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Hairstyles for very thin hair: These bold volume cuts for women over 50 are super trendy right now!

Do you have fine hair? Then you certainly know the problem: finding a suitable hairstyle that not only looks good but is also easy to maintain can prove to be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are – the volume cuts. They are bold, charming and conjure up fullness in the hair: these hairstyles for very thin hair are very trendy this year!

These are the trendy volume cuts for very thin hair

Hairstyles for very thin hair Volume cuts from 50

Do you have fine, thin hair? Then you certainly know the problem: it lacks volume, the hairstyle looks limp and boring. Unfortunately, it gets worse with age. From 50, the production of certain hormones decreases and the hair becomes thinner and thinner as part of the natural aging process. Fortunately, certain hairstyle tricks come to the rescue. This conjures up fullness, the haircut looks structured and the hair can be styled quickly and easily. So you can always make the hair look more powerful and voluminous. We explain how to do it and what you should keep in mind.

Short haircuts for very thin hair: Pixie Cut variations

Pixie haircut with frayed ends and side parting for very thin hair

Who does the hairstyle suit particularly well? If you have light, fine hair, then the Long Pixie is the perfect hairstyle for you. The layered haircut is very easy to maintain and you do not need to additionally tousle the hair, style it with a round brush or bring it into the desired shape with a straightening iron. At the same time, light hair is accentuated particularly well by the Pixie. Below we list some arguments why you should give the volume cut a chance:

The fringed Pixie Cut is experiencing a real comeback and visually provides a volume kick. The hair is stepped in such a way that it flatters the shape of the face. The hair gains fullness through the steps and the short highlights in the front. With fine hair, however, you should not overdo it, because if the hair is too strongly stepped, the desired effect can not be achieved. It is best to cut a micro-bob in the front or style the hair with a side parting.

Chin-length haircuts for fine hair: layered bob

Stepped bob longer in the front than in the back as a volume cut for short and medium length hair

For whom is the cut suitable? Many women get their hair cut from 50 and opt for a short haircut. The fact is that most of us have to part with our long hair only with a heavy heart and dare to try the short haircut first. The chin-length bob is the perfect hairstyle for you if you are yet to take the leap to a short haircut. Women with fine, straight hair look especially good with this hairstyle.

The bob hairstyle is the volume cut par excellence. However, to make the hair look really good, the bob is cut chin-length in the front and slightly shorter in the back. A few subtle steps and a side parting provide additional volume support. This bob hairstyle is best styled with a round brush, so that the longer strands in the front flatter the face. The hair can also be tousled at the roots.

Shoulder-length hair from 50: Bob with waves for more volume

Bob hairstyle with waves for very fine hair

Who does this haircut suit particularly well? Women with naturally wavy, but very thin hair. Women with gray hair or single gray highlights.

It is even faster and easier with a bob, where several highlights from the top hair are formed into waves. As a result, the hair gains resilience. Another decisive advantage: the hairstyle with beach waves looks casual and feminine at the same time.

Long hair from 50: Wolf’s Cut conjures fullness

Long fine hair wolf cut with curtain bangs

Who is the cut suitable for? If you have long, straight hair, then the cut is just right for you. But the Wolf Cut also looks quite good on women with wavy hair.

The trend hairstyle for women over 50 who want to keep their long mane is called “Wolf Cut”. In principle, the Wolf Cut is based on the mullet haircut. However, the hair is stepped through about more intensively and the tips are thinned out extra. This creates a fringed look. The hair is also often styled into waves. Instead of a long fringe, this haircut offers curtain bangs. They frame the face and conceal problem areas such as cheeks. In the end, the hairstyle looks structured and the top hair looks particularly voluminous.

Hairstyles for very thin hair: These are the absolute no-goes

Hairstyles for fine hair that give more fullness

There are several mistakes that women with thin hair commit. These include:

  • Choosing a short haircut for straight hair. The Sleek Bob and the Curtain Cut are good examples of hairstyles without steps. They look great on women with thick hair. However, if you have fine hair, you should avoid them.
  • Overly graduated hair. Fine hair can benefit from subtle steps, but if they are too much, the hairstyle can quickly lose the desired shape and you will cause the opposite of what you want: The hair looks even thinner than usual.
  • By the way, the same applies to heavily fringed tips . As a general rule, less is more. Do not overdo it, otherwise the short highlights can look unkempt.
  • Use inappropriate styling products for hair. If the hair is thin, then you should not use cosmetic products that make the highlights stick. For example, do not style the fringed pixie with hair gel, but with hairspray.