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Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair: spice up your look instantly with these trendy haircuts!

For many ladies, long, luscious hair is the measure of all things for a good hairstyle. But having stunning, longer hair means more than just growing it out – knowing the elegant hairstyles for long hair is key to making the most of your look. Luckily, there are a variety of pretty haircuts and styles that are perfect for long hair. Whether you need help caring for your precious locks or stylish tricks, our comprehensive guide to the best long hair trends this year will allow you to make the most of your long hair. These are the hot hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair!

Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair – layered cut with waves

Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair - stepped cut with big waves

One of the most important long hair hairstyle trends this year is voluminous waves. Just like the supermodels of the 90s often did. Even though this look is difficult to master, it is not impossible. To style this hairstyle at home , blow dry parts of your layered hair with a round brush and fix those parts with curlers before letting all the hair out. This will add volume and movement to your curls and also frame your face in a flattering way.

Modern haircuts for women with long hair – the mixie cut.

Modern haircuts for women with long hair - the mixie cut

This is one of the long hair trends for this year, which is suitable for both thick and thin hair. It is basically a mix of a mullet and a pixie. It usually sits two to three inches long at the nape of the neck, but if you ask the stylists, the longer the better! The layers add movement and texture for a grunge look.

New hairstyles for long hair – elegant haircut with side parting.

Latest haircuts 2023 - long, layered hair with side parting

The center parting has been quite trendy in recent years. But this year, side partings are back in style! Sure, for some of us, these are nostalgic throwbacks to some teenage hairstyles (some good, some bad). But like most long hairstyles that are making a comeback, the side parting has been given a modern update.

New hairstyles for long hair - side parting

For example. Now side partings have a more elegant finish. Whether you have sleek, smooth locks or thick curls, anyone can adopt this trend, and it suits most face shapes . For a round face, it adds length to the face and softens the cheekbones. It also suits people with a diamond shaped face very well.

Current long hairstyles 2023 – peppy wolf cut.

Latest long hair hairstyles 2023 - Wolf Cut

If there is one look that sums up the best long hairstyle trends for 2023, it is the Wolf Cut! It is the shaggier, whimsical cousin of the mullet. It features a fluffy parting with tapered, tousled strands and was made popular by stars like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.

Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair – sassy butterfly haircut

Hairstyles trends 2023 for long hair - sassy butterfly haircut

Not sure what you want to do with your curls? With a butterfly cut, you can upgrade your hair without doing anything too drastic. This heavily feathered hairstyle is another hip and bold long hairstyle trend for 2023, with strands laid in loose, cascading layers to create a movement that resembles a butterfly with fluttering wings. Around the face, the hair should be short and stringy, becoming longer and tiered towards the tips.

Snappy octopus haircut for women with long hair

Snappy octopus haircut for women with long hair

The octopus haircut is definitely one of the latest long hairstyle trends for this year! It is the perfect way to grow out last year’s shag and mullet. The layers are cut in different lengths, creating the shape of the tentacles of an octopus. Ask your hairstylist to shape the face by styling lots of layers, texture and wispy ends, but no blunt lines.

Trendy long haircut with curtain bangs

Trendy long haircut with curtain bangs

Since 2019, not a week goes by that we don’t talk about bangs and we’re not complaining! When it comes to long haircuts with bangs, this 70s-inspired fringe is a top choice for 2023, and the best part? Curtain bangs suit every hair type and texture.

Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair – Feather Cut.

Hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair - Feather Cut

Speaking of 70s haircuts – long hairstyles with short layers are a hallmark of this era and what better way to recreate this classic haircut with feathered layers? Your stylist will give you layers all over your head for natural volume and texture.

Trend hairstyles 2023 – thick bangs below the eyebrows.

Thick bangs below the eyebrows

Another trend that seemed very interesting to us, because it is in great demand among fashion bloggers and celebrities: a thick, long fringe just below the eyebrows, which, combined with a luxurious maxi length, will sparkle in a new way. As you can see in the photo, this version of the pony starts quite high, which is why the bangs look so thick.

Long hair with thick bangs - trend hairstyles 2023

Moreover, such a fringe can be easily worn to the side or put on two sides. This styling also includes slight waves, which can be achieved with a straightening iron or special wide curlers. This is another proof that such a fringe goes well with both wavy and straight strands.