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Hairstyle Shag Cut – how to wear the trend haircut

Casual and cool – the shag is making a big comeback. The trend hairstyle from the 70s is now no longer worn only by men, stars like Billie Eilish or Alexa Chung show how the haircut works best.

In fact, the shag cut is a hairstyle relic that has been worn by Mick Jagger, Nena and Jane Fonda. Now the cult hairstyle from the 70s is not only celebrating its revival, it is even being treated as the trend hairstyle of the year – in variations that range from very traditional to modern-stylish.

What is the Shag Cut?

For the shag cut, the hair is cut approximately to shoulder length and graduated. The different steps are uneven and fringed. As a result, the hairstyle always has a deliberate undone look. The traditional shag cut comes with a super-long fringe that reaches down to the eyes and goes into steps at the sides. The bangs are parted – in the middle, as in the trend hairstyle Curtain Bangs  – and swept to the left and right or simply undone.

Today, the haircut is cut with slightly fewer steps to keep the retro vibe, but at the same time not to look too old-fashioned. The shag cut is now also cut without bangs, as well as the hair length can vary, whether bob or long hair – is allowed what pleases. Only the steps must be! In fringe-free versions, the Shag übrigens can easily be confused with the Choppy Cut.

Who does the shag cut suit?

The shag is a unisex hairstyle that works best on oval and heart-shaped faces. Women who want to wear the hairstyle model have wavy hair in the best case. However, straight hair and curls can also be transformed into a shag. Thick hair should be neatly thinned out and cut fringed, the other way around, thin hair gets a significant volume upgrade through the cut.

What is the best way to style the shag cut?

Quite clearly: Undone. The Shag is the hairstyle of casual rock stars, a lot of elaborate styling would be out of place. The cut is accordingly grateful and can be styled with a few simple steps. If you have a natural wave, you can simply let the hair air dry after washing. If you want a little extra volume, knead salt spray into the lengths and let them dry or blow-dry carefully. Do not forget the heat protection!

Curly hair

If you have curls, you should make sure that the tips are well thinned out, so that not all the volume collects there. To make the hair look even, have enough steps and different layers cut.

Straight hair

With straight hair, it is important not to have too many steps cut. Due to the lack of movement in the hair, the layers can otherwise quickly look unsuccessful. It is better to have a few steps and fringed tips. This gives the hair more volume.

Short hair

The shaggy cut also works for short hair. Go for lots of layers and fringed tips here. It’s best to have it layered from front to back. Let short strands hängen lightly in the face, so that it is schön eigerahmt.

Long, wavy hair

If you don’t dare to do a bob or short hair, try the shaggy cut with long hair. They also tolerate a few more steps to take the heaviness out of the lengths. With a fringed fringe, the focus is additionally directed to the face.

How do I care for the shag cut?

As with a layered cut, there is a risk that split ends will develop more quickly because the tips have been cut out. Accordingly, regular cutting is important. Tip fluids and hair oils can also help prevent split ends. The shag should not be straightened with a hair iron – on the one hand, to protect the tips, and on the other hand, because the trendy hairstyle itself does well without straightening.