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Hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2022: Spice up your look with a sophisticated seasonal hairstyle & color!

When the leaves turn fiery orange and we swap our summer shoes for winter boots, you can’t help but be infected by the feeling of a new half-year. Then it’s only natural that we also like to adapt to the changing seasons. A new hairstyle is by far the easiest way to refresh your look. Try out one of the latest hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2022.

What are the hairstyles trends for autumn/winter 2022

What are the hairstyles trends for autumn & winter 2022

To help you decide on a new look, we have made a selection of the most beautiful hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2022.

The mermaid wave

The mermaid wave is a loose, effortless looking hairstyle

Even though we will miss the sunny days at the beach, there are other ways to recreate the waves we get when we spend time by the sea. The mermaid wave is a loose, effortless hairstyle that looks best with long hair.

Hairstyles Trends 2022 – The 70s Shag

Hairstyles Trends for Fall & Winter 2022 - The 70s Shag

Nostalgia is everywhere right now. Many of us take inspiration from decades past when it comes to how we dress, what we listen to, and what we watch (thank you, Stranger Things). So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more hair trends from the past, such as the classic shag, which has been gaining momentum and becoming a real head-turner lately. The shag consists of a long fringe and a strong layering in the front area. This hairstyle combines well with a beautiful balayage and a blow-out.

Chin length bob

Hairstylists advise a chin-length bob with straight bangs for fall & winter 2022

Not a fan of long hair? No problem. As we said, waves and textured curls are a big hit – regardless of hair length. If you’re toying with the idea of wearing a bob or taming medium-length strands, hairstylists advise a short, chin-length bob with straight bangs. It is best worn with a light natural texture and looks great under a cap in winter, requiring minimal styling.

Sliced bob is also among the hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2022! Get inspired for the haircut here !

Hairstyles Trends 2022 – The Wolf Cut

Hairstyles Trends 2022 - The Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is perhaps the coolest trend of TikTok. It is an edgy style that has been popular among teenagers and twenty-somethings in recent years – but now it is gaining popularity. The wolf cut is a modern twist on the classic mullet, mixed with the shag. It looks great on all hair textures, whether straight, wavy or curly, and is also adaptable to most face shapes.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs will rule this season

With a touch of 70s fashion, bangs will be one of the biggest hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2022. Bottleneck bangs will take over and give your look more of that popular retro vibe.

Check out more bangs hairstyles for fall 2022 here !

Trendy hair colors for fall & winter.

Looking for some inspiration? These are the most eye-catching hair colors for fall/winter 2022 that you can try now.

Luxurious copper

Copper comes in a variety of shades such as auburn, strawberry blonde & burnt orange

Redheads can rejoice, this is the season for you. Copper comes in a variety of shades like auburn, light copper, strawberry blonde and burnt orange. The hottest shades now are the rich copper tones throughout the hair, with much more fullness in the ends, paired with a natural root melt.


Auburn hair color goes well with all skin tones

As you would expect, fall is a sign of the return of a rich color palette. This year, more than ever, people are leaning towards warm tones that always look good on all skin tones. Plus, it’s much less damaging than bleaching your hair, as this look can be done with semi-permanent colors and wash-in colors that are much gentler on the hair.

How can you take care of colored hair with simple home remedies? Find out here !

Babylights Balayage

Balayage is back, but this time in the form of babylights

The trend that never seems to go out of style, balayage is back – but this time in the form of babylights. These are finer pieces of balayage at the tips to accentuate the haircut. This is ideal for those who have never colored before, but want to try something new. It makes for softer growth and also lasts longer (which is good for the wallet in times of financial crisis).

Hairstyles trends for autumn/winter 2022 – Dragon blonde.

Hairstyles trends for autumn & winter 2022 - Dragon blond

Another micro hair color trend that will be very hot this season is dragon blonde, a surprising contrast to the rich brown and copper tones we see every fall. Dragon blonde is an updated version of ice and platinum blonde, which has become popular again thanks to the movie “House of the Dragon”. It is a very white blonde with cool undertones. This is the perfect shade for those seasons when we are looking for icy tones that make us stand out from the crowd.

Golden Brown Hair is also a trendsetter this season! Here you can find different variations of this color palette!