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Hairstyle trend 2022: Pixie Bob for women over 60 is the ultimate summer trend hairstyle to showcase your short mane!

Bob updos, pixie cut, bixie, mixie etc – short hair feels wonderfully refreshing and light in summer and short hairstyles are more in this season than they have been for a long time. No matter if we are 20, 30 or 50 years old- all women love a good haircut and want to look good. Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style, right? The next hair appointment is coming up and you don’t know what to do with your hair? Should it be a classic bob? Or would you rather go for a sassy pixie? If you can’t decide between the two trendy hairstyles, we have the perfect solution for you! Super versatile, chic and extremely feminine – the Pixie Bob for women over 60 is celebrated as THE trend hairstyle in summer and sets your short mane perfectly in scene. What are you waiting for? Read on and discover your next favorite look here!

Pixie Bob for women over 60: What makes the trend hairstyle?

short hairstyles for fine hair Pixie Bob women over 60

While a classic bob looks super classy, the Pixie Cut hairstyles 2022 look wonderfully modern and exciting. Neither too long nor too short, but somewhere in between – the Pixie Bob for women over 60 is the trend hairstyle of the hour, and for good reason. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of two of the most popular short hairstyles of all time, and the look looks casual and elegant at the same time.

short hairstyles with glasses Pixie Bob women over 60

So, the haircut gives us the best of both worlds and is the perfect compromise for those who want a change but don’t want to cut their hair too short. The Pixie Bob for women over 60 is actually not a new phenomenon in the fashion world and was already very popular in the 90s. Circa 30 years later, the hairstyle is making a big comeback and has become the new favorite of numerous stars, including Halle Berry and Winona Ryder.

Who can wear the Pixie Bob?

Short hairstyles with bangs Pixie Bob for women over 60

Whether heavily layered, blunt cut, asymmetrical or with an undercut – the Pixie Bob for women over 60 is super changeable and a real chameleon when it comes to styling. Thanks to the many variations, the trend hairstyle can be adapted to any hair structure and face type and suits absolutely all women perfectly. While narrow faces should rather go for a voluminous cut with several steps, women with round faces would be best off with a slightly longer Pixie Bob.

Fringy short hairstyles for a bold look.

Feathered Pixie Bob trend hairstyle summer 2022 short hairstyles for fine hair

The more layers and steps, the better – this is the best way to describe the hairstyle trends in summer 2022. A fringed, heavily layered Pixie Bob for women over 60 looks cool and modern and is perfect for those who want a sassy look. Moreover, the layered cut visually adds volume and fullness and makes us look a few years younger. You do not have the desire and time for elaborate styling? Even in this case, you would be saved with the fringed Pixie Bob for women over 60! Low maintenance, chic, casual and modern – sounds like the perfect short hairstyle for older women to us, right?

Undercut Pixie Bob for women over 60

Short hairstyles trends summer 2022 undercut Pixie Bob women over 60

Undercut hairstyles are only something for younger women? But we see it differently! Whether on Instagram or the catwalks – the undercut Pixie Bob for women over 60 is absolutely socially acceptable and fully on trend. Here, the hair on one side is cut significantly shorter, so that the top hair hangs gently over the short parts. Chic, bold and modern – the Pixie Bob with Undercut is the perfect choice for all those who are not afraid of big changes and like to experiment with their hair. The short haircut exudes a cool retro feeling and actually reminds us of the wild hairstyles from the 90s.

Choppy Pixie with Bangs

sassy short hairstyles older women undercut Pixie Bob women over 60

And here’s a very modern and refreshing variation of the Pixie Bob for women over 60. Translated from English, “choppy” means something like “choppy” and “unruly” and that pretty much explains it all. In order to achieve the cool undone look, the top hairs are usually heavily stepped through. The short haircut looks a bit like another cult hairstyle from the 90s, and that is the mullet hairstyle – but just a bit shorter. With the layered cut, short hair gains plenty of dynamism and fullness and we look younger and fresher – what’s not to love?

The trend hairstyle makes us look younger

what haircuts for fine hair Pixie Bob women over 60

With all its variations, the Pixie Bob for women over 60 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting haircuts ever. Suitable for summer, the Feathered Pixie Bob also enjoys great popularity and looks really great on women of all ages. This trendy hairstyle is all about volume – both at the back of the head and on the sides. Since the different lengths and steps visually add volume and fullness, the short hairstyle is perfect for women with thin and fine hair.

Curly Pixie Cut for older women

Pixie bob women over 60 curly hairstyles trends summer 2022

Wild, easy to maintain and super chic – curly hairstyles for short hair are very much in vogue this summer. The curly pixie bob for women over 60 feels super refreshing and is also wonderfully adaptable to any taste and face type. It doesn’t matter whether you have natural curls or help yourself with a straightener or curling iron – the main thing is that the curls are there!

Pixie Bob for women over 60: The most beautiful looks at a glance

Blunt Pixie Bob women over 60 short hairstyles for older women

The trend hairstyle provides a fresh look and makes us look younger

Undercut Pixie Bob women from 60 short hairstyles trends summer 2022

The fringed Pixie Bob provides visually more fullness and volume

Pixie bob with undercut short hairstyles women over 60

Short hairstyles for older women look chic and modern

Short hairstyles for older women Pixie Bob with Undercut hairstyle trends 2022

The Feathered Pixie Bob for a youthful look

Step cut short hair pictures Pixie Bob for women over 60

The trend hairstyle is super changeable and you can experiment with the most different variants

hairstyle trends summer 2022 long Pixie Bob women from 60

The short hairstyle for women over 60 is one of the most flattering short hairstyles with glasses

sassy haircuts for older women fringed Pixie Bob women over 60

The short hairstyle can also be wonderfully combined with bangs

Feathered Pixie Bob women over 60 hairstyles trends summer 202