceal cheeks and divert attention from the double chin. Long curls are unflattering: the hairline lacks volume, the middle part of the hair emphasizes the cheekbones and at the bottom the hair is so voluminous that it still additionally the round face stands out even more.

Look younger: Lob with bangs

A lob with bangs can conceal the round face. In addition, the bangs cover the forehead, which traditionally looks even higher after 50 due to hair loss. The hairstyle looks structured, elegant and feminine and is perfect for women with round face.

Hairstyles from 50 for thin hair: flattering vs. unfavorable styling.

Hairstyles from 50 for thin hair mistake

Looking older: Fringed chin-length layered cuts

From 50, the hair becomes thinner. Those who would always have thin hair anyway, should then choose the appropriate haircut very carefully. Step cuts can work wonders or make you look older. Especially chin-length step cuts with fringy tips should be avoided at all costs.

Look younger: fringed Pixie Cut

The right hair length can take away up to 10 years. So, fringed cuts on women over 50 look especially cool when they are short. A pixie cut with fringed tips looks bold and feminine at the same time. Thus, volume is conjured in the hairline and the ends subtly emphasize the facial contours.

Curly hairstyles from 50 wrong vs. styling correctly

Curls from 50 properly style tips

Look older: unkempt long curls

Unlike other hairstyles, natural curls allow a certain freedom in styling. You can wear your wild curly mane longer even at 50. The most important thing is that the curls are really well cared for.

Look younger: Gray hair

For a long time, gray hair was considered a sign of increasing age. However, the salt-and-pepper look has become super hip in recent years. All the more – curls bring out the gray highlights especially well. The combination of different shades makes for a cool ombre look.

These short haircuts make us look older and these – younger

cut hair too short make look older from 50 (1)

Short haircut that makes us look tired and old: The Buzz Cut

Hair that is too short can also make you look older. At 40, the buzz cut still looks super stylish, bold and cool. From 50, the hairstyle lets the wrinkles show to advantage. Other supposed signs of aging like age spots also sort of stand out.

Short haircuts pixie cut for women over 50

Short haircut for women over 50: The classic Pixie Cut

We have already mentioned the fringed Pixie Cut. But the classic haircut can also cheat away a few years. The Pixie Cut looks especially good on women with rectangular faces.

What medium length hairstyles look good even in old age?

Short haircuts from 50 Chelsea Cut graduated thin hair

Medium length hairstyle that makes us look older: Chelsea Cut

Extra-stepped cuts can conjure up volume, but only if the hair is thicker. However, as we age, the structure of our hair changes. However, when brittle, thin hair is layered, the result is often anything but flattering. Either individual strands stand out from the head or the haircut visually pulls the face down. This makes the skin look flabbier and even small wrinkles suddenly become visible.

Medium-length haircut that cheats 10 years off the face: Shag Cut

Short hairstyles from 50 shag cut makes younger

If you want to conjure up more volume, go for a chin-length layered cut in combination with micro bangs. The shag cut draws attention from the jawline to the cheekbones and the eyes and gives even thin hair verve. The shorter the haircut, the easier it is to maintain and the faster you can style your hair in the morning . The hairstyle looks especially charming on women with gray hair. The gray highlights conjure up structure.