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Hairstyle trend 2022: The choppy bob medium length is the perfect low maintenance short hairstyle for summer!

Of course we love long hair, but in the summer heat we often find it rather impractical and annoying. So how nice that we have so many and cool short hairstyles to choose from. Girls who love to experiment do not last long with the same hairstyle and love to experiment with new haircuts or hair colors. Sometimes short, long, with waves or undercut – the bob with all its variants has been with us for several years and continues to be one of the most popular hairstyle trends in the summer of 2022. To bring some fresh wind into our hair, the timeless classic is always reinterpreted. Can’t decide between long and short hair? We have the solution for you. The Choppy Bob medium length is THE trend hairstyle of the hour and has taken the fashion world by storm. What does the Choppy Bob look like and who does this chic hairstyle suit? We’ll tell you all that right now in our article!

Choppy bob medium length: What makes the trend hairstyle?

Wavy lob hairstyle trend choppy bob medium length

Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – the Choppy Bob medium length offers us the best of both worlds and is the ideal compromise for all indecisive girls. It leaves our hair long enough to tie into a casual ponytail or style into soft curls, but the hairstyle still feels super light and fresh. Choppy comes from English and means something like “choppy” and that pretty much explains it. In this style, the hair is severely chopped and cut in different lengths.

Lob with curls hairstyle trends summer 2022 Choppy Bob medium length

Unlike a classic blunt bob, the choppy bob looks super casual in medium length and the stepped cut gives our mane more dynamics and dimension. The fringed hairstyle looks super bold and conjures up more fullness and volume in no time. And that’s what makes the hairstyle trend perfect for all women who want to make their thin hair look thicker. Whether you wear the Choppy Bob a little shorter or longer is purely a matter of taste. Choose a length that suits your face shape and optimally sets off your facial features.

Who can wear the Choppy Bob?

Hair trends summer 2022 choppy bob medium length trend hairstyle

And here’s the good news! Depending on the length and cut, absolutely every woman can wear the Choppy Bob medium length! As mentioned earlier, the trendy hairstyle is perfect for women who want more fullness. The fringed steps provide a portion of volume and bring more movement and structure to the hair. But even if you have thicker hair, you can still dare to try the hairstyle trend – but for this, the top hair must be thinned out more.

what is a choppy bob medium length hairstyles trends summer 2022

To visually stretch the face, women with round faces should wear their hair a little longer. Narrow faces, on the other hand, can also opt for a slightly shorter version of the choppy bob – this optimally highlights the facial contours.

The hairstyle trend also looks perfect with bangs

Choppy bob medium length hairstyle trend 2022 bangs hairstyles summer

Choppy bob medium length with a fringe is THE trend hairstyle in the summer of 2022. Bangs hairstyles are hottest this year than ever before and transform absolutely every haircut into a real eye-catcher. While a classic straight fringe gives the look a grown-up and elegant touch, a side fringe exudes a casual vibe.

How to style the Choppy Bob medium length?

Choppy bob medium length lob with bangs trend hairstyle 2022

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend ages in front of the mirror styling their hair to perfection. And that’s exactly why we love the Choppy Bob medium length from hairstyle trend 2022 so much! The haircut lives on its casualness and is super quick and easy to style! For the most natural and fringed look, it’s best to work with your natural hair texture. Just let the hair air dry, shape it slightly with some hair gel and voilà – you have the perfect, casual hairstyle for summer!

medium length bob with fringe fringy short hairstyles trends 2022

For a nice, summery twist, you can conjure up gentle beach waves with a curling iron. To make the romantic waves and the stepped cut come into their own even better, knead some hair gel into the hair afterwards. In addition, the Choppy Bob medium length looks really chic with both a center parting and a side parting.

Hair strands for a modern look

Choppy bob medium length fringed short hairstyles for gray hair

Whether it’s blonde, pastel pink or gray – the hair color trends of 2022 are super versatile, look chic and are just plain fun! Hair strands are a great way to add dimension and dynamism to your hair. Especially with the Choppy Bob, highlights look particularly flattering and further emphasize the fringed cut.

Choppy bob medium length: this is how cool the hairstyle trend looks in 2022!

Trend hairstyles summer 2022 choppy bob with bangs hairstyle trend

The fringed hairstyle provides an extra portion of volume

Trend hairstyles summer 2022 Choppy Bob medium length style

The Choppy Bob medium length is ideal for a casual and easy-care summer hairstyle

fringed short hairstyles choppy bob medium length hairstyle trend summer 2022

Choppy bob with beach waves for a romantic and playful look

Choppy bob medium length sassy fringe short hairstyles summer hair trends 2022

The hairstyle trend 2022 exudes a cool and timeless elegance

what hairstyles for thin hair choppy bob medium length hairstyle trend summer