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Hairstyles for oily hair: with these looks you can hide the greasy roots!

We have all been through it at least once: we washed our hair just 1-2 days ago and already the roots are greasy again. But we don’t have time to shower or we’d just rather stay in bed 30 minutes longer. Besides, washing our hair every day can damage the hair structure in the long run and for this reason, some days we just have to put up with our greasy hair. The causes of greasy hair are very diverse and to be honest, a greasy roots does not look very nice and well-groomed. Even though this can be quite annoying, it is not a reason to despair! Because luckily, there are several hairstyles for oily hair that will get the job done and are best for putting off washing your hair for a day. From something as simple as changing the parting of your hair to playful and glamorous braided hairstyles, in this article you will find the most beautiful looks that will help you successfully conceal the greasy roots and still look fabulous!

Frisuren für fettige Haare Haaraccessoires Trends 2021

The time to wash our hair is just inconvenient, we are tired or have used too much conditioner or hair gel. Whatever the reason, there is hardly anything else that can spoil our mood in the morning as quickly as greasy hair. In fact, many women who have to battle with it on a regular basis often feel frustrated. While dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, it’s ultimately the hairstyle that determines whether our mane looks clean or dirty. The good news is that there are an incredible number of looks that actually look much better with dirty hair than with a freshly washed mane. To hide the greasy roots, all hairstyles where the hair is pinned up or back will help. Think of romantic braided hairstyles, messy bun, half-open hairstyles and much more – the options are huge, trust us!

Hairstyles for oily hair: the hair wreath braided hairstyle for an elegant look.

Dutch Braid Flechtfrisur mit Anleitung schnelle Frisuren für fettige Haare

Even if you’re annoyed by your greasy roots, it actually brings quite a big advantage! In fact, braids of any kind hold much better than when your hair is freshly washed. Braided hairstyles have been extremely trendy for years, and for good reason. They can look cute and playful, as well as glamorous and elegant. So if you have some time on your hands, feel free to try your hand at a chic braid! How about a hair wreath, for example? Here’s how easy it is to make:

  • Pull a middle parting and divide the hair.
  • At the base of the front section of hair, take out a thin strand on the right and left and now braid flat to the tips.
  • Secure the braids with small hair ties.
  • Now place the left braid over the head like a headband and secure with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the above step on the right side and fix the hairstyle with some hairspray.

If it must go times very fast: The Messy Bun

Frisuren für fettige Haare Messy Bun Hochsteckfrisuren

You overslept and have no time to style your hair? Then you are in good hands with the good old Messy Bun. Quickly conjured up and suitable for all hair lengths and types – it’s probably one of the best and easiest hairstyles for greasy hair there is. Or if you need something more professional, choose the Low Bun for an elegant and polished finish. To do this, pull a center parting and first gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Now shape the mane into a chignon and make the hairstyle tight with a hair tie.

The classic ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles for oily hair

Haare halboffen tragen Frisuren für fettige Haare

Yes, we know – the ponytail is not actually particularly interesting and exciting. However, there are incredibly many ways to spice up the classic and give it a modern upgrade. In the trendy “sleek style”, the hairstyle looks extremely elegant and is also conjured up in less than 5 minutes. We think a hairstyle tutorial would be superfluous for this look, after all, we all know how to tie a ponytail, right?

Fischgrätzopf Pfederschwanz Frisuren für fettige Haare

Are you bored with the ponytail? Well how about braiding a ponytail instead of the ponytail, for example? Consider this hairstyle for oily hair the best of both worlds: a chic braided hairstyle adds a touch of glamour and elegance to even the plainest updo. Whether it’s a regular braid, pull-through braid or a herringbone braid, this look leaves you plenty of room for creativity and your own ideas, and anything that strikes your fancy is fair game!

Space buns for a playful, girly touch.

Halboffene Frisuren langes Haare Frisurentrends 2021

If you’re like us and always looking for new ways to spice up your beauty look, we have the perfect solution for you! Playful and incredibly cute, space buns are on trend and offer us a carefree option to hide our greasy roots in a cool way. Here’s how easy you can restyle the hairstyle:

  • Comb the hair well and divide it into two equal halves.
  • Fix two braids at the top of the head with a hair elastic, braid and then wrap around the elastic like a snail.
  • Fix with hair clips, apply a little hairspray and voilà – the trendy hairstyle is ready!

The wet look is still very trendy

Sleek Frisur Anleitung welche Frisuren bei fettigen Haaren

The greasy roots shine a little more than a freshly washed mane. So make a virtue out of necessity and opt for a hairstyle in the anyway trendy Sleek Look? Simply comb your hair back and apply some hair wax or gel if needed and you’re done – it’s that quick!

Stylishly conceal the greasy hairline with hair accessories

Haarband Frisuren Haaraccessoires Trends 2021

Scrunchies, hair bands or elegant hair scarves – hair accessories in all imaginable variations and designs are now available in abundance. The trendy pieces add the finishing touch to our outfits and are ideally suited for quick and uncomplicated hairstyles for greasy hair.

Haaraccessoires Trends 2021 Frisuren für fettige Haare

Women’s hats are also among the absolute must-haves for all fashionistas in the coming season. So, if you have two left hands and complicated hairstyles are not for you, just put on a hat to conceal those greasy hair with style.

Hairstyles for oily hair: an overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

Frisuren für fettige Haare Halboffene Hochsteckfrisuren langes Haare

Strictly tied updos look very elegant and are one of the best ways to hide oily hair

Frisuren für fettige Haare schnelle Hochsteckfrisuren Messy Bun

Braids of all kinds hold much better with a messy roots

Boxer Braids Flechtfrisur für lange Haare Frisuren für fettige Haare

Half-open hairstyles are simple and can be styled both casually and elegantly

You can’t really go wrong with a classic chignon

schnelle Frisuren für fettige Haare einfache Hochsteckfrisuren

Romantic and casual braids are undoubtedly among the most beautiful hairstyles for oily hair

schnelle Flelchtfrisuren einfache Frisuren für fettige Haare