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Hairstyles for high forehead: the perfect styles and cuts (and no, you do not always have to conceal them)

A high forehead is often considered a flaw and for this reason is concealed with matching haircuts. But what if we tell you that this is not the case at all and that you can and should even emphasize this feature of your face instead? Numerous stars have been doing it for quite some time and today we would like to prove to you that the right hairstyles for high foreheads do not have to include covering ponies. We say no more hiding and motivate to accept your body as it is – namely unique and perfect!

Why the concealing forehead fringe is possible, but no longer necessary

Hairstyles for high forehead - Angular shag with straight bangs

If you want to conceal a high forehead, the first thing that probably immediately comes to mind is the fringe. And bangs continue to be a wonderful option. If the upper parts of the face are high, this even brings an advantage in this case. Namely, it allows the bangs to be cut longer than they would be with a lower brow area. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of variants – classic straight, fringed or curtain bangs and even the baby bangs are just a few of the possibilities.

Hairstyles for high forehead - With curtain bangs, shag and long hair only partial concealment

Faux bangs are also best for hairstyles for high foreheads, if you just want to rock the fringe look every now and then instead of cutting your hair right away. For this, tie a high chignon with the ends of the hair running forward over the forehead.

Flatter the face with waves

Hairstyles for high forehead - Wavy bob with side or middle parting

Whether you are looking for hairstyles for a long face with a high forehead, or you have a more compact face shape despite the forehead height, you can use the hair to form a beautiful frame that flatters the facial features while even highlighting the upper part of the face. Not what you want? Think again, because stars like Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker (even more so with a long face), have long ago demonstrated: with a fringe you no longer have to hide anything, pretty much everything is allowed!

Elegant wavy lob with side parting despite high forehead parts choose

And the Wavy Lob is without question one of our favorites for hairstyles for high foreheads, although the classic bob is also perfectly suitable. You can combine both with side ponies or long ponies like the Curtain Bangs, as well as choose between side and middle parting.

Sleek hairstyles for high forehead

Hairstyles for high forehead - slee look with ponytail, chignon or open

Hardly any styling can show off the upper parts of the face better than the Sleek Look . This is a gelled hairstyle, where the hair is combed strictly backwards, and looks as if you just came out of the sea or pool. Also known as wet look, this hairstyling is suitable for both tied hair (ponytail) and open hair.

Decorate the upper parts of the face with gelled baby hair in interesting shapes

A cool accent is also achieved when the baby hairs are used to create interesting shapes. The forehead area forms the perfect canvas for this hair art.

Side parting in combination with asymmetrical bob.

Asymmetrical bob with side parting for high foreheads

And again we mention the bob – get used to it, because it is now one of those hairstyles that just suit everyone. If you are looking for hairstyles for high forehead, you can choose not only the classic variant or lob, but also asymmetrical, for which you choose a side parting. The result is a partially concealed forehead, through which you will still put it in the spotlight.

Peppy pixies as hairstyles for high forehead

Pixie can be chosen shorter or longer for women of all ages

Whether for ladies in their 20s or for women over 50, the Pixie Cut is a hit with young and old alike, and its upbeat look makes you look bold and young. Since the cut is characterized by fringed strands even in the upper part of the face, it has the same effect as the fringe – the high forehead is concealed by the hairstyle. Pixies are also good hairstyles for high forehead and thin hair or if you want to hide receding hairline, as the hair is combed forward and covers it.

What about the buzzcut?

Buzzcut as hairstyles for high forehead only with symmetrical face shape

The buzzcut is without question a trendy, albeit bold haircut that more and more ladies are daring to try. Nevertheless, you should be careful with the machine cut if you are looking for hairstyles for high foreheads. This is also true if you have an angular face. In general, with this cut, the shape of the face, the contours and the features play an extremely important role, because once the hair is gone, all this comes into its own. Ladies with a symmetrical face and soft facial features may therefore be more likely to wear a buzz cut than those with prominent features.

Hairstyles for high forehead without concealing - bob with long bangs

Long Pixie with side parting and long bangs.

Short hairstyle on prominent parts of the face with large side bangs

Baby bangs with a high forehead with a diminishing effect

Hairstyles for high forehead - Baby bangs highlight the forehead area

Long hair with steps to frame the face

Long hair and tiered curtain bangs frame the face

Rihanna highlights high forehead with hairstyles

Set the scene for baby hair on high foreheads

Short pixie with side cut

Hairstyles for high forehead - Pixie Cut with fringed bangs

Before and after for a pixie hairstyle with long strands over the forehead area

Before and after on a woman with long hair and a pixie afterwards

Casual lob frames the face

Hairstyles for high forehead - frame face with long strands and middle parting

Hairstyle idea for long hair with waves

Hairstyles for high forehead without bangs and conceal with waves and side parting

Bob with thick bangs

Large forehead areas do not need to be hidden