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Hairstyles for gray hair medium length: The most beautiful looks and hairstyles for women over 50!

Whether we are 30 or 50 years old – to find the right haircut is not an easy task and always remains a very big challenge. Underlining our style and taste, flattering our facial features and, best of all, as low-maintenance as possible – that’s how the perfect hairstyle should be! Although many women will do anything to hide the gray highlights that have grown out, others embrace the change by proudly wearing your silver mane and letting the gray hair grow out. While there’s nothing wrong with a short hairstyle, mid-length gray hair styles are also making a strong appearance in trendy haircuts for women over 50 and have long since stopped looking like a transitional hairstyle. Are you ready for a little makeover? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether long bob, with bangs or medium-length hairstyles with curls – in this article we have compiled the most beautiful looks for you. Get inspired by our picture gallery and quickly call your hairdresser.

Stufenschnitt Frisuren graue Haare mittellang welche Haarschnitte ab 50

With advancing age, most women decide to cut off their long mane and prefer to go for a short hairstyle for gray hair. While wearing a sassy pixie cut comes with many benefits and makes daily styling easier, those who are blessed with a long mop of hair should keep it and wear it with pride. Whether you want something that is very low maintenance or desire a cut that can be styled a million different ways, there is a mid-length hairstyle for gray hair that is perfect for you and will keep you feeling young and like your truest self even at 50. Grey Ombré Hair or gray hair with highlights – gray is cool and trendy. Power women like Michelle Obama, Julianne Moore and Sharone Stone are clear proof that literally any medium length hairstyle can be worn at any age.

Hairstyles for gray hair medium length: the classic long bob is still in trend.

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang Bob Frisur ab 50

Finding the perfect medium length hairstyle for gray hair over 50 depends on your hair texture, your face shape and of course your lifestyle. However, if you take all three into consideration, you can land on a wonderful cut that will make you feel right at home. Once they turn 50, many women begin to enjoy life to the fullest. They stop worrying about what people think about them and focus on their own happiness. This also applies to hair – now you are allowed to experiment with your look as much as you want and try anything you feel like. Although hair trends are always evolving with time, choosing a classic look, is timeless. Not too long and not too short – the long bob is a beautiful haircut and is best suited for a very stylish hairstyle for long hair to medium length. The lob is about chin to shoulder length and can be styled very versatile. Whether with steps, bangs, straight or hairstyles for gray hair medium length with curls – the long bob just always goes. Add a few strands to wear a no-frills and very modern haircut that will show off your silver mane even better.

Long Bob Frisuren graue Haare mittellang Two Tone Hair Haartrend

The long bob has numerous variations, making it the perfect compromise for those who can’t decide between long and short hair. Just as modern and chic looks, for example, the Clavi Cut, which ends at about the level of the collarbone. The haircut is a lot longer than the long bob and can be wonderfully styled into elegant updos. If you have thin hair, ask your hairdresser to cut the hair bluntly and accurately to one height – this will visually create more volume.

Playful and modern: step cut hairstyles gray hair medium length.

Stufenschnitt Frisuren graue Haare mittellang graue Haare mit Strähnen

With age, the hair structure also changes and our mane can unfortunately lose some volume and shape. The best way to give hair back its life is to add steps. Easy to maintain, youthful and yet very feminine and polished – step cut hairstyles gray hair medium length provide a beautiful volume and are among the most flattering haircuts for women over 50. Depending on the occasion, mood and desire, you can either wear the hair straight or use a curling iron to create some gentle curls.

Flattering fringe hairstyles for medium-length gray hair

Graue Haare halblang Pony Frisuren für Frauen ab 50

Bangs hairstyles are on trend and a great way to freshen up any hairstyle and add an exciting touch to your gray hair. Bangs add a touch of elegance and French chic to hairstyles for medium length gray hair. A classic straight fringe looks more casual and casual, while a side fringe makes the face look narrower. Moreover, it is hardly noticeable when you transition and if you are tired of it, feel free to let it grow. If you are brave enough and want rather bold hairstyles gray hair medium length, then you can also dare to the extra short micro bangs à la Uma Thurman in the movie “Pulp Finction”.

