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Hairstyles for sleeping: how to fix your short or long hair to protect them overnight!

Do you wake up every morning with messy hair that is hopelessly knotted? This problem is commonly known as bed frizz and is often caused by our sleeping habits the previous night. As we toss and turn in our sleep, friction is created between our hair and the fibers of the pillow. Too much friction leads to hair damage in the long run, causing hair breakage and split ends. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce nighttime friction on your hair. You can choose one of the protective night hairstyles for bed. These night hairstyles are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and look elegant day and night. Protective hairstyles at bedtime will ensure a well-groomed look the next morning, whether you sleep with curly or straight hair. Discover the best hairstyles for sleeping here!

Prepare your hair for a protective hairstyle for sleeping

Detangle your short or long hair with a gentle brush

Detangle your short or long hair with a gentle brush

You should always detangle your hair with a gentle brush. If you have a wooden brush with boar bristles, this is the best tool for detangling before bed. The bristles distribute your scalp’s natural oil into the hair cuticle, keeping it in a natural state, while also cleansing your scalp.

Scalp massage as part of your sleep routine.

Hairstyles for the night - head massage in the sleep routine

Once you’ve detangled your hair, we recommend incorporating scalp massage into your sleep routine. What feels like a good scalp massage can actually help you grow 5 inches longer hair within a month. This is due to the strong blood flow to the hair follicles that supply the deeper cell layers of the hair shaft. Not to mention, it just feels great.

Don’t forget a hair mask

During your scalp massage, you can give your hair a growth-promoting moisture boost overnight with a hair mask made from castor or jojoba oil.

2 Pro tips for you

Hairstyles for sleeping - 2 professional tips for you

Sleep on silk pillows: Although cotton pillowcases are used in most households, they are not in the best interest of your hair. The friction between your hair and the cotton material can cause split ends, frizz, and hair breakage. A silk or satin pillowcase is softer and smoother and will not rough up your hair strands. Cotton is also very absorbent and can make strands brittle.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair: our hair is much more sensitive when it is wet, especially after a hot shower. The hot water opens up our hair follicles and makes them more susceptible to damage. If you wash your hair at night, time it so that your hair has time to dry naturally before bed. This way, you can also avoid heat damage when blow drying.

Hairstyles for sleeping

Sleeping hairstyle for long or medium length hair – the loose braid.

Styling hair for the night gently - ideas

A really easy way to style your hair overnight is a loose braid. If you sleep on your back, this protective sleep hairstyle will lie flat against your back. However, you can also do a side braid or two side braids if you’re worried about it bothering you.

Hairstyle for sleeping for long or medium length hair - the loose braid

After detangling your hair or treating it with oil overnight, use a silk hair elastic or a hair tie that is gentle on your hair. Simply braid your hair as usual, only with a loose twist. If you like to wear your hair wavy, this is the perfect protective sleep hairstyle for you. You’ll wake up with wavy hair, into which you can add some styling product and get started right away. The tighter you braid it the night before, the wavier your hair will be in the morning.

The gentle chignon for the night

The protective chignon for the night

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle for straight hair, you should opt for a hairstyle that is not so tightly wound so that kinks or distinct waves are created. If you want to keep your hair smoother while you sleep, a chignon is a good option. Twist all of your hair together at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie or bobby pin. Make sure the clip is attached to the front of the chignon so your head doesn’t rest on the clip while you sleep.

Hairstyles for sleeping - the best night hairstyles

To wake up with curls, you can make your chignon tighter. This hairstyle is also good if you want more volume in your hair .

Hairstyles for sleeping: tie your hair at night.

Hairstyles for sleeping - tying hair at night

You may have noticed that in many hairstyles that are worn overnight, the hair is tied together in some way. It’s better to sleep with a ponytail than with your hair loose, because unsecured hair gets tangled during the night.

Protective hairstyles for sleeping for long and medium length hair

When tying your hair, make sure it stays in place without pulling too hard. Remember to be gentle, as sleeping with your hair pulled tight can cause long-term strain.

Protective hairstyles for sleeping for short hair: silk scarf.

Protective hairstyles for sleeping for short hair - silk scarf or sleeping cap

For those with shorter strands, it’s best to sleep with a silk scarf or sleep cap wrapped around your hair. This minimizes friction and you won’t wake up with frizzy hair and lots of knots.

Sleeping hairstyles for long or short hair

If you apply some hair oil or conditioner before wrapping your hair in the silk scarf, your strands will be repaired overnight.

Hairstyles for sleeping – style your curly hair.

Hairstyles for sleeping - style your curly hair.

This hairstyle is especially suitable for long, curly or wavy hair. Wrap your hair into a loose chignon at the top of your head and pin the ends with a few large clips. You can also use a hair elastic to hold your hair in place, and then use clips to keep the escaping strands out of your face.