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Hairstyle trends 2022: tiered bob hairstyles from 60 that promote a feminine and younger look!

Layered bobs are the perfect haircut for women over 60 because they add volume, more movement and are easy to style. The even better news is that layered bob hairstyles over 60 are versatile and easy to customize. This cut has layers that distribute the weight of the hair. Depending on the hair type, it can be used to create different silhouettes and shapes. For thin hair, this haircut eliminates too much density at the nape of the neck. It can also add fullness and volume to straighter locks. A face frame is a chic addition to accentuate cheekbones and lift the face.

Tiered bob hairstyles from 60: voluminous hairstyle with layers

Layered bob hairstyles from 60 - voluminous bob with layers for younger look

Opt for a voluminous bob with layers if you want to maintain the length but also want a full hairstyle. A mid-length cut with layers is perfect for women over 60. Ask your stylist to layer your hair to draw attention up and away from your face and accentuate your cheekbones and eyes.

Wispy hairstyle with bangs.

Tiered bob hairstyles from 60 - the tousled hairstyle with bangs will make you look younger

This haircut can make women over sixty look younger. The fringe at half forehead length helps to hide fine lines and wrinkles and looks modern at the same time. It is literally one of the best haircuts for seniors.

Neck length shaggy cut with layers and full bangs.

Neck length shaggy bob with layers and full bangs for older ladies

Try this shaggy bob if you want to create the illusion of more thickness and movement in your haircut. Shaggy layers are a great way to get a low-maintenance haircut that requires minimal styling, while a thick, full fringe frames almost any face shape.

Longer shaggy haircut for women with glasses.

Longer shaggy haircut is perfect for women with glasses

A curtain pony is modern and stylish. A feathered curtain pony is an important part of a shaggy pony for women with glasses . The longer fringe frames the face and gives it a nice shape, while completing the glasses instead of covering them.

Choppy hairstyle with side bangs

Cropped hairstyle with side bangs for youthful look

A choppy bob with side bangs is an ideal tiered bob hairstyle from 60 if you have thick hair. The cut has movement, texture and suits a variety of textures and face shapes. The length and amount of strands can be tailored to your individual needs. So talk to your stylist about the best version of this shape for you.

Curly blonde bob with layers

Curly blonde bob with layers - fashionable and elegant

Try this curly blonde bob with layers if you’re looking for a new shape. Layers create movement and enhance the curls and can lengthen a voluminous roots. This curly hairstyle can be customized for any 60-year-old woman, so ask your stylist what would suit you best.

Layered bob hairstyles from 60 with layers and bangs.

Layered bob hairstyles from 60 with layers and bangs looks fresh and is trendy

This is the best haircut for fine hair. It gives the illusion of fullness to the hair and makes it look rather stringy. It is possible to over-strand fine hair, so ask your stylist how much strands are best for your hair.

Tiered pixie bob is always trendy

Try the layered pixie bob for older women that is always trendy

A layered pixie bob for women over 60 is a great choice. A slightly longer cut at the front of the head is an extremely versatile hairstyle, and a simple approach behind one ear can change the shape and create the illusion of asymmetry. Bobs are always in fashion, and this style makes them look interesting and trendy .

Stringy cut with undercut

Stringy cut with undercut is good for seniors

If you have thicker hair, you should consider a stringy bob with an undercut. This is an elegant technique that is used for extremely thick hair. By cutting the bottom part of the hair quite short, the remaining hair gets movement and lightness that an otherwise thick-haired woman might not be able to achieve.

Tiered bob hairstyles from 60: Short concave cut.

60+ layered bob hairstyles - short concave cut for more volume

A short concave bob is a great choice for women who love short, vibrant hair. Ask your stylist to add some chunky layers to achieve a younger look.

Layered bob to wash and wear.

Layered bob to wash and wear - simple and easy to maintain

This haircut requires minimal styling and is one of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 who want to show off their natural texture. Use a large curling iron to give the hair some soft waves.

Glossy tiered bob over 60

Tiered bob hairstyles from 60 - Shiny tiered bob is trendy likely the season

Try this haircut if you have fine hair. Lots of layers on a short haircut make it easy to add height to soft, fine hair. A soft hold hairspray for a layered bob will give you hold without being crunchy.

Layered bob hairstyles from 60: wavy cut with bangs and layers.

Wavy cut with bangs and layers for seniors gives a fresh look

With this cut, you can accentuate your natural gray hair while maintaining a modern style. An added bonus is the bangs that frame the face and make the eyes appear visually larger and more prominent.

Tiered hairstyles from 60 – angled cut with layers.

Layered bob hairstyles over 60 - Angled hairstyle with layers

Stepped, stacked bob with balayage for sixty-year-olds

Stepped stacked bob with balayage for sixty year olds

Gray bob with soft layers for older women

Gray bob with soft layers for older women

Angular asymmetrical haircut for women over 60

Edgy asymmetrical haircut for women over 60

White bob with textured layers for women over 60

White bob with textured layers for women over 60

Volumizing short haircuts for women with fine hair

Layered bob hairstyles from 60 - volumizing short haircuts for women with fine hair