Casual and at the same time very chic: hairstyles gray hair medium length curls.

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang locken Frisuren für graue Haare mit Brille

While a classic long bob is smooth and polished, the curly version looks very playful and youthful. Soft, gentle curls make this style a winning look for all women over 50. The waves add volume and movement, make the cut look rather casual and airy, and take away the haircut’s potential harshness. The most important rule is: the messier, the better! And the best part? The effort for the trendy look is not that big and takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Set your hairstyle for gray hair even better and opt for a deep side parting.

Keep things interesting with a few colored strands

graue Haare mit Sträfhnen Frisuren graue Haare mittellang ab 50

Just as hair length has no age limit and we can wear any hairstyle we want, there are no limits when it comes to colors. Whether you’re 50 or 30, gray hair with highlights and highlights is on trend and looks incredibly flattering. Colored highlights in any shade are a great option to incorporate some of the funk of your youth into your current hairstyle for gray hair medium length. They bring more movement to the hair and allow us to create a multidimensional and vibrant look. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try out a bright, royal purple – the style is classy yet modern and can be worn by women of all ages! However, if you don’t want to dye your hair permanently but want a little change every now and then, just use temporary hairsprays that wash out very easily.

The modern shag cut is THE trend hairstyle of the season

Shag Cut Frisur ab 50 Frisuren graue Haare mittellang

Whether in terms of fashion or hair, no other decade has had as much influence on trends in recent months as the wild 70s. The 70s hairstyles are making a big comeback and have taken the fashion world by storm. The shag cut is literally a hairstyle relic that has been worn by legends like Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger. For the trendy cut, the hair is stepped through to about shoulder length, with the various steps being fringed and uneven. This creates a cool yet very chic undone look – a deliberately tousled hair that looks like we just got out of bed. But unlike in the past, the transitions in today’s version are rather more flowing. Thanks to the many layers, the shag cut can be worn with or without bangs and works wonderfully with any hair length and texture. Therefore, it is no surprise that the retro look is one of the most beautiful and sought-after hairstyles gray hair medium length.

Hairstyles gray hair medium length: the most beautiful looks for re-styling at a glance!

Graue Haare Damen mittellang Bob mit Pony Frisur Frauen ab 50

Gray hair and a sassy shag cut are all you need to still look modern and stylish at 50

Frech Frisuren graue Haare mittellang Shag Cut Frauen ab 50

Step cut hairstyles for gray hair medium length provide more volume

Bob Frisur für Frauen ab 50 graue Haare Frisuren Vorschläge

With wild curls you bring out your silver mane even better

Frisuren für graue Haare mittellang Locken Long Bob Haarschnitt Trends

Gentle waves are also ideal for elegant gray short hairstyles from 50

Bob Frisur Trend Frisuren graue Haare mittellang Locken

Make like Sharon Stone by embracing your natural beauty and letting the gray hair grow out

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang graue Haare rauswachsen lassen Übergang

Curls add a touch of vibrancy to the long bob

Frisuren graue Haare mittellang Haarschnitte für Frauen ab 50

Gray hair half-length: the step cut visually gives more volume

Graue Haare Frisuren schulterlang graue Haare mit Strähnen

The long bob is one of the most popular gray hair hairstyles shoulder length

graue Haare mit Strähnen aufpeppen Frisuren graue Haare mittellang

Meryl Streep lets her gray hair grow out and creates a beautiful ombré effect

graue Haare rauswachsen lassen Ansatz Frisuren graue Haare mittellang

Gray hair hairstyles suggestions: You can’t go wrong with straight bangs

Pony Frisuren für Frauen ab 50 graue Haare Frisuren mittellang

Use curls to bring your silver mane to life

mittellange graue Haare Frisuren Locken Haarschnitte Frauen ab 50